Chapter 124 - Chapter 21: Barbarians #3

Chapter 124 – Chapter 21: Barbarians #3

Night Watch fluctuated. It moved around In-gong like there was wind blowing. Night Watch seemed like a dark blue liquid. In a short burst of time, the blue colour grew closer to the dark end of the spectrum.

It was just in the blink of an eye.

In-gong and Night Watch disappeared into pitch darkness. An abundant black smoke took their place, exploding and spreading out everywhere.

It was like an angry wave. The black smoke swallowed everything within a 20-meter radius of where In-gong had previously been standing.

In-gong had become the black smoke, and he recognized everything within the black smoke. The moment In-gong struck, black blades formed from the smoke.


Hundreds or thousands of birds seemed to take flight at the same time, and the black smoke shook with a terrible sound. The barbarians screamed as their blood gushed out.

If In-gong were to classify it, the attack would be a wide area attack. It was a technique that had the high maneuverability of the black smoke and the black blades which smashed into the enemy!

The black smoke exploded again with a popping sound.

In-gong turned back into his original shape, and all the barbarians in his range fell down.

Karma, who was in the middle of curing Vandal, stopped at the sight. Caitlin’s mouth dropped open as well. The barbarians outside the range were astonished and tried to run away.

In the void on the battlefield, In-gong raised the flag of light. At that moment, Caitlin sensed something. There wasn’t much time left to move among the barbarians who were frozen with shock. So, she moved hurriedly.


Caitlin shouted loudly. In-gong turned back reflexively and saw Caitlin lifting Vandal with both hands. Vandal was very heavy, but his limbs were being drawn off the ground. The sight of the slender Caitlin lifting Vandal was amazing.

“Caitlin is awesome.”

In-gong spoke unwittingly, and Caitlin just frowned before urging In-gong again. Her arms and legs were trembling.

In-gong smiled and pushed off from the ground. He approached Caitlin and grabbed her waist with his left arm.

Then Blink!

A blue smoke exploded. After using Night Watch’s power, In-gong appeared in a location that was over a dozen meters away.

The barbarians regained their spirit, but it was already too late. Some of them threw spears hurriedly, but White Eagle and Black Eagle blocked the attacks easily.


Green Wind called out to In-gong, and he understood what she meant. If this continued on, he wouldn’t be able to leave the battlefield with Vandal. Caitlin’s arms were trembling, but she couldn’t abandon Vandal in the middle.

In-gong crossed the space once again with Blink. He landed among Vandal’s troops instead of among the enemies.

As soon as their feet touched the ground, Caitlin put Vandal down. In fact, she almost dropped him, but it couldn’t be helped.

In-gong released Caitlin and planted the flag of light into the ground once again. Although the shockwave didn’t spread like the first time the king’s flag was activated, light gushed towards the sky and gave the power of Conquest to those around him. The energy of War around the barbarians was also blown away.


The surviving ogre guards cried out loudly. Thanks to the power of Conquest, they rushed forward instead of approaching In-gong. They smashed the barbarians in front of them with their fists and weapons.

It was the same for the other soldiers. They had gained the power of Conquest and were beating up the barbarians.

The barbarians were confused about losing the power of War, but they didn’t break down. They shouted angrily too and attacked Vandal’s troops. Living in the cold land beyond the limit line, they were powerful warriors even without the power of War.

It transformed into a melee.

In-gong added power to the flag of light instead of fighting. Karma healed Vandal as much as she could, while Caitlin smashed the barbarians approaching them.

At the same time, White Eagle and Black Eagle were working hard. In the midst of all this fighting, In-gong kept an eye on the mini-map. He watched the battlefield from high in the sky and was delighted when the time he was waiting for finally came.

“They’re coming.”

Those who rushed toward the pillar of light… Those who would crack the balance of the two armies…!

Caitlin finally realized it. Her keen hearing could sense the sound coming from the earth.

It was coming from the left side of the battlefield—the north when considering the orientation.

Dracos were running forward with all their strength. Dark elves and lycanthropes were riding on those dracos which were running at three times their speed.

It was a group which had tried repeatedly to catch up to In-gong.

Kaparang, who was riding on the draco with Alita, took a deep breath. He looked at the battlefield and shouted,

“Beast Form! Go!”

Kaparang’s flesh swelled greatly. He became a silver werewolf and leapt off the back of the draco. The draco stopped running and almost collapsed from exhaustion. Alita jumped down from the top of the draco to stroke and praise it, then she raised her head and saw the battlefield.

The lycanthropes were covering the sky, while 200 animals were piercing the sides of the barbarians with sharp teeth and claws.

Alita pulled out a sword. The dark elves didn’t participate in this battle just as a means of transportation. Most of the dracos couldn’t fight, but that didn’t mean the dark elves were unable to.

“Let’s go, support the fools from behind.”

Alita said with a laugh, and the other dark elves pulled their weapons. With the strength of their powerful magic, the dark elves helped the lycanthropes.

The total number of these troops was slightly less than 400. In a battlefield where thousands were tangled together, it was just a small handful.

However, they broke the balance of the battlefield. They confused and broke the barbarians.

Like a tightly pulled thread being broken, the battlefield changed at once. The barbarians were now on the defensive.

Then the finishing blow arrived.

“I am a little late!”

Carack shouted from far away. He came with all the soldiers from the fifth, sixth and seventh bases.

Approximately 2,000 people walked forward instead of charging. Their slow march towards the battlefield was somewhat different from a ferocious dash, but the effect was similar to increasing the pressure on the barbarians.

Some of the barbarians looked back. As soon as some of them started to run away, this feeling spread and the barbarians were suddenly escaping.

In-gong realized that the time had come, and it was time to pursue the barbarians.

“Green Wind.”

White Eagle and Black Eagle came smoothly at In-gong’s call.


Affection mixed with voice response and green winds white repair. In-gong smiled and got on top of White Eagle. In some ways, it was like a white horse.

It was good to fight, but right now, In-gong’s role was something else.

In-gong raised the flag of light and shouted with the power of Conquest,

“Full force! Charge!”

He waved the flag with a clear command. White Eagle increased in altitude gently so that everyone could see In-gong.

The soldiers responded to his cry.

The ogre guards voiced their unique battle cry, while the lycanthropes, who had occupied three bases with In-gong, roared, and the dark elves quickly added to the lycanthropes’ cries.

The mixed reinforcements of dark elves, lycanthropes, the troops of three bases and Vandal’s troops…

All of them became one under Conquest’s flag. They rushed in according to In-gong’s words and overwhelmed the battlefield.

In-gong looked at their charge while holding the flag up high.

Caitlin stayed with In-gong instead of going to fight, and Felicia collapsed with Daphne, gasping for breath after all the recovery magic she had to do. Nayatra, who was guarding Felicia, stared at In-gong on the white shield with shining eyes.

Carack wielded his axe. Caitlin’s aide, Seira, assisted Carack while Delia gazed at everything from far away. Amita, who was standing next to her, cheered them on.

Karma finally pulled out the last spear from Vandal’s body, and she used her last recovery magic on Vandal. Despite the desire to fall unconscious, he resisted and kept his eyes on a certain point.

‘9th Prince.’

Vandal gazed at In-gong, and there was an unknown smile on his face.


The pursuing army had been destroyed.

It took a while for this fact to be reported.

The barbarian king’s main army had already reached the fourth base, so the distance between them and the ones who pursued Vandal was considerable. If the pursuing army was in perfect condition, they would be able to convey the news. However, the army was in a shattered state.

The unsuccessful army scattered, but Evian was an unfamiliar land for the barbarians. It would take more imagination than they had to return to the fourth base to search for the barbarian king.

Paratus, who almost fainted at the sight of the empty fifth base, decided to wait there for orders from the barbarian king. The surviving barbarians were reaching their limit as their food supply would run out in just a few days. They were fighting against starvation, not the army from Evian.

In-gong won the battle and moved to the second base, while Vandal’s soldiers swept away the remnants of the barbarians.

Two days after the battle with the pursuing army…

After the barbarian king left the fourth base and headed toward the fifth base, the barbarian king changed the direction of his march.

Paratus, stationed at the fifth base, commenced an attack on the south.

At the same time, the remnants of Vandal’s defeated army started to move.


“It is late but happy birthday. This is my gift.”

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