Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 768 - Follow Chief Jiang

Chapter 768: Follow Chief Jiang

Seeing that Jiang Yao had brought two tall bodyguards with her, Chen Feitang’s father, Chen Shanjin, was in a difficult position, “In addition to Feibai, just in case, we still need to bring four accompanying doctors to take care of Feibai on the road. We also need to bring these instruments on the plane. With our people, your two bodyguards might not be able to follow us on the helicopter.”

“We have to follow Chief Jiang!”Ah Lu did not take half a step back and said, “We are chief Jiang’s bodyguards. We have to ensure that we follow chief Jiang at all times.”

“Leave the helicopter pilot behind. Ah Lu and I will drive.”Dake made a prompt decision. After saying that, seeing that someone had a doubtful expression, he added another sentence, “Don’t worry. Ah Lu and I’s driving skills are not inferior to any of the people in your military.”

“It’s decided then.”Jiang Yao made the decision. Although she initially wanted Chen Feitang’s parents to go to the airport and take a plane to Nanjiang city, since Ah Lu and Da Ke knew how to fly a helicopter.., leaving the pilot behind was the best choice.

Jiang Yao had heard from Lu Xingzhi that Ah Lu and Da Ke were both veterans who later went abroad and joined the mercenary group to seek a way out.

She had reason to believe that da Ke’s words were very confident. She had reason to believe that Ah Lu and Da Ke’s driving skills were better than the driver’s.

Jiang Yao’s direct decision made Chen Shanjin’s expression not look too good for a few seconds. However, he was not a young teenager after all. Chen Shanjin immediately restrained his expression and turned to look at his father. He wanted to wait and see what Old Master Chen would say.

Unexpectedly, old master Chen only sized up Ah Lu and da ke up and down the mountain for a while before suddenly asking, “Which military region did you guys come from?”

Ah Lu and DA ke stood behind Jiang Yao without saying a word. Obviously, they were not prepared to answer. They did not even tell Jiang Yao and Lu Xing zhi their full names, so naturally, they were not prepared to get someone to investigate the matter of them being in the army previously.

Old Master Chen was not angry. After thinking for a few seconds, he agreed.

He trusted the bodyguards that Lu Xingzhi had personally found for Jiang Yao. With Lu Xingzhi’s importance to his wife, Jiang Yao, the bodyguards that he had found would probably even know how to fire tanks and cannons. It was not surprising that it was just a helicopter.

The helicopter was on standby at all times. After the hospital had made arrangements, everyone boarded the helicopter. The helicopter took off steadily and headed in the direction of Nanjiang City. Perhaps it was because Chen Feibai had held on for too long and had been moved.., he had been in a state of coma the entire time and had never woken up.

The helicopter left Provincial Hospital A. For an ordinary boss, seeing a helicopter several times in a few days was somewhat new.

In a certain ward, a young girl was sitting in a wheelchair. As she watched the helicopter take off, her eyes were filled with envy.

A nurse was beside her, chattering about the helicopter, “That’s a military helicopter. It’s the one I told you about today. It’s the third generation of the military in the capital. They’re transferring the hospital overnight. It seems that they’ve contacted a particularly powerful doctor.”

Seeing that the girl in the wheelchair didn’t say anything, the nurse also quieted down. She had actually wanted to say just now that it was good to have power and money. A person who had been privately judged by a doctor to be permanently disabled could actually find another doctor to take care of her.

Later, the nurse also felt that it was fortunate that she did not say it out loud. She was afraid that the person who said it did not mean it, but the person who heard it meant it.

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