Chapter 230 – Epilogue #1

Chapter 230 – Epilogue #1

The battle for the Sanctuary was over, but that was it. The attacks in the north and east were still going strong.

Thanks to this, In-gong and the other children of the demon king didn’t have time to rest as they were forced to enter the battlefield.

In particular, the situation at the Aegis Gate in the north was serious after parts of the walls had collapsed. It managed to be protected thanks to Baikal and the captains, but the situation was still very precarious.

Since the new demon king wasn’t officially crowned yet, the royal children and queens gathered to take defensive measures. After a short debate, it was decided where the royal children and the captains would be dispatched.

Silvan and Felicia were sent to the west. Chris and Caitlin headed east, while Zephyr and Anastasia accompanied the two captains to the north. In-gong would visit the north, east, and west in a sequential order. As the next demon king, it was necessary for In-gong to look at all three battlefields.

It took more than two months to defeat all the barbarians in the northeast. The battle with the northern barbarians, who had partially destroyed the Aegis Gate, was particularly fierce, but the Aegis Gate was defended thanks to all four captains, Baikal, Zephyr, Anastasia, and In-gong.

Three months after the battle against the red dragon, In-gong was finally able to return to the center. Baikal remained in the north to restore the Aegis Gate, but he declared his support for In-gong just before In-gong left.

Even though In-gong’s position as the next demon king was almost certain, the support of Baikal, as the eldest son and leader of one of the three factions, was huge. The succession of the new demon king occurred smoothly. There was no civil war between princes, as suggested by Baikal’s support.

Anastasia also expressed her support. Zephyr didn’t make a declaration, but two of the three factions already supported In-gong, so his silence was sufficient. After In-gong returned to the area where the Demon King’s Palace was being rebuilt, he met up with Warrior Locke.

Locke had been on almost all the battlefields in the last three months. They watched each other’s back and now knew how to read each other.

Therefore, Locke immediately understood why In-gong had called him. The two men faced each other under the night sky with the bright moon and laughed awkwardly. In-gong was the one to open his mouth first.

“Now, I think this is occurring a little bit late.”

In-gong was holding the Warrior’s Sword in his hand. Rather than taking the sword right away, Locke folded his arms and asked with narrowed eyes,

“Are you returning it?”

“It is because the name is the same as the brave warrior.”

In-gong could keep it, but it felt uncomfortable. Locke was the brave warrior in Knight Saga. Moreover, In-gong was more of a fists martial artist, so he didn’t have much use for it.

Locke suddenly laughed at In-gong’s words.

“Isn’t it too late to say this?”

“The sword is too good, so I am giving it back.”

In-gong responded mischievously to the question. Locke and In-gong looked at each other and laughed.

“Okay, then I will hand the name to you.”


Locke sighed at In-gong’s surprised response. He closed his eyes for a moment before saying,

“As you said, this is the Warrior’s Sword. It matches the one who defeated the red dragon and defended the peace.”

A warrior wasn’t simply a job, nor was it a name which could be self-styled. Heroes and warriors were people who broke the crisis. They defended peace. Locke thought that the name befitted In-gong more than him.

“Instead of taking it, please come to the Human World and help me if anything happens. Just like my business trip this time.”

“Well, there are still problems in that area.”

In-gong smiled as he recalled the Human World in Knight Saga and nodded. After talking to the indigenous species, he knew that this world wasn’t quite like Knight Saga. However, a lot of the basic information coincided. Unlike the Demon World where In-gong had changed many things, it was likely that the Human World was more similar to Knight Saga.

‘Rebellions, civil war, mad apostles who want to call down the god of destruction… there are many things.’

The number of events was actually more than in the Demon World. Locke frowned as he looked at In-gong.

“What do you mean by problems?”

“Nothing. I guess I’ll be busy in the future.”

In-gong placed the Warrior’s Sword into his inventory and held out a hand for Locke to shake. This time, Locke grabbed In-gong’s hand without any resistance.

“Thanks again. I enjoyed our time together.”

“Yes, I did as well.”

They exchanged warm glances and shook hands a few times, seeming to convey their hearts through the tight grip. If Locke returned to the Human World straight away, this would’ve been perfect. However, Locke didn’t show any signs of going back. In-gong asked somewhat awkwardly,

“But aren’t you returning to the Human World?”

“I will go with you for now. In the near future, you will be crowned. I have to see my friend become the king. This is a great moment, so how can I miss it? I don’t have to return to the Human World immediately.”

In-gong had to hear it again. It was a situation where the fighting had just ended. Locke wasn’t a mercenary, but In-gong still felt uncomfortable.

Locke knocked his shoulders against In-gong’s.

“Then let’s go back. Carack will ask why two men are meeting in the middle of the night.”

“Um, yes.”

In-gong nodded and headed back to his accommodations with Locke. It was awkward, but it seemed more awkward to say anything, so In-gong and Locke walked in silence.


All the queens were the leaders of their species except for 1st Queen Aishar Ragnaros. Due to this, they were more likely to stay at their own palaces instead of the Demon King’s Palace.

However, this past month was different. The queens didn’t stay in the Demon King’s Palace but a small castle they built near it. The rebuilding of the new palace was an issue, but there also wasn’t much time left until the coronation.

The day after his conversation with Locke, In-gong was sitting down with a very uncomfortable expression. A white table was set up in the indoor garden, with In-gong being the only male present.

The remaining people were all females. They were also composed of queens and princesses.

“Well, it makes sense to arrange the marriages now. It is a good thing.”

Anastasia said as she put down her cup. After declaring her support for In-gong as the next demon king, her attitude and tone had become lighter than before. It felt like a heavy load had been put down.

In-gong remained silent, and it was the same for Felicia and Caitlin, who were sitting next to 3rd Queen Sylvia Doomblade and 4th Queen Elaine Moonlight respectively. Both of Felicia and Caitlin had red cheeks.

Anastasia glanced at both of them before looking back at In-gong. Then she threw a bomb in her usual elegant manner.

“But who will be the 1st Queen among the two of them?”

It was almost certain that Felicia and Caitlin would become In-gong’s queens. Then the question was who would become the 1st Queen?

‘Master, this is a strange atmosphere.’

Green Wind murmured as she appeared in her semi-solid state. The white woman also whispered in In-gong’s ears,

‘It would be better to stay quiet at this time, my master.’

It was really proper advice, so In-gong did as she said. As In-gong remained silent, Felicia and Caitlin looked at each other with subtle expressions. Felicia was the first one to open her mouth.

“Uh…aren’t I older?”

Felicia sent a glance asking, ‘Is it okay?’ to Caitlin. Caitlin puffed up slightly before muttering in a small voice.

“Unni is cheap.”

Caitlin didn’t intend to step back. No matter what anyone said, this was about being in the 1st position. Naturally, it would be preferred over 2nd position.

The queens just smiled with relaxed faces at Felicia and Caitlin’s cute quarrel. 2nd Queen Titania sighed and said,

“Age doesn’t make much sense when it comes to the position of the queens. It isn’t listed by age.”

In fact, 1st Queen Aishar was younger than 2nd Queen Titania.

Felicia and Caitlin alternated between being apologetic and happy at Titania’s words. However, that only lasted for a second. Just like Anastasia, Titania threw a bomb with a smiling face.

“But if it is age… Anastasia, what do you think? Don’t you want to be the 1st Queen?”

The dark elves and lycanthropes, who had the 3rd Queen and 4th Queen, were once again in the process of setting up queens. As queen of the succubi, Titania could just sit back and clap. She said it like a joke, but Anastasia wasn’t confused. It was obvious that they had already discussed it to some extent. The other queens had also expected it somewhat.

“Then should I be a candidate for Shutra’s queen? Shutra, what do you think?”

Anastasia smiled elegantly at In-gong. Felicia and Caitlin looked at In-gong simultaneously, while Green Wind also looked down at In-gong.

“Uh, yes…?”

Anastasia as a queen? It was something he had never thought about, so In-gong needed time to think. Whether it was for political reasons or something else, it wasn’t just a joke.

“Actually, there is a better suggestion.”

Titania said suddenly as tensions escalated. She shrugged lightly as everyone’s eyes turned to her again.

“If you are planning politically motivated marriages, wouldn’t it be better to marry the rulers of each species? What do you think, Shutra?”

“Uh, euh, huh?”

In-gong blinked with confusion as he didn’t understand what she was talking about for a moment, hence his confused reply. What did she mean?

Elaine giggled as Anastasia and the other princesses stared in shock.

“That is a good idea, although it is unprecedented in history. Isn’t this the right answer when approaching it from a political point of view? Sylvia, what do you think?”

“Stop joking around.”

Sylvia said rationally with narrowed eyes. Felicia and Caitlin sighed at her words, while Elaine pouted with vexation.

“Oh, it was so much fun.”

Then she winked at In-gong. In-gong tried to ignore Elaine’s gaze, but Titania added more mean words.

“Shutra, don’t miss me too much.”

In-gong didn’t know what to do and chose the silent path. However, silence wasn’t the correct answer as Felicia’s eyes narrowed and Caitlin puffed up angrily.

‘My master, it isn’t good to be too quiet.’

‘Master, I agree with the thieving cat.’

In-gong was smarting from everyone’s looks. He hadn’t done anything wrong, so why were things like this?

‘Carack, I miss you right now.’

In-gong lifted his cup as he remembered Carack’s smiling face. He wanted to use Call to summon Carack, but he couldn’t.

‘Count’ Carack, the close aide of the next demon king, had returned to his hometown with his wives. It was the first vacation Carack had taken since meeting In-gong, so he couldn’t interfere.

“Shutra, who will be your 1st Queen?”

Anastasia asked elegantly and In-gong laughed awkwardly as all eyes looked at him.

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