Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 1520 - Bully

Chapter 1520: Bully

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Jiang Yao thought that the Lu family was ridiculous. Did they want to find their grandson at her home?

“You came to us looking for the child? Didn’t you leave your grandson at the police station in Jin City? Didn’t the police station in Jin City call you many times to take the child home? Didn’t you tell the police that you didn’t want the child anymore? Didn’t you say that the child belongs to his mother? The child’s mother told the police that she didn’t want the child anymore and would rather go to jail. The child’s father didn’t love or care for his mother, nor did his grandparents. Naturally, he belongs to the police station in Jin City. Did you think he had walked to our house?”

The child had been adopted by Gu Haoyu’s friends overseas. He had a new family—he had adoptive parents who treated him as their precious child. It was better than staying in a terrible home like the Lu family’s.

Mrs. Lu pounded her chest in heartache. “We called the police station in Jin City. They said that they had sent the child to an orphanage. We went to the orphanage in Jin City to look for him, but the orphanage said that the child had been adopted by someone overseas. My eldest grandson is missing. Of course, I had to look for you! That woman had left the child with you!”

“You must have done something terrible that they took the child away from you so quickly. Otherwise, why would someone adopt my child so quickly? And by a foreign couple too!” Lu Weihua hated the Lu family. His job was gone, and everything he did in those few months did not go well.

He was waiting for his wife to give birth to a healthy son so that he could still be proud in the future. However, he had a worthless daughter instead. Everyone mocked him about that.

Jiang Yao thought that Lu Weihua was quite clever. He had managed to figure out that Lu Xingzhi and her had found the adoptive parents for his child.

However, the Lu family could not provide evidence for that, so she would never admit it. Furthermore, she had not broken any law. What she had done was worthy of her conscience.

“The child’s adoption means that the child is blessed. Someone else now loves him,” Jiang Yao said indifferently.

“Your ex-wife abandoned the child at the army base’s entrance. They decided to send the child to the police station in Jin City. Your ex-wife was imprisoned because she abandoned the child. The child was sent to the orphanage because of your family. What does that have to do with our family?”

Jiang Yao continued to mock them. “The heavens know what you have done. Do you think the gods are blind? They gave you a grandson, yet you didn’t want him. So they gave you a granddaughter instead. You should not ask for more. If they were to give you another granddaughter, would you throw her away? Won’t that be too pitiful? Won’t the gods be angry?”

After Mrs. Lu heard that, she immediately burst into tears. “You shouldn’t bully us!”

“Mom, Yaoyao, go into the house.” Lu Xingzhi protected the two of them. Then, he blocked the door. He looked at the approaching police car with cold eyes, then said to the Lu family, “The police are here.. If you have any thoughts, you can talk to the police.”

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