Chapter 19 - Chapter 3: Rescue #2

Chapter 19 - Chapter 3: Rescue #2

Conquest Knight.

The woman with pure white hair wearing a golden crown.

In-gong wanted to learn more about a Conquest Knight and its skills.

'Punishment, obedience, governance.’

Weren’t those words related to conquest?

Protagonist Correction might be the cause but he was more focused on the Conquest side.

Prince, Conquest Knight.

An occupation and skills that hadn’t appeared in Knight Saga. Did Chris and Caitlin know about it?

Both Chris and Caitlin thought about it instead of answering In-gong directly. However, that was only for a moment. Chris shook his head.

“I don’t know, I’ve never heard of it. Caitlin, do you know?”

Caitlin’s response was a little more sincere than Chris’ but the result wasn’t different. Just like Chris, she shook her head.

"I don't know. Is that a nickname for someone? Is it a warrior on your side?”

Conquest Knight. They never heard of it. It was quite interesting.

Even Chris, who liked stories of warriors, didn’t know?

Chris clapped his hands.

“Yes, there is a possibility. Shutra, do you have a warrior called a Conquest Knight? I would like a knight like that.”

His eyes lit up at the story. In-gong laughed awkwardly and waved his hands.

"No, it is the same for me. I just remembered hearing it from somewhere.”

It was pretty dangerous when he thought about it.

In-gong didn’t know what a Conquest Knight was yet. In other words, it meant that other people could be Conquest Knights.

What if Conquest Knights were a danger to Chris and Caitlin?

‘Caitlin and Chris...’

No, even Caitlin might want to harm him.

'I was too hasty. I shouldn’t have mentioned it.’

He needed to find out as much as possible about Conquest Knights by himself. In-gong realized that he shouldn’t talk about Conquest Knights.

‘The risk is too much.’

In-gong controlled his mind and concentrated on the front again.

‘It isn’t all smoke and water... If Chris and Caitlin don’t know, should I go to the library?’

It wasn’t an entirely new thought but he went back to it after not finding any clues. There might be a record there.

‘In the end, it is just a feeling.’

No, was it really a feeling?

The white woman with a golden crown. The red flame-like woman. The skinny man dressed in a black robe and the blue man wearing a skull helmet.

The appearances of the four people became a blur in his head. In-gong felt dizzy.

"Hey, are you okay? Are you not feeling well?”

Chris, who had been walking ahead, looked back. He called out with surprise as In-gong’s eyes rolled back and he stumbled.


"Ah, it is nothing. I’m still a bit sleepy.”

In-gong rubbed his eyes like he was sleepy and gave a small yawn. Chris made a ‘hah’ sound and turned back to the front.

"Aigoo, you are still a kid. You should have been mentally prepared from the moment the operation started.”

He was saying insults but his eyes were smiling. In-gong had thought so since they first met, but Chris was just like a nice neighbourhood hyung.

“Do you want water?”

Caitlin extended a canteen from where she was walking next to him. She was making the same expression as Chris.

“Thank you.”

In-gong wasn’t particularly thirsty but he took the canteen and took a sip. Throughout the past few days, she had been acting like a really friendly noona.

Although In-gong had only met them for a few days, he could tell how close they were to each other. It was understandable since Chris and Caitlin were lycanthropes.

‘It will be a nightmare if one of them dies.’

When Caitlin died, Chris would go wild. If Chris died, then Caitlin would go on a rampage. That’s why they were called blood-crazed beasts.

In-gong handed the canteen back to Caitlin and looked to the front, where he saw Chris staring back at them. Chris just smiled before turning away again.

In-gong had a sudden thought.

‘Does Chris know?’

Did he know that Caitlin wasn’t the child of the Demon King? That her father was Gallehed, one of the five captains?

There was barely a two year difference between Chris and Caitlin. Chris had only been a baby when Caitlin was born.

However, Chris was part of the lycanthropes’ royal family. As the son of the 4th Queen Elaine Moonlight and the Demon King, he had grown up to become king of the lycanthropes.

It was difficult to imagine that he didn’t know about Caitlin, the lycanthropes’ greatest weakness.


In-gong glanced towards Caitlin. She kept walking forward as she responded affectionately to In-gong’s gaze.

“What? Do you want more water?”

"No, I am fine.”

In-gong looked ahead again.

Caitlin Moonlight. A year before the Day of Massacre, she would be the starting point for a huge civil war among the children of the Demon King.

Did she even know? The fact that she wasn’t the child of the Demon King?

'I have to slowly find out.’

In-gong stepped forward. The cave wasn’t far.


They had already walked on this path once, so the party’s marching speed was fast.

Once they reached the part of the cave where the rock spiders came out, Seira and her lycanthropes split into three passages while Carack and Chris’ elite troops entered another with In-gong, Chris and Caitlin following behind.

Upon arriving at the dwarf portal, the lycanthrope magicians Chris brought started to examine the portal. They seemed to roughly know the dwarf language.

"Shutra, I’m not doubting you. I just need to confirm it. Isn’t this type of procedure necessary?”

Chris laughed as he spoke towards In-gong. No matter how much he believed in In-gong, it was a necessary procedure. There was a possibility that In-gong’s interpretation was wrong.

"It's okay. I already guessed that.”

In-gong replied while observing the magicians. Due to the fact that they were lycanthropes, the magicians were all muscular.

The mysterious magicians decrypted the dwarf characters and spoke to Chris.

"Prince Chris, it is just like Prince Shutra said. This portal is connected to the Eska branch of the Jishuka Mountains."

"Will the portal work normally?”

The magicians pointed to the magic spell underneath the characters and replied to Chris.

"It seems to work. Dwarven goods are unbeatable.”

Dwarf-made objects were masterpieces in the Demon World. Chris nodded and looked at In-gong and Caitlin.

"Okay, let’s move.”

Moving through the portal was simple. Once the magician inserted magic power into the circle, a blue and round gate appeared. After passing through it, they arrived in front of the other portal.

"How is it? It isn’t anything special right?”

Caitlin laughed and patted his shoulder. In-gong nodded with surprise.

"Yes, it wasn’t anything special.”

He had been worried about what would happen once he entered the blue gate but he didn’t feel anything.

‘Isn’t this called a space jump?’

It was space movement, not a space jump. At first glance, it seemed the same. However, there was a big difference.

Of course, In-gong had no way of knowing what the difference was. He didn’t know much about it.

"Stay alert. The passages haven’t been secured yet. Don’t forget that we still don’t know where the passage exit leads to.”

Chris started to explore the passage ahead with the lycanthropes. It was completely different from the relaxed figure he showed at the base.

'Yes, he is this type of person.’

Caitlin also stayed silent with a serious expression after hearing Chris’ words. He looked back and Carack had a strict and serious expression on his face as well.

Fortunately, the passage with Portal Three was much shorter compared to the one with Portal Two.

In-gong used the mini-map and found a door that Carack cracked open.

“Phew, I feel better now.”

Fresh air flooded in from the open door. It was a windy area.

“A mountain slope? Okay, let’s examine it.”

Chris muttered and gave a signal. The lycanthropes immediately left the cave at a swift pace.

"We are going. Be careful.”

This time, Chris moved in the front, followed by In-gong, Caitlin and Carack.

Chris covered up the entrance of the cave with rocks, dead tree branches and grass so that it was almost invisible.

"Okay, this looks good.”

Chris said while looking down the mountain. Without realising it, In-gong exclaimed with admiration,


The Red Lightning tribe was spread out under the mountain. If he included the non-combatants, there were more than 5,000 people, so it was incomparable to Caitlin’s base.

“The food warehouses are a priority when attacking from the rear. While Vandal strikes from the front, a unit will infiltrate the rear to burn the food warehouses.”

Chris said while pointing to a corner. His voice sounded quite sinister.

However, Caitlin, who was looking at the entire base, shook her head.

"It is strange. There aren’t that many troops.”

"Eh? Come to think of it?”

It wasn’t night yet but there were very few orcs at the base.

Chris, Caitlin and In-gong looked into the distance. Their mouths dropped open at the same time.

At the plains in front of the base...

Two different armies were clashing.

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