Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 1154 - Learn From Him

Chapter 1154: Learn From Him

When the chief said that, his face was filled with anger. “If it weren’t for the informant providing clues, we would not have imagined that such a gray industry chain would become a mature group in just a few months. That group is divided into many teams. Each team has its own duties, and they don’t know each other and don’t interfere with each other. Each team also has a person in charge. Only that knows about the higher-ups of that group. The police will give you specific information when the time comes.”

“When will the mission begin?” Lu Xingzhi became serious when he heard the mission’s brief. It had matured into a bunch of criminal gangs, which was a challenging task.

“We still need to wait for further notice. The police are still anticipating the latest news from the informant. After that, we will need to arrange for you to be undercover agents. We will arrange for you to be partners. Another partner will be selected from our female troops. You may need to disguise yourself as husband and wife, or even siblings. They will consider a woman as weak, and that will help to cover your identity. No one would suspect a thing.”

Then, the chief continued to say, “This is a difficult mission, and the risk factor is very high. We can’t confirm the informant’s report yet, but it seems like that organization has established cooperation with other groups at the border recently. Not only will they be doing human trafficking abroad, if the informant’s information is correct, they may also have established service in drug trafficking, using women and children to transport drugs.”

“They’re inhumane!” Zhou Junmin slammed his fist on the table angrily. How could they use women and children to transport drugs? Did they hide those drugs in their bodies? Only those b*stards who did not take human lives seriously would do such a life-threatening thing!

“Control your temper and learn from Lu Xingzhi.” The bureau chief pointed at Lu Xingzhi. However, when he looked at Lu Xingzhi and met his gaze, he coughed twice; he changed his words. “It’s good to be expressionless sometimes. No one can tell what you’re thinking. Of course, as a spy, you have to change that as well.”

“I’ll wait for your order.” Lu Xingzhi stood up and saluted before leaving the bureau chief’s office with Zhou Junmin.

He hoped that Jiang Yao would have returned to her classes when the mission began. Otherwise, it would be the same as the last time.

Lu Xingzhi would not bear to think about how he would have to spend his birthday by himself when his wife had prepared a gift for him so meticulously.

Since Lu Xingzhi had entered the military academy, he had carried out many missions. However, there were not many missions that the chief would describe as difficult. Undercover missions were always the most troublesome.

That was much harder than protecting or killing someone.

When the snow stopped, Jiang Yao and the others had arrived at Jindo City. They had detoured to Jin City to pick up Ah Lu and Big Ke, so they had been delayed for half an hour. Therefore, when they arrived at Jindo City, they had also missed the time they raised the national flag.

They had so many people, so they decided to stay in a hotel. Lu Xingzhi had spent a lot of money to book the entire floor at the Jindo City hotel; he did not want any other customers to stay on the floor he had reserved.

He booked the floor with the best view—the top floor. He pulled the curtains of the living room open and stood in front of the large French windows to enjoy the scenery. The snow-covered Jindo City was so white that everyone wanted more glances of it.

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