Chapter 12 - Chapter 2: Alliance #3

Chapter 12 - Chapter 2: Alliance #3

From the tip of his head to his toes, he was four metres tall. His body was one of the largest among the ogres and he had a power that surpassed even the giants.

Among Zephyr’s followers, just his physical attack power could be considered the strongest.

In-gong swallowed his saliva as he was reminded of Vandal’s specs and appearance. When he was playing Zephyr, he really liked having Vandal as a subordinate.

‘I have to go against Vandal using Carack?’

In-gong compared them involuntarily. It was clear that Carack was no match for Vandal.

Vandal the ogre warrior - an ogre that could face 100 enemies alone. Wasn’t he equivalent to Zhang Fei in the Three Kingdoms?

‘By the way... is there a reason to think like this?’

Right now, it was Year 512. However, Vandal hadn’t become Zephyr’s subordinate until Year 515.

In other words, Vandal wasn’t Zephyr’s yet.

‘Isn’t this an opportunity?’

He could obtain Vandal as a subordinate. This meant more than getting his hands on Vandal. It meant that Zephyr’s power would be weakened!

In-gong swallowed with excitement involuntarily. As his increase in level caused a rise in intelligence, he started remembering more things.

Vandal liked royal gifts. The female ogres that Vandal liked. Vandal's specialties.

And the most important condition to obtaining Vandal!

In-gong sighed for a long moment. Vandal’s condition was to defeat him in a one-on-one fight.

His desire to serve a strong ruler was one of his primary character traits.

'Just...keep an eye on him.’

Anyway, Vandal wouldn’t become Zephyr’s subordinate until Year 515. There was still enough time.


Carack called out to In-gong with an anxious expression. He had become excited then sad all on his own, so it was natural for Carack to be confused.

"Ah, I was wondering about General Vandal. How many troops does he have?”

Carack replied sincerely to In-gong’s question.

"He has a total of 3,000 people. While we hit the bottom, he knocked over the top of the Red Lightning tribe.”

In-gong pictured it in his head. The main army of the Red Lightning tribe was in a different place.

‘Then we detoured around the enemy.’

Their battlefields were in different places. so he wouldn’t meet Vandal for a while.

'Yes, I will concentrate on Caitlin.’

Chris and Caitlin were more important than Vandal at the moment.

"I’m glad that you are okay. Rest well.”

Carack laughed and got up to leave. In-gong nodded, then he suddenly reached out to grab the leaving Carack.


"What is it?

Carack asked and In-gong rubbed his belly.

“I am hungry. Give me rice.”

He hadn’t eaten anything since lunch.

Carack nodded and left.


Once the next morning arrived, In-gong was facing Caitlin. As expected, he ended up meeting with the two people.

"Don’t do that again.”

Caitlin’s face was hard. It was almost as cold as the time Zephyr caught Caitlin.

Chris just laughed and said,

"You shocked Caitlin yesterday. Don’t you know I would have been beaten to death if you died?”


Caitlin glared at him and Chris shut his mouth. However, his eyes were still full of playfulness.

It was especially obvious when he looked between In-gong and Caitlin. Fortunately, even though she had a cold face like she had when facing Zephyr, Caitlin’s eyes were worried. In-gong was pleasantly surprised and held back his laughter.

"Hmm, hmm. I’m okay and thanks to that, didn’t I awaken?”

After In-gong’s words, the two people didn’t respond immediately. Caitlin blinked at his words while Chris got up blankly from his seat.


Chris didn’t say anything else. He walked in front of In-gong and placed a big hand on In-gong’s wrist.

A red aura covered Chris’ hands. At that moment, In-gong felt the aura inside his body reacting.

"This child, did you really?”

Chris was shocked. His eyes showed that he couldn’t believe it.

"Did you really just awaken Aura?”

He muttered again like it was absurd. In-gong thought it was quite funny and answered with a small smile.

"No, feeling Aura directly was important.”

He felt it. It was right that he awakened after being hit but he couldn’t possible say it directly like that.

“Hah, oh my god. What is this guy? Was he someone who hid his claws?”

Shutra’s nickname was Prince of Scraps. Shutra was a sickly prince who was less skilled than an ordinary Villager A.

However, at present, he just woke up Aura with his own power? Moreover, he did it after experiencing a real Aura once?

"Shutra, can you activate your aura? I will help you.”

Caitlin regained herself and said to In-gong. There was a little bit of excitement in her voice.

‘Activate my aura? Is she talking about the Aura system?’

It didn’t end after awakening Aura.

Feeling Aura was just the first step. In fact, this was no different from before Aura was awakened. It was just preparation for developing Aura.

Activating Aura was the second step.

It was often called the step where Internal Strength type Aura was utilized.

There were many applications of the Internal Strength Aura system but the basics were the same. It was to make the circulation of Aura in the body faster and stronger. The use of Internal Strength Aura greatly improved physical abilities. Caitlin’s slender arms were capable of a lot of force thanks to Internal Strength Aura.

The third step was to externally release Aura.

Aura would literally drain out of the body. Once this stage was reached, weapons could be covered with Aura or it could be shot out like energy. It was commonly referred to as an aura blade in games and manga.

Finally, the last step was the embodiment of Aura. The power of the soul would be symbolized through Aura.

This was the ultimate stage of Aura and humans called it the Heavenly Sword.

Anyhow, In-gong was merely at the first step of awakening Aura.

Yet, she wanted him to try and activate it now?

"Hey, that is too hard. How is he supposed to activate Aura when he just got it yesterday? He would have to be a genius to do that.”

Chris shook his head like it was ridiculous but Caitlin was unmovable.

"Just try it once.”

Then she grasped In-gong’s hand lightly. In-gong blinked with surprise at the light touch.

Usually strong warriors had calluses on their hands but Caitlin didn’t have any. In-gong was surprised but he had the perspective of a pre-university student who had just graduated high school, so he was just surprised by the softness.

'It feels good.’

His face turned red. Fortunately, Caitlin was focused on In-gong’s hands instead of his face.

"I’ll start. Just follow me.”

Caitlin took a deep breath and closed her eyes. In-gong thought, ‘Long eyelashes!’ While he was thinking, a blue aura covered him slowly.

It was being guided and In-gong made his aura mimic the movements.

It might have been possible if In-gong really was a genius who awakened Aura after experiencing it. However, In-gong wasn’t such a genius.

After closing his eyes and trying to concentrate, In-gong finally changed his mind and glanced up.

Chris was staring at Caitlin while Caitlin was concentrating with her eyes closed.

‘I’d like to surprise them.’

It wasn’t just that. Right now, Aura was a necessary skill for In-gong. There were no room for slow growth, so he used the skill points.

[Aura Lv2]

In-gong used the system to increase the level of Aura. At that moment, Caitlin opened her eyes. She noticed something about In-gong.

In-gong’s aura was active. He followed Caitlin and started his own lively movements.

Caitlin was startled and her mouth dropped open. It was evident that she wanted to praise him but that wasn’t the end of her surprise.

‘It still isn’t enough to be used in battle. I would be a fool to close my eyes now.’

He used his remaining skill points.

[Aura Lv3]

A pale white light glowed from where Caitlin and In-gong’s hands were joined. Caitlin’s face froze while Chris’ eyes widened from where he was watching on the sidelines.


Wasn’t he a person who had just awakened Aura yesterday? Now, he had reached the basics of release?

Of course, In-gong hadn’t completely mastered Internal Strength Aura despite reaching the third step.

The second and third steps were virtually parallel steps. Moreover, In-gong was only at the basics for both stages.

However, even that was abnormal. Despite the racial characteristics of a lycanthrope, a good teacher and abundant talent, even Chris needed a year to reach this stage.


Caitlin declared. She stared at In-gong with sparkling eyes and laughed brightly.

“Really amazing!”

‘Kuk, I feel cleansed.’

Her sunny smile stabbed at In-gong’s conscience. In-gong sneaked a peek at Chris. He was so shocked that it was like he lost his soul.

‘Should I feel sorry?’

However, it was a good thing.

In-gong looked back towards Caitlin and a manly smile appeared.

Author's Note: There will be more about Aura later.

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If several people ask a question then I will reply...

Charm is separate from appearance. So, what is it? A person might be attracted to both a person that is handsome and a person that is ordinary but nice. That is a type of charm.

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I will describe it again in the story but...

A number of skill points are required to increase the level of a skill.

In particular, Aura and Telekinesis, which are base skills, require many points.

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