Chapter 7 - Chapter 1: Entry #6

Chapter 7 - Chapter 1: Entry #6

He had lunch with Chris and Caitlin and it was really superb compared to Shutra’s breakfast. It seemed like they had brought their own chefs to the battlefield.

After the things were finished, In-gong returned to his base with Carack.

‘Wasn’t it Zephyr who uncovered it in the game?’

The secret of Caitlin’s birth.

She was the illegitimate child of the 4th queen, Elaine Moonlight, and Gallehed, one of the five captains of the Demon King’s Palace.

Zephyr was an orthodox member and didn’t let this fact go. He incited his other siblings to unite together and raised troops to get rid of Caitlin, Chris and Queen Elaine all at once.

Caitlin, Chris and the 4th Queen Elaine resisted and as a result, both sides received heavy casualties.

Chris, Caitlin and the 4th Queen Elaine died. The lycanthropes became virtually extinct.

The forces of the other siblings who competed with Zephyr were weakened.

Zephyr, who stirred up the conflict, watched with his hands behind his back and received mild damage.

‘After that battle, his power was firmly established.'

In other words, it would be good for In-gong if the Caitlin purge event didn’t happen.

‘Or I can use it.’

In-gong frowned at his merciless thoughts. He had talked to Chris and Caitlin for a while and ate their rice. To be honest, he was more overwhelmed by Caitlin than Chris. Her face flicked before him.

‘Ah, I don’t know. It is still far away. Let’s solve this situation first.’

It was still far away. It would happen in a few years, so he could think about it later.

‘Whether I decide to use them or not, I need to raise my own power.’

The same conclusion from this morning emerged. He could only start doing things once he raised his strength.

"Carack, please prepare a team for scouting. It will be enough if we eat and leave tomorrow morning right?”

"That is great.”

Carack nodded with a bright face. He was quite satisfied with the meal received at Caitlin’s base.

'Indeed, I acquired the Gourmet skill.’

Gourmet Lv1. It wasn’t helpful in combat, so he wouldn’t actively raise the skil level.

‘What is good? Isn’t it just developing the mouth? Then is it bad?’

They were futile worries. In-gong cleared his thoughts and once again said to Carack, "Then I will take a break. Later on, let me fill my stomach with some cows for dinner.”


In-gong left Carack and entered the tent. Now that he was alone, a sigh emerged without him knowing it.

He had truly entered the game or he had arrived at a different world that was just like the game.

There was no explanation about why this happened. In-gong wondered why he had a game-like ability.

His job was a Protagonist while his uniqueness was a Conquest Knight.

In-gong had these questions but decided to set them aside for the moment.

‘I will train with the sword.’

From the time being, the most important thing was improving Shutra. He had to do that while gathering subordinates and investigating.

In-gong took out the wooden sword.

And the next morning, In-gong reached level 5.


"Will you be okay today?”

Carack asked after eating breakfast and leaving the garrison. He was smiling but his eyes looked worried.

"Yes, I will be fine.”

He was a crude, oversized orc but In-gong had become accustomed to it. Carack shrugged at In-gong’s answer.

“Hrmm, it seems like someone has changed overnight, although it is a good thing.”

Carack had only known Shutra for two days. Instead of responding, In-gong looked over the soldiers.

There was a total of 31 troops under In-gong, including Carack. They were all orcs.

They were local troops, led by Carack, that were assigned to In-gong.

‘Anyway, I want to continue training.’

In fact, In-gong spend all of last night levelling up.

He had suddenly appeared in another world, so he couldn’t sleep. However, he found it enjoyable swinging the sword and didn’t look at the time.

The result was visible. Moreover, he grew faster because he was low levelled.

He couldn’t help feeling happy. It was like studying and seeing his rank rise significantly in a national high school.

‘Ah, I want a sword. I want to level up.’

Fortunately, he had levelled up this morning, so he was in the best condition. He was able to swing the sword all night despite Shutra’s low stamina because his stamina was restored when he levelled up.

‘Huhuhu, my name is Joo In-gong. I am 1.3 times stronger than Villager A.’

In-gong currently had an average of 13 stat points. He was stronger than an ordinary Villager A.

He intentionally left his additional points and skill points alone. It would be more difficult to level up at higher levels, so he didn’t want to waste the additional points just yet.

‘I will save it for later.’

The same was true for his skill points. He could learn many skills if he concentrated.

‘How do I learn magic or psychic abilities? Do I need a separate teacher?’

As he went through his troubles in his head, he arrived at the area that he was supposed to scout.

The scouting area Caitlin assigned him was originally where the Red Lightning tribe used to live. It was an area that the Red Lightning tribe abandoned due to strategic reasons.

It couldn’t just be left alone.

'Yes, I can’t come all the way here just to write a report on scouting.’

Caitlin said there wouldn’t be a big threat but he wasn’t completely reassured. In-gong put aside his desire to level up and searched the surroundings vigilantly. While confirming the map given to Carack, he zoomed in on the mini-map as much as possible to ensure accuracy.

After approximately 20 minutes.


In-gong suddenly stopped. Carack quickly stopped the soldiers and asked In-gong,

"What is it? Is it too hard? Are your legs sore?”

He seemed to be seen as quite a big weakling. In-gong pointed to the map he was looking at and asked.

"This is the correct map right?”

“Is there something wrong?”

“Rather than something being wrong...”

There was another part. The map showed a straight path while the mini-map showed a small side path.

Why did it matter?

‘What is it? A hidden path!’

It wasn’t on the map. In other words, the people who made the map didn’t know about it.

Yet, it was on the mini-map. In other words, a route obviously existed.

Then it had to be a hidden path!

‘If this is a game, then it will be an event.’

At the end of the hidden path, there was always a monster, event or treasure. Moreover, this was a reconnaissance mission so finding anything was good.

‘An enemy might emerge but...there is Carack!’

He had Carack and the 30 orc warriors that were at least 10 times stronger than Villager A. He didn’t think there would be a big problem unless the enemy had superior numbers.

"Carack, I will lead from now on.”

Carack narrowed his eyes, then he burst out laughing.

"Your eyes are burning. Ambition is roaring.”

In-gong guided the orcs. The path was changed suddenly but because of Carack, the orcs followed In-gong’s instructions without saying anything.

The side path was really hidden. After walking through bushes for a while and passing an area covered in rocks from a landslide, there was a small path covered by trees.

As In-gong had expected, the path didn’t just end up as a path. At the end was an old stone door. There were letters engraved on the surface but they were difficult to recognize because they were covered in moss.

"Wah, how did you find this? Is Prince a magician?”

In-gong grinned at Carack’s admiration.

“I just did.”

He wasn’t a magician yet. Although, maybe, he would soon become one.

In-gong shrugged and ordered Carack and the orcs to clean up the stones around the door.

The stone door was big enough for Carack to walk through but it didn’t budge when they tried to open it. It seemed like they had to break the stone door to get inside.

"Prince, what do you want to do? Should I break in?”

Carack asked In-gong. In-gong stared at the stone door for a while instead of answering.

‘It is like the protagonist getting a broken leg instead of dying after falling off a cliff.’

The main character lived while others died. This was a chance to obtain money or something like an elixir.

In-gong stared at ‘Protagonist Correction Lv1’ and nodded. He ordered Carack,


Carack lifted his hammer.

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