Chapter 32 - Chapter 4: Awakening #7

Chapter 32 - Chapter 4: Awakening #7

One was water and the other was wind.

From Felicia’s right hand, green wind rose to form a beautiful woman. Felicia commanded the laughing wind spirit, who turned into wind and dug into the cracks of the cliff.

After one or two minutes,..

“Okay, that should be enough.”

Felicia muttered and the wind sprang out of the crack. The wind spirit waited in place as Felicia commanded a blue water spirit to emerge from her left hand.

"The crack is enough. Can you do it?”

The water spirit nodded. The water spirit moved away from Felicia and plunged into the same crack the wind spirit had. Soon, the inside of the crack was filled with water.


This time it was magic, not a spirit. The water that filled the crack froze instantly and the crack started widening due to the expanding ice. In spite of the ice, cracking sounds could be heard.

In-gong now knew what Felicia was doing.

‘Indeed, a magician.’

Felicia waved her hands and the ice melted. The water spirit returned to Felicia in the form of a woman and she took out some flasks from her pocket.

“One last blast. Explosions are common when exploring ruins.”

She murmured playfully as she placed the flasks, then turned back to In-gong’s group.


A real explosion swallowed up Felicia’s words. An enormous amount of dust rose as the cliff crumbled. However, the water and wind spirits took care of it.

"This is a shoddy method.”

Perfect workmanship would require a longer time. Felicia winked at In-gong and Caitlin who started clapping.

“Ohh! There is a hole! It is huge!”

Carack exclaimed loudly as he clapped along with In-gong. There was a huge hole that was approximately two metres in diameter.

“Crazy. Is this real?”

Felicia, who seemed to be enjoying the applause, shrugged. Delia and Katuin’s expressions weren’t much different.

"I told you. It is right here.”

In-gong smiled at Caitlin who nodded like she believed him.

“Let me check it quickly.”

Felicia summoned her light spirit and entered the hole. Then she let out a cry of confusion.

“Oh, my god.”

It was real. There was a large room inside the hole where dwarf characters were carved on the walls.


In-gong entered the hole after Felicia and looked around. It was a large space dozens of metres wide, with the walls and ceiling resembling what he had seen in the game. There was only one thing different.

"Prince, what is this dome?”

Carack looked at the large metal dome in the middle of the room and asked. The only thing different from In-gong’s memories was this dome.

‘There are dwarf statues around the sphere and the anvil is inside it.’

He hadn’t seen a cover when he was playing as Locke and had destroyed the anvil.

Felicia touched the surface of the dome gently.

“It is like the last safeguard. The Thousand Light Anvil must be inside the dome.”

She started tapping on the dome. It didn’t seem easy to disassemble.

"Aren’t there any dungeon guardians?”

Caitlin asked as she looked at the walls. Felicia was the one who replied.

“This is the innermost room. When exploring ruins, the most powerful guardian is usually found in front of the most important room. The most important room often looks plain.”

It was similar to the relationship between a large lock and a treasure chest. The treasure chest couldn’t be opened due to the lock.

“Then we have to break this dome?”

Carack asked with wide eyes. Delia and Katuin looked grim while Felicia replied,

"No, we can’t mess with it. If we do it wrong, the anvil inside can break.”

They had to find a normal method to release the dome. Then Katuin, who was interpreting the dwarf statues and characters engraved on the wall, called out to Felicia.

“Royal Princess.”

Katuin stood before the dwarf statues surrounding the dome. They were the same size as actual dwarves and filled with holes.

Felicia sighed,

"Yes, maybe these guys are the cause.”

Three of them were holding real metal swords, but the remaining six were bare despite their arms being in the right posture.

"Uh... Do we have to give them swords?”

Felicia alternated between looking at the dwarf characters and stone statues and nodded.

“Perhaps. I think we need to give them dwarf swords.”

Despite answering, a little bit of bitterness was mixed in her voice.

There was no choice. They suddenly needed six dwarf swords!

"Then should we go back? There is no need to break through the dungeon so we can spare the time.”

Felicia sighed as she spoke.

In-gong frowned at her words and he realized one thing.

‘I have some.’

The dwarf swords. It wasn’t just one, but dozens of them!

In-gong activated the inventory window that he had forgotten about for a few days. The weapons he secured on the first day from the dwarf cave were kept very well.

"No, wait a minute."

Everyone’s gaze went towards In-gong reflexively. In-gong couldn’t just pull out a dwarf sword from his inventory, so he approached Carack.

“Carack, put down that bag for a while.”

"Huh? The bag I am carrying?”

“Yes, the bag.”

Carack nodded and put down the bag. Carack knew that there were no weapons in the bag because it contained a lot of dry food and water.

However, In-gong stuck his hand deep in the bag and pulled out a short dwarf sword.


Caitlin asked In-gong with amazement but the one who was most surprised was Carack.

"Huck, when did you put that in? Did you pack a sword?”

Instead of replying, In-gong put his hands back in the bag and pulled out another dwarf sword.

There was a total of six.

Carack was the one who had carried the bag here, yet it seemed like he was seeing a ghost.

In-gong said naturally,

"I prepared the weapons found in the dwarf cave just in case. I put them in when you weren’t there.”

"I wouldn’t be able to carry all six swords.”

Despite In-gong’s explanation, Carack though it was strange. However, he was an orc and soon accepted the reality.

In fact, it was a rather strange story. It was rare for someone to carry six spare swords.

However, the joy and excitement of solving the problem outweighed the doubts.

"This is good. Let’s install them.”

Felicia, who had the expression of a ruins explorer, picked up a sword. Delia, Katuin, In-gong, Caitlin and Seira all placed a sword in the hands of the dwarf statues.

There was a noise as the swords were absorbed into the holes.

It happened the moment everything was equipped. There was a mechanical sound and the whole room vibrated.

In-gong jumped but Felicia wasn’t affected at all. She told everyone in a small voice.

"Calm down and step back. The device is starting.”

Felicia’s words were true. As everyone took a few steps back, the statues surrounding the dome started to move. They turned exactly halfway towards the dome and another mechanical sound was heard from the dome.

“The dome is opening.”

Caitlin muttered in a small voice. The middle of the dome cracked and started to open.

"Thunder Light Anvil.”

An enchanted magical weapon used by the wyrm Enkidu to guard his treasure.

Felicia’s smile widened. As the dome opened, a huge black thunderbolt, symbolising magic power, appeared in front of them and shone with a blue light.


The anvil was really huge. It was one metre long and the anvil plate was wide enough for Carack to lie down on.

It was clearly the Thunder Light Anvil.

However, what should they do now?

Caitlin and Felicia stared at the anvil. Felicia smiled brightly and explained.

"Wait, it isn’t complete yet. A final procedure is needed to operate the anvil."

According to the records, there were at least three magic spells built into the Thunder Light Anvil. They couldn’t just act without considering the magic.

Felicia approached the anvil carefully and interpreted the letters engraved on the surface. The characters were engraved in the area where the blue light was shining.

'The speed is different.’

In-gong had reached level two in Dwarf Characters due to his training, but it was still only level two. Felicia was an expert in ruins exploration, so it was natural that she would interpret it faster and more accurately.

'Just let it go.’

He would entrust the work to the expert.

With a relaxed mind, In-gong watched Felicia work. However, Felicia was on her knees before the anvil and was sweating while interpreting the characters.

"Okay, I understand. I understand!"

Felicia stood up after deciphering the letters on the anvil and told everyone,

"Everyone has to come inside the circle of the stone statues. Delia, Katuin... and Caitlin?”

She called out, but her last word was filled with hesitation and anxiety. Caitlin just laughed and replied,

“Yes, Unni.”

Felicia smiled at the friendly reply. She gave the three people a cheerful look.

"Do you see the discs on the ground? Delia and Katuin will stand on the ones in the 3 o’clock and 6 o’clock direction, respectively. I will stand at the 12 o’clock direction and Caitlin at the 9 o’clock direction.”

“Ah, then what about us?”

In-gong, Carack and Seira were left over, so Felicia had to think about what to do with them.

"Just stand in the right place. Don’t step on the discs.”

Everyone else was surplus manpower. In-gong stayed near Felicia and Caitlin while Carack and Seira were also in the vicinity.

Felicia turned to them and said.

"Okay, insert magic power one by one in the clockwise direction. Got it?”

“I understand.”

"Yes, your Highness.”


Delia, Katuin and Caitlin replied.

Felicia breathed out like she was trying to relax and injected magic power into the plate. Then the plate and altar glowed with a gentle light.

The signs were good so everyone acted quickly. Delia, Katuin and then Caitlin poured in their magic power, causing a bright light as well as a mechanical sound.

“Ohh, the altar is rising!”

The moment that Carack cried out. An enormous amount of light enveloped the party.

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