Bringing Culture to a Different World

Chapter 1073

1073 Chapter 1,097, I know you

Sir White Thorn rushed to the museum hall after receiving a text message from Josh.

The moment he arrived at the museum hall, he was surrounded by visitors the moment he entered, not to mention figuring out how casual Josh was.

“It’s Mr. Poirot!”

A little girl first called out the role Sir White thorn flower played in “Murder on the Orient Express.”.

It was a great detective like Sherlock Holmes, but he was much fatter than Sherlock Holmes. Sir White Thorn Flower had gained a lot of fame because of this role some time ago.

“It’s not right for a lady to shout.”

Although Sir White Thorn Flower was anxious, he still maintained his most basic enthusiasm in the face of the enthusiasm of the fans.

There were not many people in the museum hall, but the sight of the visitors in the museum hall was attracted by the little girl’s shout.

From the perspective of commoners, Sir White Thorn Flower was a regular on the screen. From the perspective of nobles… Sir White Thorn Flower was a successful person who owned two theaters in Nolan.

Before Sir White Thorn Flower could find the ‘black-haired, silver-eyed’girl that Joshua mentioned, he was surrounded by a group of enthusiastic movie fans and nobles.

“From Taka! Move a table to the entrance of the museum hall.”

Sir White Thorn flower helplessly shouted at the attendants in the museum hall.

“Everyone, I have urgent matters to deal with. There will be an autograph session later and many souvenirs will be given. Please queue at the entrance.”

The Passion of the fans needed a channel to pour out, and suppressing it would have bad consequences.

Sir White Thorn Flower understood this, and the attendants also realized that the museum hall had suddenly become chaotic. A large number of attendants walked out of the doors on both sides of the Museum Hall and began to guide the visitors towards the door.

This allowed Sir White Thorn Flower to barely escape from the crowd and quickly walk to the deepest part of the museum hall.

He looked around the museum. There were not many visitors inside, and they did not seem to have noticed Sir White Thorn Flower’s identity.

Sir White Thorn Flower saw the girl that Jose mentioned at the entrance of the actor’s passage.

Black hair and silver eyes. This was a very rare feature even in Nolan.

Sir White Thorn Flower was still wondering what kind of identity this girl had to make Jose take care of her like this.

However, after Sir White Thorn Flower saw the girl’s appearance, he had basically guessed the identity of this child.

He pondered for a moment. The script for the performance was written in his heart in less than a minute.

Sir White Thorn flower slowed down his pace. The girl had obviously noticed Sir White Thorn Flower’s arrival. When she saw him, she was stunned for a moment.

“I think today must be my lucky day.”

When Sir White Thorn Flower saw her, he walked towards the girl in surprise.

He had absolute confidence in his charm. Even though Sir White Thorn Flower had gained a lot of weight for the filming of the murder of the Orient Express, he did not show any signs of losing weight.

However, that natural gentlemanly temperament would not fade because of the change in his body size.

And he was Sir White Thorn Flower! The fanaticism of the movie fans at the entrance of the museum hall was enough to prove his popularity.

However, the moment the girl saw Sir White Thorn Flower approaching, her hand reached into her satchel.

The Satchel Sir White Thorn Flower remembered was… a souvenir of the loyal dog Ba Gong, and it was a very rare souvenir.

She took out a magic staff from it and quickly took a step back, looking at Sir White Thorn flower warily.

It was obvious that if Sir White thorn flower made any more drastic actions, it was very likely that some offensive magic would be directed at his face in the next second.

“Miss, please calm down. Don’t you know me?”

Sir White Thorn Flower did not expect the girl to be so vigilant, so he comforted her.

“I do.”

Josh looked behind Sir White Thorn Flower, and there was an axe from ‘The Shining’right behind him.

“Then you must have seen the movie I recently starred in. Yes, I am that…”

“The murderous Johnny from ‘The Shining’?”Josh first reported the role that Sir White Thorn Flower had played before.

Sir White Thorn did not expect that anyone would still remember that role, but it was only natural that they would remember it… ‘The Shining’had caused a small wave of horror movies, even now, it was still regarded as the most classic horror movie. It was one of the best

“No, I’m referring to the recent movie.”Sir White Thorn had played a lot of positive roles in order to wash away the horrible impression he had on the screen.

“The perverted law enforcer in this devil is not too cold?”

Josh once again named a very dangerous character. She pointed the tip of the short staff in her hand at Sir White Thorn.

“No! Yes… but that’s an even older character. Miss, can you put away the staff first?”

Sir White Thorn walked back and forth, but no matter where he went, Josh could always aim the staff accurately at Sir White Thorn’s head.


The guards in the museum hall saw that their employer was being pointed at by a staff, and all of them came over to stop Josh.

“Stand down! All of you, stand down! This young lady is just… a little nervous.”

Sir White Thorn saw that the guards behind Josh wanted to grab her, and immediately shouted to stop the guards.

“Miss, I didn’t mean to offend you. I’m… an artist and an educator.”Sir White Thorn tried his best to be friendly.

“An educator?”

Josh stared at the fat version of Steinfeld and Johnny, and the doubt in his eyes grew stronger.

“Yes, I’m happy to find those new people with potential and help them fulfill their dreams.”

Sir White Thorn Flower was telling the truth. He had helped a lot of new people with potential in the past few years.


During this time, Josh looked around at the guards and slowly put down the staff in her hand.

It was irrational to cause trouble here. Not only would it make his situation worse, it would also make his family’s situation worse.

“You… I think miss, you’re also a newcomer with great potential. I heard that you wanted to sign up for the Nolan’s shining group competition?”

“There are no spots in the newcomer group, so I wanted to sign up for the shining group, but I don’t have the qualifications for now,”Josh said.

“The original intention of this competition is to give anyone with potential a chance to show themselves. If you want to participate in the competition, I can break the rules and give you this chance,”Sir White Thorn said.

“Thank you very much for your good opinion, but I think… I don’t need it. As long as I become a contestant of the magic net music, I can join the Shining Group, right?”

Josh glanced at the servants behind him. Her conversation with Sir White Thorn Flower had already been exposed to the public.

“This is just one of the rules. I have the right to recommend.”

The last half of Sir White Thorn Flower’s sentence was added by him at the last minute. The organizer of the world’s choir was Joshua. He was at most a judge, but in the eyes of outsiders, Sir White Thorn Flower had a lot of authority in this competition.

“It’s a little difficult to get the contract in half a month… but I hope I can fight for it myself.”

Josh put away his magic staff, and she was ready to leave.

“Miss, the contract for magic net music is not that easy…”

“In that case, please give me a spot in the rookie group. This shouldn’t be considered a foul.”Josh did not force himself into a corner.

“Of course, no problem. I’m also planning to recruit some new talents with potential.”Sir White thorn nodded and asked, “Then your name is…”

“My name is Josh.”

After thanking Sir White Thorn, she quickly left the museum hall.

Josh left himself a way out. If he became a contestant of the magic net music within half a month and entered the competition of the dazzling group as a newcomer.., that popularity and popularity would be enough to complete the mission of ‘saving the Academy as an idol’.

If he didn’t succeed, there was still a chance to enter the newcomer group.

Sir White Thorn Flower watched the girl’s back as she left, wiping the non-existent sweat from his forehead.

‘Mr. Josh, she… Is Your Daughter?’

Sir White Thorn Flower immediately sent a message over in the text message.

‘HMM… don’t ask too many questions, and don’t make a big deal out of it.’Joshua quickly replied to Sir White Thorn Flower.

‘she really looks like you, in every way.’Sir White Thorn flower sighed in the end.

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