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Chapter 1050 - Disciple

Chapter 1050: Disciple

“Haha… Fang Yuan, you truly are the top genius of the barbarians in the last hundred years! I’ll take care of your request!”

In a residence of the Barbarian Palace, a mature-looking young man with a mustache laughed as he walked out, with Fang Yuan behind him to see him off.

“That’s the eighth one, right?”

After the young man’s figure disappeared, Fang Yuan returned inside with a smile on his lips.

Ever since he defeated Beichen Yan and displayed his External Saber Qi, a continuous stream of Barbarian Palace disciples visited him.

After all, he was the most powerful person in the Barbarian Palace by far, and people naturally flattered him.

He did not arrogantly turn them away. Instead, he met each of them and incidentally requested a few items he wanted.

“I require three materials for the second level of the Hundred Physical Forging Technique: Myriad Poison Snake Flower, thousand-year Blue Heart Fruit, and the blood of nine mutated beasts!

“Although it’s tedious to gather the blood of nine kinds of mutated beasts, there is strength in numbers. I currently have six and have confidence in gathering the rest… But the thousand-year Blue Heart Fruit, a heavenly material and earthly treasure, is slightly troublesome to get…”

Fang Yuan sat cross-legged and waited for his most important guest.

A clear voice came a moment later. “Junior Brother Fang Yuan, you are really awesome to have comprehended External Saber Qi at just the Materialization realm. You haven’t let me down!”

“Yan Luo, sir, please come in!” Fang Yuan hurriedly stood up and greeted him.

“With your talent, condensing the Primordial Core and ascending the Holy Mountain will be a piece of cake. Simply address me as senior brother!” Yan Luo entered with a smile. “Have you guessed why I’ve come?”

“Is it because of Senior Saber King Mo He?” Fang Yuan’s eyes brightened.

“That’s right, Saber King Mo He. He has promised that as long as you comprehended Saber Qi at the Materialization realm, he would take you a disciple. Come with me to the Holy Mountain!”

Yan Luo led the way.

They walked quickly, and it did not take long before they arrived at the foot of the Holy Mountain.

When passing through the Dao Comprehension Cliff, they attracted the gaze of many envious disciples.

“Haha… they’re all envious of you, Junior Brother!” Yan Luo laughed jokingly. “It’s incredibly difficult to achieve Primordial Core within three years. Most of them have no hope and will only be able to return to their tribe. Only true geniuses can enter the Holy Mountain while at the Materialization realm!”

This was akin to an Immortal Patriarch taking in Xu Lie as a disciple when he was still in the Awakening realm and training him personally.

The aptitude of those in the Barbarian Palace was roughly equivalent, and only through brutal elimination were the true geniuses selected.

“In the Holy Mount, there are very strict rules and many forbidden places. Make sure you don’t barge in!” Yan Luo warned carefully.

He then brought Fang Yuan to the middle of the Holy Mountain. “The lower level of the Holy Mountain are the residences of a thousand Primordial Core disciples, and each has an individual loft. The middle is for the Apotheosis Realm powerhouses, and each possesses a considerable amount of space for a house with multiple courtyards. Some of the more ornately decorated ones are practically palaces. As for the top of the mountain, that’s where the palaces of the Immortals are.”

“Saber King Mo He, who you’re about to meet, is an Apotheosis realm powerhouse. He has completely comprehended the Nomological Laws of Saber, but it seems he hasn’t reached peak Apotheosis yet!”

Two conditions were needed to sense the lightning tribulation. The first was to completely comprehend a set of nomological laws, and the second was to cultivate to the peak of the Apotheosis realm.

For example, Nine Leave’s old patriarch had fulfilled the two conditions but did not dare to cross the tribulation.

In contrast, Saber King Mo He had managed to completely comprehend the Nomological Laws of Saber, but his cultivation was lacking.

This situation immediately shocked Fang Yuan.

Something’s wrong! Cultivation is easy to raise, but nomological laws are hard to comprehend. Everyone that has their comprehension surpassing their cultivation realm is a genius… Then why did Nine Leave’s tone suggest that Saber King Mo He has a lower status than his old patriarch? Is his old patriarch someone incredible that comprehended nomological laws that are more powerful than the Nomological Laws of Saber?

The Nomological Laws of Saber had extreme offensive power. Among the common nomological laws, they were considered one of the best.

Of course, it was nothing compared to the Illusion Realm’s nomological laws.

Maybe there are secret reasons?

“Martial Uncle Mo He! I’ve brought Fang Yuan!”

While Fang Yuan was pondering, Yan Luo had already led him to the front of a big courtyard.

“Come in,” said a deep voice.

Fang Yuan and Yan Luo entered, and the first thing they saw was a huge training field.

At the center of the training field was a middle-aged man wearing white beast skin. His eyebrows looked like sabers, and his temples were slightly gray. He held a curved saber in one hand and kept gesturing something.

Hmm? Comprehension of the Nomological Laws of Saber should provide someone with the vibe of a heavenly saber… but why does he feel like he’s well into his twilight years?

Fang Yuan furrowed his brows.

According to his senses, this Saber King was merely a ‘broken saber’ that seemed to lack even vitality and was about to die soon.

“You’re Fang Yuan?” Mo He looked over, and his eyes suddenly lit up.


A cluster of Saber Qi appeared before Fang Yuan.

The Saber Qi permeated everywhere. The Saber King had naturally reached Saber Realm long ago.

The slow emergence of Saber Qi was obviously just a test.


Fang Yuan feigned surprise and instantly chopped with his saber, sending External Sword Qi flying at Mo He.


The air shook slightly as the two Saber Qi vanished.

“Good! Very good!” Saber King Mo He’s eyes lit up. “Not only have you comprehended External Saber Qi, but you have also chosen the most correct path. As long as you continue in this direction, you will surely comprehend Saber Realm and have a very high chance of completely comprehending the Nomological Laws of Saber!”

“Congratulations, Junior Brother Fang Yuan!” Yan Luo was slightly shocked. Martial Uncle Mo He rarely handed out such praise.

“I’m alone and only have a few in-name disciples. Would you like to be my disciple?”

Mo He tried hard to squeeze out a smile on his stiff face, making a very unnatural expression.

When true masters ran into excellent disciples, they were always eager to teach and accept them.

“I do!” Fang Yuan bowed seriously but actually rolled his eyes in his mind. If Gold Ingot knew about this, he would surely laugh at me.

For cultivators, it was quite commonplace to have different masters when they reach different realms.

However, it was really quite funny for him to first have an Immortal master followed by an Apotheosis master.

If not for the sake of probing information and searching for a clone mystic technique, Fang Yuan would not have done this.

However, he had to endure it for now.

“Good, very good!” Mo He helped Fang Yuan up. “I will try my best to teach you everything I know!”

“Congratulations to Martial Uncle for receiving a great disciple! I will take my leave!” Yan Luo bowed and left the courtyard.

When it was just the two of them, Mo He gave a long sigh that was full of a sense of desolation. “I don’t know if it’s a blessing or a curse for you to have me as a master.”

Why wait until now to say it! Fang Yuan rolled his eyes in his mind. “Please explain, Master!”

“I came from a small tribe, but I was extremely talented. Although my totem was lackluster, I had a deep perception of saber skills. In the Materialization realm, I comprehended Saber Qi and became peerless. Eventually, I condensed the Primordial Core and entered the Holy Mountain!” Mo He said proudly but calmly.

“In the Primordial Core realm, I comprehended Saber Realm and was just shy of completely comprehending the Nomological Laws of Saber. Thus, I traveled around…” His voice gradually aged. “But I didn’t know how to restrain myself and landed in trouble… I have a fierce temper and offended many people. When they besieged me, although I luckily managed to completely comprehend the Nomological Laws of Saber, advance to the Apotheosis realm, and kill everyone, I was severely wounded. On top of that, due to extensive use of mystic techniques, my natural source was damaged. Not only can I no longer increase my cultivation, but my lifespan has also greatly shortened!”

Primordial Core cultivators could extend their lifespan to three hundred years, and Apotheosis cultivators could live beyond a thousand years.

However, this Mo He had an air of an old man despite being rather young. Fang Yuan finally understood why.

“Moreover… even on this Holy Mountain, I have offended many!” Mo He sighed. “Before… their cultivation was lower than mine, and I had nothing to fear. But they have now caught up to me one after another.”

“So now that you know this, do you regret it?” He stared at Fang Yuan with a faint smile.

“Since I’ve agreed to become your disciple, I will never regret it!”

What else could Fang Yuan say? He could only put out an unyielding look.

“Good! Good! Good! We practitioners of the saber need this kind of fearless demeanor!” Mo He’s eyes gleamed brightly. “In fact, I’m the only one who has comprehended the Nomological Laws of Saber in the entire Holy Mountain. Therefore, even if you went through the conventional procedure of ascending the Holy Mountain after condensing your Primordial Core, you would still only have me as your master.

“I still have some time. I will teach you everything I know!

“After becoming my direct disciple, you will have the status of a core disciple of the Holy Mountain. You can either choose to stay in a loft at the foot of the mountain, or you can choose to stay here with me. I will try my best to direct your cultivation. It’s a pity that your totem is a clam!” Mo He shook his head.

“The first thing that I want to tell you is to ascend to the Primordial Core realm as fast as you can. Using the Destiny Magical Power as the foundation, the speed that you comprehend nomological laws at will be ten times as fast! A hundred times as fast! Unfortunately, your clam totem isn’t related to the Nomological Laws of Saber, no matter what magical power you use! But it doesn’t matter. My totem is very ordinary as well, and I was still able to reach this point with my comprehension ability alone!”

“Understood!” Fang Yuan answered solemnly.

In fact, he already had a thorough plan for his path and had absolutely no need for Mo He to guide him.

He asked directly, “If I want to inscribe magical powers and learn mystic techniques, do I still need to go to the Barbarian Palace?”

“Naturally, you don’t need to. It can be said that the Holy Mountain has everything the Barbarian Palace has, but that’s not the case the other way round!” Mo He said confidently. “Do you want to learn magical powers? Mystic techniques? Then head for the Holy Mountain’s Myriad Symbols Palace!”

“Thank you, Master!” Fang Yuan was elated.

He was finally in touch with the core of the Barbarian Ancestral Court. He wondered if a clone mystic technique, or any clues that led to one, was in this Myriad Symbols Palace.

“If I can’t find it on the Holy Mountain, I can only utilize the resources here to practice the Hundred Physical Forging Technique and cultivate to the Primordial Core realm, and then travel the world to find it.”

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