Card Apprentice Daily Log

1273 Summon Integration

Date- 5 April 2321

Time- 20:35

Location- Southern Region, Blossom district, Sky Blossom City, Trade Route

The intent of the four representatives of the Bright Lions gang could not be more obvious as they crossed the city borderline summoning their grimoire. However, it took the Police Commissioner a while to comprehend their action. Because she thought being outnumbered the Bright Lions gang would be willing to take the easy way out.

Despite the wisdom that came with her gray drapes, the police Commissioner overlooked one important point, if the Bright Lions gang wanted to take the easy way out then they could have chosen to hide in the city until all this blows over instead of gathering at the city borderline.

Meanwhile, Vivan walked toward Travis announcing his death, “Travis Jackman, for your crime I sentence you to death.”

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“*Splurt*” Blood sprayed in the air as another nineteen beheaded bodies fell to the ground. While Vivian killed Travis, the Bright trio killed the remaining nineteen gang leaders, unlike Vivian who had focused her wrath solely on Travis they were more efficient by combining their Viltornian physique’s prowess with the control of the high-end martial arts cards that Corey has been circulating in the Bright Family.

Both mob and cops gathered on either side of the city borderline were slow to react to the bloody scene, but soon loud cries and gasps could be heard from both sides. Seeing their gang leader’s heads being cut like cabbages, anger-filled cries reverberated from the mob. With their leaders gone, the mob was in total chaos but the deputy leaders quickly got a handle on the situation and provided an outlet for the panicking crowd’s mixed emotions, “Charge, show them hell, avenge your fallen leaders.”

“Shit,” the Commissioner and the police Chiefs at the city border cussed out loud in utter disbelief. Not because the representatives of the Bright Lions gang killed the enemy leaders but because they could not see the actions of the Bright Trio that lead to the beheading of nineteen card masters within a single breath. They were card lords but they could not see the moves of two card masters and a freaking card soldier. Did the Bright family have a special technique related to copulation for them to breed such a monstrous younger generation?

“People make sure you capture everything, it’s time the world saw the glory of Bright Lions,” Dan Malvin ordered the crew tasked with recording the battle. As they used hoverbikes to hover within the city border and used tiny golems to record and captured every second of the fight.

Beheading Travis with her bare fist, without bothering about the angry mob of about a hundred thousand rushing towards her, Vivian then chanted, “Origin card Forbidden Garden, activate.”

Soon twenty-five tall elder druids grew in the middle of the trade route on the city’s borderline separating the city from the mob that had gathered at its border, ” Summon Fairy Guards.”

This time Vivian, transferred blood rule power and a little of her blood consisting of the calamity daughter gem to the elder druids instead of her soul energy, such that the summoned fairy guard would have their own calamity daughter gems and could use blood rule power. In a second, nearly 300 fairy guards were summoned. With her army assembled Vivian then jogged towards the incoming angry mob yelling, “Second transformation, activate.”

Vivian and her fairy guards suddenly started to grow in height. Their clothes expanded with the expansion of their body. Achieving a 21-meter in height Vivan and her fairy guard’s growth came to a halt but their advance toward the angry mob fastened. With their every step, the asphalt road cracked, and the tremors would spread across the ground. It felt like a continuous small-scale earthquake was occurring.please visit panda-:)ɴᴏᴠᴇ

As for the Bright trio, each of them summoned their origin card,

“Summon Mountain Golem”

“Summon Mud Golem”

“Summon Skeleton Fiend”

Summoning their origin cards the Brigth trio were not done they continue,

“Summon Integration, activate.”

“Summon Integration, activate.”

“Summon Integration, activate.”

The Bright Trio’s bodies were propelled into the air as a bright light covered their bodies and the bodies of their summons until they could no longer be seen. Then the bright mass of light representing the summoners integrated with the bright mass of light that represented their respective summons.

The bright light covering the three summon integration soon cleared and revealed three humanoid monsters whose eyes shone with intelligence that could only be seen in humans.

Nick’s summons mountain golem was ugly, 20 meters tall, and entirely made of rocks, having integrated with its summoner it grew by three meters in height and its face and body had more human-like features thanks to the viltronian physique. Still, it was ugly to look at. It will take sage-level sculpting to add beauty to this beast. However, the fact that it was the most intimidating of the three summons did not change.

Tom’s mud golem was height was not definite as it could grow in height and infinitely create mud puppets depending upon the mud available to the limit of his mental strength. So Tom had his mud golem on the land next to the trade route. Such that his summons would not complain about not having enough mud. Being summoned using the mud depending on the metal strength at its deposal it grew to a height of 16 meters.

After iterating with Tom, there wasn’t much change to the integrated summons height but its body looked more human than a golem. It looked like the body of a greek god crafted with mud. Unlike Nike and his summons, its body was well-defined, which may be because it was easier to shape mud than to sculpt a mountain for the Viltronian physique.

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