Chapter 15 - Chapter 2: Alliance #6

Chapter 15 - Chapter 2: Alliance #6

In-gong’s party’s was currently located at a place where two passages joined to create a space. He had seen it a few times and it was often a type of living space or room.

The ceiling was high and the space was wide enough to accommodate all 50 orcs.

The monsters seemed to pour out of the passages connected to the room and the mini-map quickly became red.

While everyone was pulling out their weapons, In-gong, who was looking around, suddenly shouted loudly.

“Rock spiders! Close your eyes!”

At In-gong’s shout, Carack and most of the orcs covered their eyes. Some of them couldn’t react because it was so sudden but he couldn’t wait. Instead of shouting again, In-gong closed his eyes tightly and threw something.

There was the sound of glass breaking as light filled the room. In-gong immediately opened his eyes and screamed,

"Open your eyes and attack! Be careful of their paralysis poison!”

He frowned due to the glare but was able to see in front of him. There were grey spiders the size of humans all over the place.

Rock spiders. They were monsters that often appeared in places like dungeons and caves. Dozens of them always gathered at once and they had a strong paralysis poison, so it was hard to fight them.

However, that only applied when it was a frontal attack. They had a fatal weakness and it was light. They lived in the darkness, so if they were exposed to light, they couldn’t move or would faint.

‘It is worth preparing this!’

He hadn’t encountered any monsters in the last cave reconnaissance but he had prepared supplies for fighting in caves just in case.

‘It is better to get things when you can!’

Of course, there were no such items containing flash magic in Shutra’s base. Everything he prepared was what Chris had received. There had been no guarantee he would meet any monsters in the cave but after the rock spiders came out, he was glad he’d prepared things.

‘Rock spiders hunt in groups and a group must always have a boss!’

He was sure of it because that was always the case in a game!

‘Boss, let’s find the boss!’

The rock spider boss was two to three times the size of an ordinary rock spider. In-gong confirmed the presence of the largest dot in the passage on the mini-map. Indeed, there was a fairly large red dot among the small ones.

“Carack! Follow me! The boss!”

Instead of pulling out a sword, he picked up a torch the orcs had dropped nearby. The biggest weakness of the rock spider was light and the next one was fire.

“I understand!”

Carack cried out loudly. He did the opposite of In-gong’s order and ran in front of In-gong instead of behind. The ends justified the means if it allowed them to find the boss.

Carack wielded his large axe at the rock spiders. In-gong ran along Carack’s path and took out something again.

"One more time! Close your eyes!”

He wanted to place the rock spider boss in a stunned state. Rather than gazing at the big, wriggling legs, In-gong closed his eyes and threw a bottle that had a flash effect.

The light seemed more intense to In-gong because it exploded in a narrow passage. Of course, In-gong couldn’t see with his eyes closed.

In-gong counted up to three before happily opening his eyes.

‘It is more like a king crab than a spider.’

The rock spider, that was much bigger than a human, was stunned and had its stomach exposed. Without even needing a command from In-gong, Carack rushed forward and swung his axe.


Once the axe collided with the stomach, it sounded like metal being hit. Carack was confused by the hard shell that was beyond imagination. However, In-gong lifted his torch.

“Carack! It is weak to fire!”

However, the torch broke once the rock spider boss was hit with it. What was this? Carack’s axe bounced off the shell? The torch broke when it was hit?

‘Should I try Aura?’

When he thought about it, he had to try it. In-gong concentrated and activated Aura. It was at that moment.

“Shutra! Your sword!”

Caitlin’s voice was heard from the rear. Whether it was magic or Caitlin’s voice, In-gong quickly jumped back and pulled the sword hanging from his waist.

“Burning Blade!”

Sparks flew as Caitlin shouted. It was clearly magic that gave a fire attribute.


Magic, magic!

'Then can I learn Burning Blade?’

In-gong imagined the scene of Caitlin aiming a knife of fire at him and quickly shook his head.

‘I can’t be hit with a fire sword!’

In-gong stabbed the stomach of the rock spider boss with the sword. In-gong was sweating as he demonstrated the strength of Aura Lv3. The shell was weakened by Carack’s axe and the sparks, so In-gong’s sword dug into the rock spider boss’ stomach.


In-gong moved his sword and disembowelled it. As Carack’s axe struck its bared body, the legs of the rock spider boss twitched.

‘Wah! Awesome!’

In-gong swung his sword vigorously and struck the head of the rock spider boss with his sword.


The movements of the rock spider boss’ legs became more bizarre and disturbing. Carack grabbed the legs while In-gong pulled out the sword lodged in its head.

“Shutra! A little bit more!”

Caitlin ran to his side and cheered him on instead of attacking the rock spider boss. It seemed like she intended to let In-gong catch it by himself.

“Yes! Noona!”

Having someone cheer him on from the sidelines gave him more strength. He swung his sword again at the rock spider boss’ head.

There were no screams this time. The wriggling legs stopped moving.

It was a sight that convinced In-gong the boss was dead.

[Your level has risen.]

Even though Carack had helped him, In-gong’s strikes were the most significant. Moreover, the rock spiders weren’t monsters that he could catch, originally. It was natural to receive a lot of experience.

‘Ohh, level nine!’

In-gong was delighted and tried to check his status window and skill window. However, Caitlin was a little bit faster.

“Shutra? Are you okay?”

Both worry and surprise could be seen on her face. In-gong understood why after a moment. It was due to the light generated from his level up.

“Ah, yes. I’m okay. That- the light is similar to a blessing. It sometimes happens. Isn’t that right, Carack?”

"Yes. I’ve seen it a few times.”

Carack agreed with his words but it was still a problem. What was the blessing? Why did these lights occur and what were the effects? There weren’t just one or two things that he had to deal with.

Thankfully, Caitlin said one word that resolved everything.


“Yes, gandharva.”

In fact, gandharva didn’t have this characteristic but he used it as an excuse. Among the many species, gandharva was a minority. And In-gong- no, Shutra was a mix of sura and gandharva. It was a result of that.

“Thank you for the magic assistance. It was great.”

Her assistance was really helpful and timely. Caitlin shook her head with a bright expression.

"It is thanks to Shutra. I just used the magic that Shutra said.”

“Huh? Haven’t you fought rock spiders before?”

"Today is the first time.”

'Huh, then did she give me the magic because she heard me shouting at Carack?’

Although it was somewhat obvious, he couldn’t help but feel admiration for the actions.

"Have you fought these guys before? To be honest, I was a little surprised.”

Caitlin repeated the question at In-gong.

“Eh... I just read about it before in a book.”

He had only fought against them in the game but he did read about it in a book. He saw them for the first time in an Internet strategy guide. When looking at it broadly, it was correct that he’d read it in a book.

“Noona, let’s talk about this later. I need to sort out my troops.”


Caitlin nodded and placed the hood back over her head. The flames disappeared from his sword and In-gong headed back to the main party with Carack.

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