Chapter 106 - Chapter 17: Test #5

Chapter 106 - Chapter 17: Test #5

In-gong opened the sealed red envelope and pulled out a beautifully folded piece of stationery.

Although it was a somewhat slow response, In-gong tilted the letter gently and smelled it.

It didn’t seem to be poisoned.

Flora would have confirmed it already, so it would be a big deal if something was wrong. However, In-gong had Hundred Poisons Resistance, so he confirmed it himself.

After completing a rough check, In-gong opened the letter, on which there were words written in a beautiful font.

My dear brother, Shutra Ignus,

I don’t know what is going on, but all of my siblings are gathered at the Demon King’s Palace.

Although we couldn’t communicate properly at the court gathering, it was very nice to see everyone’s faces.

Shutra, as you know, all of us have the same mission this time. The departure will be in one week.

This is an important mission that involves danger to the Demon World, but I think it is a great opportunity. After all, it is uncommon for all of us to gather at the Demon King’s Palace.

Before we leave on our missions in a week’s time, I hope to have a meeting between siblings. Wouldn’t it be nice to see each other’s faces and have a good chat?

Two days before departure, in the afternoon, I will hold a small tea party where all of our siblings are invited.

I’d like to invite you.

-Baikal Ragnaros.’

The contents were simple and affectionate for a letter written by royalty, but the royalty of the Demon World was different from the human world.

In-gong read it quickly and handed the letter over to the curious Chris and Felicia.

“Baikal orabeoni.”

Felicia nodded and turned to ask Flora a question. She asked in a friendly tone,

"Flora, was there anything else?”

"I’ve been told that in addition to 9th Prince, the same letter has been delivered to the mansions of the other princes and princesses.”

The letter was an invitation to all the children of the demon king. Chris smiled and said with narrowed eyes,

"A tea party involving all the children of the demon king. This is the first time.”

In the first place, it was rare for all the children of the demon king to be gathered at the castle.

Caitlin, who wanted to get close to the other children of the demon king, thought the idea of a joint tea party was brilliant.

Felicia alternated looking between Chris and Caitlin and shrugged.

"Like Baikal orabeoni said, a gathering like this is uncommon. Even if everyone is gathered, we will soon scatter. Anyway, isn’t Baikal orabeoni very busy?”

Not only did Baikal take missions as the eldest son of the demon king, he was also on the forefront as a general.

He spent most of the year on the frontlines, so he didn’t stay at the Demon King’s Palace.

A joint tea party.

All the children of the demon king gathered in one place.

The expression in Chris’ eyes became complicated.

"I don’t feel like it.”

As expected from Chris.

It was rare for the lycanthrope siblings to attend official events, so it went without saying that the result would be the same for information gatherings such a tea parties.

'Certainly, he didn’t attend in Knight Saga either.’

Although it was different this time, Baikal had held several joint tea parties in Knight Saga. The participants had been different every time and there were some who never participated.

Caitlin’s expression became grumpy as she heard Chris’ murmur. Her eyes asked, ‘Will we also be absent this time?’

Chris pinched Caitlin’s cheeks. He laughed and turned toward In-gong.

“However, this time, we won’t be alone. I will follow everyone’s will."

Caitlin’s eyes widened. She turned towards In-gong and Felicia, and Felicia spoke with a mischievous expression.

"The purpose itself isn’t bad. I don’t think Baikal orabeoni will be orchestrating something bad. Though... it is a little uncomfortable meeting Zephyr orabeoni and Anastasia unni at this point.”

So, was she participating or not?

Felicia felt Caitlin’s nervousness and nodded with a loud laugh.

"I will participate."

"I will follow Felicia’s will.”

Silvan agreed. In-gong was the only one left.


Caitlin's voice was impatient. Instead of answering, In-gong raised his arm slowly with a very serious expression. Caitlin’s expression showed ‘restlessness’ while Felicia and Chris tried not to laugh.

In-gong said with a smile,

“I need to participate. There is no reason not to.”

Caitlin’s expression became brighter. It was like a flower was in full bloom.

"It is nice to have a good relationship between siblings.”

“Sword Duke.”

The sword duke interrupted their conversation with a laugh and got up.

"Prince, I will go back now. I will be sure to go out the front gate.”

The sword duke had visited the 9th Prince’s mansion.

The meaning of that one fact was quite large and it was impossible for the sword duke to not know the meaning of it.

"Thank you for your consideration."

In-gong shook hands with the sword duke.

"I don’t know if I should be praised for that. Also, if possible, I’d like to see you once again before you leave. I am curious about the progress of the Divine Sura Authority.”

"Okay, do check our achievements before we leave.”

Silvan’s eyes shone as he heard the conversation. His nervous face resembled Caitlin’s, who was eager to participate in the tea party.

However, Silvan could not get any words out. This was due to another person speaking.

"If you’re leaving, go quickly. Why are you talking for so long?”

Amita slammed their tail against the ground angrily. The sword duke laughed and looked down at Amita.

"I’m glad that you’re so cute.”

"What cuteness? I’m not cute!”

Amita protested, but it wasn’t very convincing.

The sword duke didn’t stay any longer.

“I’m going.”

He said briefly and left. Flora hurriedly followed behind the sword duke.

Amita glanced after the sword duke, then looked up at In-gong.

"I’m tired. 9th Prince, can you give me Earth Quaker and White Eagle now? I will work on it immediately.”

Having Amita as his personal craftsman was something In-gong had never dreamt about until now. Amita’s head would be full of the readjustment for the next week.

Felicia quickly interrupted.

"Amita, what about Silvan’s sword?”

"Don't pressure me, no pressure.”

Amita looked up at In-gong and he nodded, pulling out White Eagle and Earth Quaker from his inventory.

"Thank you, Amita.”


Chris, Caitlin and Felicia knew about the inventory, so they didn’t react… but Silvan was surprised by the sudden appearance of White Eagle and Earth Quaker.

However, no one explained it to Silvan, and Amita wasn’t curious.

Amita used their ability to float White Eagle and Earth Quaker in the air, then looked at Daphne.

"Daphne, I’ll finish the embroidery in the workshop.”

“Yes, Amita.”

Daphne picked up the embroidery and left the room with Amita. Now, only the royal children and their aides remained in the room.

Felicia sank back onto a soft chair and said,

"I would like to rest, but I think we should talk about the schedule.”

They would leave the Demon King’s Palace in one week. There were many things to do in the meantime.

"Baikal orabeoni’s tea party is a tea party, but there is also another meeting. It’s a meeting with the concubine children who follow Chris and me. Additionally, we should invite any concubine children who want to join our faction.”

Now that they had created a faction, it was time to fill it up.

Chris spoke as well,

"It is a little difficult to meet the nobles because there isn’t much time left. Still, it will be good to meet the dark elves.”

Due to 4th Queen Elaine, the lycanthropes gave their support, but the dark elves were still on the fence. Although Felicia and Silvan supported In-gong, compared to the lycanthropes, their support was uncertain.

He had met the 4th Queen, Elaine. So, sooner or later he would need to meet with the 3rd Queen.

In-gong recalled the Demon King’s Palace before shrugging.

“Let’s just have a large scale social gathering.”

In Knight Saga, meetings like these were coordinated by the butler and escort knight, Nayatra. This time, he would entrust the work to experts and not bother with the matter seeing as he had Chris and Felicia.

Felicia narrowed her eyes and said,

"Let’s invite the concubine children the day after Baikal orabeoni’s tea party. There will be rumours about the invitation, so they will try to gather information about we are doing and question us.”

Chris nodded in agreement.

Carack represented the others in the group as he asked,

“Uh... Princess, isn’t it just a tea party?”

Why did things like ‘gather information’ and ‘question’ suddenly come out?

Felicia sighed and said with a bitter expression,

"On the surface, yes. Inwardly, it is different.”

It wouldn’t be easy. They didn’t know about Baikal, but Zephyr and Anastasia would be present. In particular, Anastasia alone was a problem.

Caitlin’s face became depressed at Felicia’s concern. It was far from the friendly gathering that she had been expecting.

Chris saw Caitlin’s expression and changed the topic.

“By the way Shutra, why did you pick Evian? Is it because of General Vandal?”

Felicia was also curious about this. If they looked at it objectively, Evian was the worst choice.

In-gong replied lightly,

"That’s correct. We met during the Red Lightning tribe mission. I wanted to meet someone who I knew and missed. I also want to strengthen ties with General Vandal.”

He didn’t say that he wanted to take Vandal as a subordinate after a head-to-head showdown.

However, Chris nodded when he heard ‘strengthen ties’.

"General Vandal... he is obviously outstanding. It would be nice to increase your standing with other generals, but strengthening ties to Vandal is a good choice. I am convinced.”

Chris had decided to support In-gong, but he wouldn’t do it without thinking. He needed a reason for In-gong’s actions.

"Though, isn’t there another reason?”

Carack said, scratching his chin. It seemed like he had spoken without thinking.

Perhaps due to Carack’s influence, In-gong also answered without thinking.

"There is a place nearby that I would like to visit.”

"Where do you want to go?”

The confused Felicia asked. In-gong recalled Nayatra and said,

"Um, do you know Takar’s slave auction house... What’s with all these faces?”

Felicia’s eyes had narrowed while Silvan’s eyes had widened, and Chris had simply burst out laughing.

Caitlin was the only one confused, and Chris started talking,

"Shutra, don’t you know what the city of Takar and Takar’s slave auction house is?”


In-gong recalled the Takar slave auction house that he had seen in Knight Saga.

Takar, the city of entertainment and pleasure.

It was the so-called red light district of the Demon World...

And the slave auction house was called Takar’s flower. There were more skin colours there than any other place in the Demon World.

"Hrrmm, I see. Shutra picked Evian due to Takar’s slave auction house. There must be something you want to buy there.”

Felicia’s eyes were cold.

"Ah, no. So...”

In-gong tried to come up with an excuse, but there was nothing to say.

He couldn’t say that he wanted to go to the slave auction house to buy a slave, and not just any slave, but a succubus.

‘Ah, no. I’m just trying to get my subordinate, Nayatra, back.’

As In-gong didn’t say anything, Felicia’s eyes became colder, while Silvan clicked his tongue. He knocked against In-gong’s shoulder and said,

"Well, it is natural to be curious about such things. It is understandable.”

Silvan winked as he spoke. Of course, he only had one eye, so it looked like he was just closing his eyes.

“Unni, what is Takar?”

Caitlin asked and Felicia whispered into Caitlin’s ear. Caitlin’s face turned red instantly.

“Shutra is too much.”

What was this?

As the women’s eyes turned cold, Chris knocked against In-gong’s shoulder like Silvan had done and left the room with the others. Now, only In-gong and Carack remained in the room.

In-gong sighed deeply and Carack watched from beside him. He said with a warm smile,

"Prince, you are also a man.”

In-gong sighed again and Green Wind appeared out of nowhere to hug him.


Early the next morning, In-gong visited the large library.

However, it was as he had feared. His merit level was still low, so he could only visit the surface level of the big library.

He searched through various books in the library all morning but couldn’t find any traces of the Four Knights of the Apocalypse or the extinct species.

Fortunately, there were quite a lot of books about the elder dragons, so In-gong picked out several books that would be helpful.

‘I’ll have to enter the depths to get more accurate information.’

Unfortunately, it seemed necessary to wait.

In-gong spent time in the library reading books about the elder dragon, then went to practice with Caitlin. He almost visited Amita’s workshop several times but couldn’t see anything properly since Amita wasn’t finished.

So after four days, it was two days before their departure.

The day of Baikal’s tea party.

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