Chapter 120 - Chapter 20: Blitz #3

Chapter 120 - Chapter 20: Blitz #3

Evian was a land of little interest to the Demon King’s Palace. Despite the military value of protecting the limit line, the land was worthless. In spite of this, a considerable amount of military forces had to be stationed here.

There were several bases in Evian, and each base had thousands of soldiers for the purpose of defense.

The seventh base, which could be called Takar’s last base, served as the emergency dispatch role due to its proximity to Takar, a trade city. Eventually, it was a base that played the role of the supplies distribution point, rather than defense. Therefore, the seventh base was the most non-military base among all of Evian’s bases. Apart from the barbarians beyond the limit line, there were also outlaws around Evian.

However, that was now in the past.

The defenders of the seventh base looked east with horrible expressions. A barbarian army was visible beyond the not-so-high walls. At a rough estimate, their numbers went beyond 1,500 enemies.

On the other hand, there were approximately only 400 troops stationed at the seventh base.

Even if they had the defensive advantage of the walls, the attacking side had more than triple the number of defenders. Considering the low walls of the seventh base, it would be a dire circumstance even if the number of troops was doubled.

The lizardman, Caligula, leader of the seventh base, recalled his hometown in the swamps. He remembered the faces of his family members who had told him he would succeed when he left home.

Two days ago, he had been informed that the barbarians had struck the fifth and sixth bases. He hadn’t thought the enemy would appear so quickly. The fifth and sixth bases were in front of the seventh base. The two bases hadn’t collapsed yet, so he hadn’t thought that the seventh base would be attacked.

However, the barbarians had come up with the unexpected tactic of striking the bases simultaneously.

It was the result of the barbarians’ maneuverability and the strange tactic of attacking some bases while ignoring others.

Thanks to this, the barbarian army continued on while split up. However, their numbers had probably been huge in the beginning.

Caligula closed his eyes. He wouldn’t surrender even when the opponents were the savage barbarians. If he wanted to run away, then he would’ve done so already. Now, he would fight to the death.

The defenders of the base looked at Caligula with uneasy expressions. Instead of squatting behind the wall, Caligula picked up a big knife he had brought with him from the swamps.

“Let’s fight to the death. We have to earn the wages that we were paid.”

Some laughed, some faces became darker, while others glared down at the enemy with fierce expressions. Barak the orc, the second highest ranking soldier after Caligula, responded with the same smile.

“How much do you get paid?”

“It is still more than you.”

Caligula responded before taking a deep breath as he looked ahead of him. The barbarians were all using Body Hardening.

Caligula no longer had any regrets. He raised his sword high along with Barak.

The barbarians rushed forward.

The battle began.


“It is starting.”

In-gong said while sharing Green Wind’s gaze from the sky.

400 troops were gathered behind a hill not far from the seventh base and restoring their breathing.

“This is good.”

Carack spoke from In-gong’s other side. They arrived around 30 minutes before the battle and had mostly recovered, so the timing was just right.

In-gong and the 400 troops hadn’t run all night. There was no point arriving at the base if their stamina was empty.

In-gong had maximized the speed by looking at the mini-map to navigate. They had stopped briefly to eat or sleep. Of course, it hadn’t been a proper meal and sleep, so everyone was exhausted by the time they arrived at the bottom of the hill. Their fatigue couldn’t be eliminated after only 30 minutes of rest.

However, it was possible with magic. The 400 troops were able to survive the high speed rush due to the magic. So, everyone was in good shape.

On the other hand, Daphne and Felicia were on the verge of fainting in the middle of the 400 troops. It was because both of them had poured out various recovery magic.

“Shutra… too… much.”

Felicia imitated Caitlin with a dying expression. Of course, she wasn’t really resentful. In-gong hadn’t forced Felicia to keep using recovery magic. Felicia had done it because of her duty as a princess. The present joke was just to reassure the others.

Apart from Amita, who was waving their tail from Daphne’s arms, and some warriors who were left behind to care for Felicia and Daphne, all of the other troops were ready to run again.

The seventh base was still quite a distance away. However, the barbarians would never have thought that troops would have arrived during the night.

“We are going.”

In-gong told Felicia, who responded by raising a limp arm.

In-gong stopped sharing his gaze with Green Wind, then he grabbed Maybach’s reins and used Conquest Coat of Arms once again. He looked before him and shouted,

“Let’s go! Faster than the wind!”

“Faster than the wind!”

“Faster than the wind!”

400 troops shouted. Once again, they ran behind In-gong under the King’s Flag.


It was a white line drawn on a map.

Caligula pounded on the chest of a barbarian soldier who was stepping on the shoulders of his fellow soldier in order to climb the wall. It was already impossible to give any proper commands.

The arrows, stones and oil pouring onto the soldiers rushing toward the wall seemed to finish in the blink of an eye. It was best to fight using the height difference of the walls.

Their swords didn’t work well against the barbarians who had their bodies hardened. Caligula could barely break the shells, so it was obvious that the swords of general soldiers would just bounce back.

Fortunately, there was only a small number of barbarians who had learned Body Hardening to that level. If there were more of them, the base would have fallen in an instant.

Caligula gasped and lifted his sword again. Beside Caligula, Barak gave a loud cry. There were no proper words, but Caligula understood his meaning.

‘Look that way.’

Caligula turned his head and saw a white light. It was moving quickly and towards the barbarians over here. It was like a white line drawn on a map.

Caligula couldn’t immediately understand what it was. This was also true for the barbarians. The barbarians, who were trying to climb the walls, looked at the white light with blank faces. Both sides had realized it too late.

The barbarians and guards on the walls screamed.

The people approaching weren’t barbarians. The dracos, which were rushing like crazy, were obviously allies of the guards! However, where had they come from? There were dark elves and lycanthropes together, so who was leading them?

Caligula couldn’t think. The important thing was that reinforcements had arrived. There was no time to think about it. It wasn’t just Caligula; there were also Barak and the other soldiers on the walls.

From the approaching group, a whirlwind of white light rose into the sky. The light streaking across diagonally in the sky caught everyone’s eyes. The soldiers on the walls as well as the barbarians looked up at the sky.

There was a huge flag of light being held in a hand. A dark blue cloth fluttered in the wind… And a white light surrounded the whole body.

However, that wasn’t all. There was something else that caught the attention of everyone, including Caligula. It was the right hand soaring high in the sky.

“Show them.”

Like everyone else, Carack stared up at the sky and laughed.

Amita sat in Daphne’s arms and frowned while staring up at the sky. They wanted to make certain that the product they tuned was working properly.


Caitlin raised a hand to her chest and sent her aura to In-gong through the Starlight Core.


Green Wind whispered. In-gong, who was flying in the sky using the power of Night Watch, gazed at his right arm. There was a raging cry as he focused all his power on Earth Quaker.

‘Earth Quaker’s Gigantic.’

It wasn’t just White Eagle that had additional parts. At that moment, additional parts appeared in the space around Earth Quaker.

‘A giant’s fist.’ Earth Quaker was temporarily transformed by the instantaneous output.

In-gong stared down at the ground. He poured a generous amount of aura into Earth Quaker and gave an order to Night Watch.

It was a single skill that symbolized the violence of the Great Enkidu, and it poured down like a thunderstorm toward the ground!

In-gong’s fist struck the ground. Not only was there a red and yellow light, but there was also a white and green light as True Destruction exploded among the barbarians and tore into the ground.

There was a wild wind. Everything within a radius of 20 meters around In-gong collapsed. The ground collapsed, while the aura destroyed everything it encountered.

The barbarians outside the scope of True Destruction fell down due to the destruction of the terrain. Caligula and those on the walls also had to grab onto something quickly.

It had only been for a moment, but there was an overwhelming sight of destruction.

There was a deafening silence. Dozens of barbarians were swept away by True Destruction and lost their lives.

However, the mental shock struck all of the barbarians. Even the wild and brave barbarians were forced to shake from the destruction before them, and they were filled with wonder was mixed in with fear.

In the center of all this, In-gong dismantled Earth Quaker’s Gigantic. He raised his left hand while holding the flag of light in the center of the destruction.

‘Below the King’s Flag.’

Those who saw the flag…


A huge battle cry tore through the silence. Now that the entire battlefield was paying attention to In-gong, they forgot that more troops existed.

The angry lycanthropes struck the sides of the barbarians, and the dark elves aboard the dracos fired magic over the heads of the lycanthropes. There were various curses that pierced the spirit of the barbarians as well as physical destruction that ruined their bodies.

Caitlin ran to In-gong’s side. She had In-gong’s white aura as well as her blue aura around her as she ran straight through the barbarians. Seira, Kaparang and Alita followed her, so there was no one who could stand up against them.

Additionally, Carack was accompanied by Karma. In-gong planted the flag of light and gazed at Caitlin’s back. This time, he sent his aura to Caitlin.

The 400 reinforcements fought with the barbarian army, and Caitlin’s fist smashed a barbarian’s head.

Caligula didn’t just look on stupidly. He opened the gates and advanced as the 400 defenders fought the barbarians.

The battle didn’t last long. The barbarians couldn’t recover their morale. Although there were a few barbaric and arrogant barbarians, they were no match for the army of the Demon King’s Palace. The dark elves and lycanthropes were elites who had been personally selected by 3rd Queen Sylvia Doomblade and 4th Queen Elaine Moonlight. So, the 400 reinforcements danced boldly through the barbarians.

Among the barbarians, there were those who had lost the will to fight and were slaughtered trying to flee. The barbarian army that had totaled at least 1,500 troops was now shattered.

Kaparang and Alita calmed down the troops and gave a victory shout. Caligula and the base defenders expressed their joy as well.

Approximately 10 minutes after the battle ended…

Caligula and Barak met up with In-gong. No one said anything, but he instinctively knew who the leader of the reinforcements was.

Caligula swallowed his saliva as he stood in front of In-gong. He was shocked that the leader who had descended from the sky like a deity was still just a boy. Moreover, the female lycanthrope who had killed the leader of the barbarians was just a girl.

Caligula took a deep breath to calm down and raised his fist to his chest, a typical salute for a soldier of the army.

“I am the leader of the seventh base, Caligula.”

“I am Barak, his deputy.”

Barak quickly imitated Caligula. Then the satyr standing next to the boy, Karma, spoke with a solemn expression,

“This is 9th Prince Shutra Ignus and 8th Princess Caitlin Moonlight.

Caligula stiffened as he heard the words ‘prince’ and ‘princess’. However, he was easily convinced.

“It is a pleasure to meet Your Highnesses.”

They had the blood of the demon king—the strongest in the Demon World, so it was natural that they would be strong.

Caligula’s gaze was filled with respect. Then In-gong said to Caligula,

“It is nice to meet you. It is abrupt, but from now on, I want you to follow my command.”

“I will do so.”

There was no reason to disagree. In-gong let out a long breath at Caligula’s instant agreement and ordered,

“Let the soldiers rest. Tomorrow morning, we will leave the seventh base.”


Caligula was surprised by In-gong’s words. Karma shuddered, while Carack just laughed.

In-gong repeated it for Caligula once more,

“Tomorrow morning, we will occupy the sixth base.”

If the barbarians had occupied it, they would take it from them. If the sixth base was still standing, they would save them like they had done with the seventh base.

They would smash any barbarians they encountered. They would break the barbarians and rally the troops of each base. The more they fought, the more the morale of the army would rise. Then they would go help General Vandal.

Caligula gazed at In-gong with a bemused expression, while In-gong turned away from Caligula and looked toward the east instead.

Then the next morning…

The flag of Conquest fluttered at the sixth base which had just been about to fall to the barbarians.


“Shutra is awesome.”

“Too much. Are you trying to kill me?”

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