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Chapter 781 - Chapter 781: Planetary Translocation Plan

Chapter 781: Planetary Translocation Plan

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“How did it reach such a speed?”

Wu Mo was stunned to hear this.

No one expected everything to develop so quickly.

Time was running out, and everyone was in a hurry.

However, Wu Mo needed to calm down and think of a way to deal with this terrifying crisis!


All of a sudden, the surrounding people felt the temperature rise. Were they imagining it?

“Do you feel the temperature rising?” someone asked.

Everyone agreed that they felt it after some time.

However, Wu Mo’s expression turned into one of horror!

“I think everyone senses a change because that planet’s temperature is abnormally high. The heat is actually able to travel such a long distance.”

His words made their faces turn pale.

This was impossible!

“Oh, my God. Is this a sign of the end of the world?” a representative said worriedly.

Everyone felt a sense of foreboding. Humanity had built such a powerful civilization, but was it about to be destroyed by another planet?

‘Wait. Mr. Wu, this planet has been motionless all this time. I saw it myself. Why would it suddenly approach us? This is too strange!” a representative asked.

Wu Mo nodded and explained with a smile, “There is no reference, but this planet will suffer the same outcome. That’s why we’re doing this and not making any rash decisions.”

“Sigh. Why are things always so troublesome?!”

He shook his head. It was too complicated, so he decided not to think about it anymore.

The only thing they needed to consider was how to destroy the approaching planet in the shortest time possible.

“Mr. Wu, why don’t we try the high-energy particle cannon? I think we can use

it to blow up that planet.”

Even the senior representatives felt that this suggestion made sense.

After all, cosmic rays were second only to high-energy rays, and high-energy cosmic rays were considered more advanced.

A cannon like that was obviously the most effective method!

However, Wu Mo slowly shook his head after some consideration.

“Why not, Mr. Wu? What would happen?”

Everyone was confused.

Wu Mo continued to explain, “The explosion of high-energy particles will release a huge amount of energy. If we destroy this planet, it will cause a large-scale meteor shower that will annihilate us!

They were taken aback by his explanation.

“Yeah… Why didn’t we think of that?” They laughed bitterly.

Based on what Wu Mo said, this meant death.

“Mr. Wu, do you have any good suggestions?”

Everyone was close to losing all hope. They could only pray that Wu Mo could create a miracle and save the people on Earth.

Wu Mo pondered for a moment and seriously said, “We can build a shelter and ask everyone to hide. That way, we can avoid this disaster.” “That’s too difficult, Mr. Wu. How can we withstand such a huge meteorite? No matter how strong our defense is, we’ll be instantly killed!” an old man with white hair said.

The onlookers all nodded. They felt that Wu Mo was being too idealistic.

Who could escape a calamity like that?

The old man shook his head slightly when he heard Wu Mo’s words because he found it unrealistic.

Despite that, Wu Mo was not discouraged. “In that case, let’s relocate the planet and build a shelter!”

“What? Relocate a planet? Mr. Wu, you’re not lying to us, are you?

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Making a huge planet deviate from its orbit was simply a fantasy. Furthermore, had Wu Mo ever thought that once a planet broke away from Earth’s gravity, it might fly further into space?

At that time, the huge impact would cause them to fall apart.

Everyone would have nowhere to hide and no place to live.

Would that not be more terrifying than being hit by a planet?

Everyone wondered if there was something wrong with Wu Mo’s brain for him to come up with such a crazy idea.

However, he smiled proudly.

“Don’t worry. I’ve developed a mysterious instrument that can keep the planet in balance in its orbit but avoid the sun!”

“Huh? What godly skills. Mr. Wu, are you sure you’re not lying to us?”

Everyone was stunned. They did not expect him to say this.

How could this be part of scientific research? It was as if God was using His divine power to save the world!

No one would believe that it was a scientific invention.

Nevertheless, Wu Mo had faith in himself!

If he had a divine artifact, he could gradually change the trajectory of the planet and make it deviate from its original orbit.

Once it was over, everything would be back on track!

At this moment, Wu Mo shared his thoughts in the hopes that everyone would cooperate with him.

However, they were all stunned!

Everyone was focused on Wu Mo in the small conference room. They were trying to dissuade him from this crazy plan.

Yet, the old chief remained silent for some reason.

“Everyone in China has gone crazy. Wu Mo has gone crazy too. How could he have such an insane idea? We have to escape quickly. We might die because of them!”

Many people had similar thoughts, but they dared not say it out loud.

As such, they decided to escape! At this rate, they would most likely be crushed to death by the planet.

When else should they escape if not now? What were they waiting for? Therefore, as soon as the meeting ended, the representatives of several small countries contacted the traveling spaceships.

If their country did not have such technology, they could only seek help from greater countries and head to Eternal Sun. They would take refuge there and avoid this terrifying attack.

If Wu Mo succeeded, they would be able to regain control of their country. Although their plan seemed good, they would soon realize that Wu Mo’s plan was not a fantasy. It was feasible!

“Wu Mo, I don’t understand your plan at all.”

After the meeting, the old chief walked to Wu Mo’s side and spoke in confusion. Wu Mo smiled. “Don’t worry, Chief. The ‘miracle’ we require doesn’t need to be implemented on the surface of this planet. We only need to build a space base, combine a few spaceships, and then move the entire planet to Earth through high-tech means.”

The old chief felt dizzy from listening to Wu Mo’s explanation.

However, one thing was certain: Wu Mo would definitely do something incredible!

“Alright, Wu Mo. Since you’ve made your choice, we’ll support you with all our might. But you have to be careful not to destroy everything.. After all, this is our home!”

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