Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Let’s Talk

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Jiang Yao pouted and wanted to refute, but she failed to find any strong point to overturn his debate. From the way he decorated their room, she could tell that Lu Xingzhi really understood her preferences and he did know a lot about her.

“Then, tell me which is better, the present me or the former me? Do you like the present me or the former me?” Jiang Yao asked with a chic smile. She was absolutely certain that Lu Xingzhi wouldn’t hesitate to say that the present her was better.

However, Lu Xingzhi didn’t follow the rules of her game as she expected.

He was silent for a moment before he asked her a rhetoric question: “They’re both you, is there a difference?”

His defense was as solid as a rock. Even the most unreasonable woman couldn’t find a hole to poke.

But Jiang Yao never intended to pick a hole when she asked the question. So, when she received such an answer, Jiang Yao agitatedly turned around and faced the other way.

She said that she wanted to talk, but what kind of answer did he throw at her? Chatting with him felt like he was cautiously treading water. It was so dull.

Seeing that Jiang Yao was a little upset, Lu Xingzhi asked again, “What kind of answer do you want to hear from me, then?”

For Lu Xingzhi, she was his Jiang Yao regardless of which version she was. He loved them all as long as she was Jiang Yao, whether she was nice or wicked. He would take them all for the person he loved.

“I…” Jiang Yao opened her mouth but no words came out after that.

Frankly, she wanted to hear him say that he liked the current her because she was eager to know if her change today had made him a little delighted.

However, if Lu Xingzhi really told her that he liked the current her, would she really be happy?

After all, she was so detached and indifferent in the past that she found it terrible when she thought about the cold violence she had imposed on him.

The previous her was still herself, wasn’t it? She did all that in the past, didn’t she?

If she heard Lu Xingzhi’s resolute and unmoved answer, would she really feel happy? It might make her feel ashamed, sad, and guilty.

“Let’s sleep,” Lu Xingzhi huffed after waiting for Jiang Yao’s response to no avail. He lifted the thin quilt, tugged it gently towards him, and covered himself. He waited for a few seconds and closed his eyes at ease when Jiang Yao didn’t object.

It was not because Lu Xingzhi felt chilly, but he was merely trying to see if she would despise his approach. He was glad that she didn’t show any refusal. They covered themselves under the same quilt and shared the warmth.

No one said another word. The room was quiet again. The window was open, so when the wind blew in, the curtains would dance willfully with the wind. Jiang Yao opened her eyes and stared at the flying curtains without blinking. She kept staring at them until her eyes were teary that she blinked her eyes and snorted softly.

Jiang Yao wasn’t sure if the man lying next to her was sleeping or he only had his eyes closed. Hence, she called out hesitantly, “Lu Xingzhi…”

Her voice was as soft and gentle as a feather, but obviously the man next to her still heard it. He huffed in response.

Jiang Yao frowned at him. Indeed, he was faking his sleep again.

She pursed her lips and wiggled toward Lu Xingzhi until her arm touched his arm. When she eventually found a comfortable position and looked at Lu Xingzhi, the man opened his dark eyes and glared at her like a black panther in the dark glaring at his prey.

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