Chapter 43 - Chapter 7: Advent

Chapter 43 - Chapter 7: Advent

The transfer formations, spread out in various areas of the Demon World like a spider web, varied in size and shape.

In-gong closed his eyes against against the blue light, that appeared when the transfer formation was activated, and slowly opened them after feeling a new sensation.

There were continuous streams of grey light over the blue which hadn’t yet scattered completely.

Under the command of the Demon King, the managers of the transfer formations were required to secure a space of a certain size in case the transfer failed.

It was the same for this stone tower as he arrived at the other end of the transfer formation.

"We have arrived?”


In-gong responded appropriately to Carack while looking at the entrance for the person who was supposed to meet them. Indeed, a female soldier appeared not long after In-gong had arrived.

"I greet 9th Prince. I am Karma, a ranger who will be your assistant.”

The woman said while placing her right fist on her left chest, a special pose used by soldiers.

“Uh, yes. It is great to see you. I am Shutra.”

In-gong wasn’t surprised by the salute. Instead, he was surprised by the appearance of the woman called Karma.

She had tanned skin, black hair and a pretty face. She was approximately 20 years old and her body was wrapped in armour, but that was common. No, her body was quite pretty but things were different from the waist down. Her legs looked like horse legs and she had horseshoes instead of ordinary feet. Looking closer, she also had the hindquarters of a horse.

‘Uh, let’s see. Isn’t this similar to a satyr?’

Satyr were short people with the upper body of a person and the lower body of an animal, normally one with two legs.

Satyrs often had the legs of deer or goats, so it wasn’t too common for one to have the legs of a horse. However, he had rarely seen them in Knight Saga.

In-gong searched through his memories before focusing on the present situation. The only thing that mattered was the woman, Karma, in front of him, not the rarity of her species. There was no reason to be surprised at a fantasy species when there was an orc, Carack, right behind him with green skin.

"I will take care of you in the future.”

Karma said to In-gong with a smile. Looking at the bright smile, he felt quite good.

"Thank you.”

Karma returned to her normal posture and stood, waiting for him. Carack asked impatiently,

"What is it?”

"Um... Don’t you have any more soldiers?”

Karma thought it was strange as she looked behind In-gong and Carack. It was out of the ordinary for the prince assigned to the mission to have only one orc as an attendant.

However, this was the reality. In-gong replied with a bitter laugh.

"This is all I have.”

In fact, In-gong had thought about bringing a troop of soldiers. His merit level was reasonable enough and there had been compensation received from the Merits Department. The reason why In-gong sought out the children of the concubines was to make them join his troops.

However, In-gong lacked the time needed. The mission arrived so suddenly that he couldn’t afford to buy some soldiers.

“I understand, then we will start straight away.”

Karma was baffled for a moment that it was just the two of them, but she soon smiled and led In-gong and Carack away.

As they descended the transfer formation tower, a few managers came out to greet In-gong. In-gong responded appropriately, distributed the necessary supplies and left the stone tower.

The gift of the dracos Felicia had given them was really good. As soon as he got on a draco, he learnt Draco Unyielding Spirit Lv1. However, even if he hadn’t learnt it, In-gong wouldn’t have had any troubles moving on the dracos.

"Whoa, isn’t this better than what I thought?”

Carack admired from the top of a draco. The two metre tall Carack was already over 100 kilograms and he was carrying a big bag on his back. Nevertheless, the draco’s face didn’t show any signs of difficulties.

Karma also smiled with admiration.

"I’ve heard about the dark elves’ dracos but this is my first time seeing them. They seem tougher than rumoured.”

"It is the first time I’ve tried riding one. However, are you going to walk?”

Carack asked, looking at Karma. Karma replied with a smile.

"I have these two legs. You don’t have to worry.”

Her legs were shaped like horse legs.

Underneath the hill the stone tower was located on was an endless open meadow that spread out in every direction. Karma ran lightly and led the party while In-gong and Carack followed on the dracos.

The wind in the meadow was cool and dry. While riding, In-gong touched the necklace around his neck.

The tears of a dark elf.

It was a powerful magic that guarded the mind of the wearer. There was no other additional ability, but it was a favourite item in Knight Saga due to its excellent defense against magic spells.

‘However, the method to obtain it is completely different.’

The tears of the dark elves had been products obtained after Felicia died on the Day of Massacre. However, at present, he had received the tears of a dark elf as a gift from Felicia herself.

‘Take care of your body.’

Felicia’s words once again popped up in his head. It was a voice as warm as her body temperature when she embraced him.

It wasn’t just Chris and Caitlin who she had a changed relationship with. Felicia was now a powerful ally rather than an enemy.

'The Day of Massacre.’

It was no longer just In-gong’s life at risk. Chris, Caitlin and Felicia’s lives were also hanging on it; the three people he wanted to protect.

‘Well, it is still just the beginning.’

Setting Caitlin and Felicia aside, his laughter emerged unconsciously at the thought of protecting Chris. While Caitlin and Felicia appeared slender, Chris was full of incredible muscles. It seemed more like In-gong would use him as a shield, rather than protect him.

After finishing those thoughts, In-gong opened his inventory and looked at the items he had stored recently. They were the rewards he received from the Merits Department for his merit level.

‘It is surprisingly reasonable.’

It was obvious, but the Merits Department used a system where those with a higher merit level would receive better rewards. However, low level rewards weren’t necessarily bad.

As long as the items weren’t expensive, they were given things necessary for the mission:

A health potion; mana potion; tent with protective spells on it, for sleeping; and a sleeping bag with a spell to preserve body temperature.

In-gong currently had a merit level of five, so he would get equipment such as swords and armour after completing this mission.

'When I finish this mission, my merit level will be around seven?’

The casios subjugation quest was a repeat quest from the Merits Department. It could only be performed once a year, so the recurrence frequency was low among the recurring quests. However, the merit points gained from it were quite high.

‘Speaking of weapon problems.’

The casios were four legged creatures reminiscent of giant wolves. If he fought in front, he would be able to use Earth Quaker and Beast Authority when he was close to it. However, this mission wasn’t based on a one-on-one confrontation.

It was fighting a crowd.

Moreover, the herd of centaurs was the perfect cavalry. He had speed to match with the cavalry, so he needed a suitable weapon.

‘A sword might be conventional, but don’t riders normally use a spear or something similar?’

Due to the weapons taken from the dungeon, he had a variety of weapons, such as axes and crossbows as well as swords and spears.

Thanks to the power of Conquest and Protagonist Body, after starting the learning process for a sword, it would take a few days to raise it to a sufficient level.

‘I have to discuss it with Carack, so let’s not decide too quickly.’

In-gong deactivated the inventory and looked straight ahead. He didn’t know what would soon unfold in front of him.


The Enger Plains were so wide that it would take two days to reach a centaur settlement. As a result, the party started to prepare a camp in the early evening instead of overworking themselves.

As a guide, Karma knew a few good places to camp. There were hills to stop the wind and a few camping trails had remained.

In-gong got down from the draco, activated the inventory window and put his hand into Carack’s bag. He was used to the lie and now found it natural to pull things out of a bag.

Karma looked on with admiration as the tent and camping supplies set received from the Merits Department were taken out. At first, she was surprised that the prince was bringing things out personally but that soon changed. It was because so many items were pouring out that she doubted the capacity of the bag.

"Wah, that is real strength.”

Carack was carrying around a bag containing so many things.

Carack shrugged at Karma’s pure admiration and said,

"Heh, I have a little bit of strength.”

He would keep In-gong’s inventory a secret until a knife came to his throat. Carack tried to wink at In-gong, but it was useless.

“No, that... It is the draco.”

It was the draco that carried Carack and the bag.

Carack laughed awkwardly at Karma’s words and turned to In-gong.

The atmosphere was pretty good as they set up the tent and prepared a fire for their meal. The ingredients stored in his inventory were preserved, so Carack prepared a quite luxurious dish of chicken stew.

“Now, eat.”

The tough but kind Carack handed In-gong a bowl. It was steaming hot and looked tasty.

“I will eat it well.”

That was when In-gong heard it.

He felt the earth start shaking. At first, it seemed to be coming from a distance but it became stronger instantly. The draco also noticed the abnormality and gave a low cry.

In-gong swallowed quickly and put his bowl down as Carack picked up an axe instead of a ladle. Karma, who had climbed up the hill, shouted towards them,


He guessed it was due to Protagonist Correction.

In-gong equipped Earth Quaker on his right arm.

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