Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 1009 - He Loved To Eat Meat

Chapter 1009: He Loved To Eat Meat

“Why are you torturing him again?” Jiang Yao ran back into the house and hugged Moe in her arms.

“He ate so much meat in one night. Shouldn’t he go down for a walk to digest it?” Lu Xingzhi snorted. “He has legs. You’re not allowed to carry him at any time!”

Then, he threw Moe back on the ground tyrannically; he held the leash in one hand and Jiang Yao in the other.

“He won’t be able to stand it. He has a big appetite. Can you stop walking him?” Jiang Yao saw Moe’s hopeless expression and did not have the heart to persuade Lu Xingzhi. Yet, for some reason, Jiang Yao felt that Lu Xingzhi wanted to drag Moe out for a walk on purpose.

It was as if he wanted to torture Moe.

“Cats can’t eat greasy food. So tomorrow, I’ll buy some dried fish and cat food for him.” Lu Xingzhi held Jiang Yao’s hand and went downstairs.

“He doesn’t like dried fish and cat food. He only likes meat.” Jiang Yao saw Moe’s pitiful look, so she bent down and untied the leash around Moe’s neck. Then, she put Moe into her pocket.

Lu Xingzhi felt aggrieved when he saw his wife’s heartbroken expression. He and his wife had spent so little time together in a year, and there was an extra cat that needed his wife’s attention.

When he was in Jiang Yao’s pocket, Moe felt that Jiang Yao was a kind person for the first time. She was like an angel who understood cats, so he swore that he would treat Jiang Yao better in the future.

When the two of them arrived downstairs, Major He and his family were also outside for a walk. Major He and his wife did not look very happy, but Old Madam He’s face was dark as if she was miserable.

However, they only looked unhappy until they saw Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi about to come down for a walk.

“Sergeant Lu, you are also taking your wife for a walk? Even though it’s such a cold day, we can’t be lazy. Even if it’s cold, we have to come down for a walk.”

“Auntie, it’s better to let Major He’s wife rest at home. She seems healthy, and she’s different from us. If she catches a cold, she can’t take medicine or injections due to her pregnancy. She’ll be the one to suffer in the future. I’m not trying to scare you, but some people have suffered miscarriages due to severe colds.” Jiang Yao was unsure why Old Madam He would want to drag her pregnant daughter-in-law down for a walk in such cold weather.

Did she think it was better for the baby? It was not even a good time for a child to be outside anyway.

“Major He, you should take your wife back upstairs. We are men, and we should dote on our wives. Otherwise, who would? Furthermore, she is currently pregnant. This is the time when women suffer the most. Don’t just listen to older people saying that women shouldn’t be spoiled. Women should be spoiled by their husbands.” Even a grown man like Lu Xingzhi could not stand the situation.

Major He was not sure whether a woman should walk more when she was pregnant. His mother said that his wife should walk more so that she could have a better life. However, he could tell that his wife had not wanted to go downstairs; she was bothered by the cold.

After what Sergeant Lu’s wife had said, he knew that his mother was wrong. So he thanked Jiang Yao hurriedly and led his wife upstairs.

He could question the words of others, but he believed Sergeant Lu’s wife. Furthermore, he knew that Sergeant Lu’s wife was a doctor with exceptional medical skills, so she could not be wrong.

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