Chapter 100 - Chapter 16: Summons #2

Chapter 100 - Chapter 16: Summons #2

The biggest advantage of a flying ship was the ability to ignore the terrain.

There were no inevitable detours like there was when moving through a land route. Of course, they had to consider the air flow, but it wasn’t like a carriage that had to go through a mountain or get past a river.

In order to get to the Lycanthropes’ Palace from Spider Forest, they had to reach the lycanthrope territory and then cross half of it.

It would take more than 10 days on land, but it was a different story with a flying ship.

Sepira, the vice captain and navigator, calculated that it would take two to three days to reach the palace.

During that time, the party didn’t sit quietly.

Amita, who was in Daphne’s arms as always, gathered everyone in the captain’s room, the largest room on the airship.

"Now that the rough preparations are over, I will receive individual orders.”

The look on Amita’s face almost looked like a human expression. It was the expression of someone who didn’t want to do a chore but had accepted it anyway.

"Tell me the equipment you each desire.”

Daphne was the first one to reply to Amita’s words. She caressed Amita’s fur and said,

"I want armor, as I mentioned before.”

"Yes, I’ll make a dress with embroidered protective spells.”

Amita smiled and nodded. It seemed like they had already talked many times about what Daphne wanted.

Carack blinked and asked,

"Huh? Raccoon person, is that possible? Isn’t it tough for you to sew?”

“Why, do you have a complaint? Eh? Do you have a complaint?”

Amita snarled at Carack, but the rest of the group just looked at Amita’s little hands. The thought of a raccoon sewing with those hands was very cute.

Carack also had similar thoughts, but instead of teasing them, he just replied with a wide smile,

"No, raccoon person is very talented.”


Amita snorted, but they didn’t hate the praise.

"Well, let’s keep going. Satyr, tell me your order.”

Karma stared at Amita, then said in a cautious voice,

"I will ask for armor.”

She hadn’t participated in the fight to defend the last flame as well as the negotiation.

Amita looked Karma up and down after hearing her order.

"You prefer speed, so I’ll have to make it light. It will be a partial armour. Okay, next.”

Amita’s gaze turned to Seira this time and she responded with a serious expression,

"I need armour that can be worn after a transformation.”

"Well, I guess I’ll need to make resizeable armor. It depends on the material, but the armour will basically be heavier, so the defense is higher. Is that want you want?”

"Some weight is okay. I’ll use it after the transformation. I just want you to consider that I’m a warrior who uses my fists.”

"Understood. I will take it into account. ...You?”

Amita’s voice abruptly changed at the end. It was because Carack was the target.

Carack scratched his chin and grinned.

“I also want armor.”

After Karma and Seira, that made three consecutive orders for armor. Daphne’s order of clothes also belonged to the category of armor, so all the orders from the party so far had been armor.

Amita jumped from Daphne’s arms and pounded the floor with their tail.

"Why are the orders all armor? Isn’t this too much? Eh? Armour is the hardest, so are you trying to mess with me?”

The biggest piece of equipment was armour.

Carack waved his hands and shook his head like there was a misunderstanding.

"Armor is necessary. Who wouldn’t want sturdy armor with the purpose of keeping them alive to come from the best craftsman? Moreover, Karma, Seira and I are the escorts of princes and princess. There are many things to be done, so it is natural that we need armor.”

It was a logical claim for an orc.

Amita couldn’t come up with any way to refute it, so they sighed and shook their fists. Sepira, who was standing with Silvan in a corner, stared at Carack with amazement.

Delia noticed the gaze and moved to block Sepira’s view. Amita jumped back onto Daphne’s lap and looked at Delia.

“You? Do you also want armor?”

Delia was an aide like Carack and Seira.

However, Delia shook her head.

"Amita, I want a shield that is small and light but has good defense and a wide range of defenses.”

Delia was a dark elf and dark elves were usually highly exposed. Exposed armor naturally had a low defense, so instead of flimsy armor, she wanted a shield.

At Delia’s order, Carack and the others all looked at Amita nervously. Delia’s order was quite contradictory, so they thought Amita would become angry.

A shield that was small and light, yet it should have excellent defense and a wide defense range. Was that even possible?

“A shield. It is for defense, but it isn’t armour. Okay, I like it."

It was likely that it was possible.

Amita nodded and Delia smiled as she returned to her seat.

The aides finished making their orders, so the only remaining ones were the royal children.

Amita turned to Caitlin first.

“What about the amazing princess?”

“Uh... um...”

Caitlin licked her lips and didn’t answer immediately because she couldn’t make a decision between armor and gauntlets.

Caitlin had grown up among lycanthropes who never used weapons, so she had never thought about using weapons. It was because she didn’t think there was a weapon that a fists warrior could use.

However, Caitlin’s thoughts changed somewhat after seeing In-gong use Earth Quaker. She wanted to have gauntlets that she could use as a weapon. However, she would also like to have armor.

While Caitlin was worrying about it, Amita started to wave their tail with impatience.

Amidst everyone’s nervousness, In-gong pulled Caitlin’s hand and whispered to her,

“Ask for armor. I’ll give you gauntlets from my share.”

Caitlin’s eyes shone at In-gong’s suggestion.

“Really? Is it okay?”

Everybody became curious because Caitlin’s reply wasn’t a whisper. In-gong grinned and nodded.

“Yes, it is.”

In-gong was supposed to receive a full set from Amita.

Gauntlets and a shield were included in the full set, but In-gong already had Earth Quaker and White Eagle. So, the gauntlets and shield would be best placed somewhere else.

Caitlin would receive the gauntlets and Carack would get the shield.

It was the reason Carack selected armor instead of a shield.

Thanks to In-gong’s consideration, Caitlin’s worries were relieved and she smiled brightly.

“Please make me armor. Light and sturdy armor should be good.”

It was the sixth defense and fifth armor order. Amita sighed as their shoulders sagged.

"I am going to be an armor craftsman. Okay, I will do it since it is your order.”

Amita, whose expression had become aloof, turned toward Felicia.

"What do you want? Armor?”

The word ‘armor’ emerged from Amita’s mouth, but their eyes were full of expectations.

Felicia was a dark elf like Delia. So, right now, she was wearing clothes that exposed her belly and her shoulders.

Felicia, who received Amita’s burning gaze, covered her face with her fan. She looked somewhere else and said,

“A sword.”


It wasn’t a shield or armor but a sword.

“Huh? Aren’t you a magician?”

Amita asked with startled eyes. Felicia raised her fan a little bit higher and replied,

"I'm not using it. Please make a sword for Silvan.”


Startled, Silvan cried out. Felicia glanced at him and muttered in a small voice,

"Well, I am a magician. I have no need for weapons or armor.”

Her face was covered with a fan, but her long ears had turned red. Everyone smiled warmly as they saw Felicia’s red ears.


Silvan was unable to hold back and pulled Felicia into a hug. They were a twin brother and sister, but the two of them were quite different. Felicia cried out from within Silvan’s arms,

"Oh, come on! Do you want me to change my order?”

However, her face was still red. Instead of releasing Felicia, Silvan chuckled and kissed her forehead and cheeks.

"You know that Oppa loves you right?”

"I know.”

Felicia responded with a small smile and Silvan laughed like he was someone who had obtained the world.

Amita nodded with a cheery expression.

"I love you too. A sword, good.”

The seventh order was a weapon.

However, there was still a long way to go. Amita sighed as they looked at the person whose order would be the same amount as the previous ones combined.

"A full set... So, full body armour, shield and a helmet?”

The full set also included earrings and nose rings.

In-gong replied with a grin that was similar to Carack’s.

"Please tune Earth Quaker and White Eagle as well, thank you.”

“The last flame...”

Amita lamented, but the last flame was on In-gong’s side. Moreover, Amita still had one more trial remaining.

"Speaking raccoon, don’t forget about me. I also need to give my order.”

Green Wind appeared next to In-gong. Amita looked up at Green Wind and didn’t have the power to tap the floor with their tail anymore.

"What would you like?”

"Well, I want to have something that can help Master. I am Master’s and Master is mine. Master, what would you like?”

The words were good for In-gong but terrible for Amita. Not just the orc, but the master and subordinates were all vicious.

In-gong smiled and stroked Green Wind’s head.

"I want a special order. It is also related to the adjustment of Earth Quaker and White Eagle, so I think we should talk some more.”

"It is as Master says.”

Green Wind smiled at Amita who nodded.

"Yes, I’ll talk to you again later. Anyway... this flying ship has a fairly large smithy. I’ll start working there. Also, 9th Prince.”

Amita got up and pointed at In-gong.

"Will there be a smithy at your mansion in the Demon King’s Palace?”


In fact, it didn’t have a smithy. However, he had accumulated many merits, so he would be able to install new facilities.

Once all the orders were finished, Amita covered their face with a hand.

"I’m a complete slave, a slave. I’m going to be churning out equipment. Normally, I only make one thing a year, but now, I have to make so much.”

"Amita, please do it well."

Daphne hugged the lamenting Amita as if to comfort them.


The duration of ten days was long as well as short.

Amita spent the remaining nine days working.

To save time, the Black Flame Dragon didn’t stop moving during the night and thanks to Sepira’s navigation, they reached the Lycanthrope Palace in two days.

Although all types of magic existed in the Demon World, it was rare to find a flying ship like the Black Flame Dragon.

The black sails of the Black Flame Dragon could be called its form of identification.

The lycanthropes, who had noticed the Black Flame Dragon early on, showed fast and natural movements as the spread the news through long distance communication methods.

The designated landing site of the Black Flame Dragon was a land on the outskirts of the Lycanthrope Palace.

Flying ships were rare for lycanthropes, so there wasn’t a proper landing ground at the palace. There were concerns that landing elsewhere would ruin the well-kept gardens.

With the exception of Caitlin and Seira who were returning home, the rest of the group were tense as the palace got closer.

This wasn’t the Demon King’s Palace but the home of the 4th Queen.

Felicia and Silvan were children of the 3rd Queen, so it was natural for them to feel nervous.

Then the Black Flame Dragon finally landed on the ground.

In-gong saw a crowd of people from the deck. 20 members of the lycanthropes’ royal guards were gathered below. The person at the front was obviously the leader, Ludwig.

In-gong’s gaze was directed a little bit further away. He could feel the stare even from a long distance.

The 4th Queen, Elaine Moonlight...

She looked exactly like Caitlin but was a totally different woman.

Elaine stood among the Blood Companions and laughed as she looked at In-gong.

In-gong laughed as well. Standing next to her were Chris and the lycanthrope master, Bruce.

Silvan’s crew put out a set of foldable stairs.

Elaine asked with her eyes,

‘Have you made a decision?’

This was referring to the suggestion she had made.

In-gong stepped forward. It was time to tell her the answer.


"Is that a pet?”

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