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Chapter 674 - 674 A Major Breakthrough in Biological Science

674 A Major Breakthrough in Biological Science

Now, he wanted to see how these people would change after taking the enhancement potion.

“Alright, Mr. Wu. The volunteers are already on their way!”

This time, he had chosen a hundred office workers with deep experience. Their physiques were simply terrible.


The moment they stepped into the Institute of Special Biology, their hearts were filled with excitement.

Before this, they had a deep understanding of this Specialized Enhancement Potion. They were also eager to obtain physical improvement from this potion.

After all, they were not satisfied with their poor physiques.

At the Institute of Special Biology, Wu Mo personally showed up and analyzed the various key points of the Specialized Enhancement Potion for them.

“After you return home, you must go to sleep before 9.00 pm for three days and three nights. You must wake up at around 6.00 am. You must not miss three meals, and…”

Wu Mo elaborated on many things to take note of. They were the golden rules to a healthy life.

These people would not normally practice these habits.

However, after taking the Specialized Enhancement Potion and listening to Wu Mo’s explanation, they were shocked.

Therefore, everyone seriously memorized these rules. They were determined to follow through.

This was one of the requirements for the potion to work.

If they could not change their lifestyle, the potion’s effect would be greatly reduced.

Now, Wu Mo had completed the experiments of the three potions. The next step was to wait for the results.

Sure enough, a few days later, the results of the three major potions were released in succession…

First, it was the feedback for the Special IQ Potion.

A researcher barged into the research institute and congratulated Wu Mo upon seeing him.

“Mr. Wu, the students’ learning efficiency has improved significantly. They could understand all the questions that they couldn’t understand before. On top of that, in the recent baseline test, the volunteers who took the potion increased their scores by more than thirty points on average!”

“What? Thirty points? That’s insane…”

Wu Mo did not expect the effects to be so good.

An average score increase of thirty points in the exam was terrifying.

Even though these students had poor grades in the past, the thirty-point increase was still beyond his expectations.

“How’s the feedback on the Special EQ Potion?” Wu Mo asked.

However, he also realized that it was difficult to see the effect of such a potion in a short period of time.

After all, emotional intelligence was closely related to every detail of life.

As expected, the researcher smiled bitterly. “We still need to observe further in terms of EQ before we can make a judgment.”

Wu Mo nodded and did not say anything else. At this moment, he began to pay attention to the results of the Specialized Enhancement Potion.

“Mr. Wu, their appearances have begun to change subtly. They look energetic. We will conduct a second observation in a month’s time.”

‘That’s great! Well done. We can now start selling the Special IQ Potion,’ Wu Mo thought to himself.

Then, he instructed them to make the potion available on the official website.

When the new potion appeared on the website, all the fans of China’s pharmaceuticals were shocked!

They had been looking forward to a new product.

The moment had finally arrived. Everyone’s eyes widened as they carefully examined what it was.

“Oh, Special IQ Potion… After it’s consumed, it greatly increases the IQ of children with poor grades and changes their life trajectories.”

Everyone was stunned because the content of its introduction was far beyond their imagination.

There were wealthy parents with children who were not doing well in their studies.

At this moment, they felt like a drowning person who had just found a lifeboat. Anxious panting filled the entire room.

“Oh, my God! It’s as if this potion was made for our child!”

They immediately decided to buy it.

However, the exorbitant price of five million yuan for a bottle undoubtedly made everyone’s hearts race.

Nevertheless, wealthy families still insisted on buying.

It was worth it no matter how much it cost for their children.

After all, wasn’t all their hard work to give their children a better future?

“Haha. As long as I buy this Special IQ Potion, my son’s grades will skyrocket.”

Such comments spread among the parents.

At the same time, the results of the Specialized Enhancement Potion’s second test were out.

The physical fitness of the test subjects had significantly improved.

This discovery made Wu Mo and his team very excited.

“Wow! That’s how it is, Mr. Wu. We’re so excited. This potion has improved everyone’s physical fitness significantly!”

This was a major breakthrough in the field of biological science.

Generally speaking, a person’s life and physical fitness were fixed. It was too difficult to change them.

However, Wu Mo’s potion had actually changed a person’s basic constitution.

Once this news got out, people would go crazy for the potion.

That happened when the potion went on sale on the official website the next day.

Wu Mo was shocked by the popularity of the potion too.

“Look, the manual says that it can change a weak constitution and improve health. I wonder if it’s true?”

“What is it? Change his weak constitution? Wasn’t this the trick of those swindlers who used health supplements?”

“Don’t talk nonsense! How could this be compared to those things? This was personally developed by Mr. Wu Mo. It’s also been tested by volunteers, so it’s very effective!”

Everyone was discussing the potion. Many people bought it with the mentality of giving it a try.

After all, the price of this potion was two million, although it was slightly cheaper than the Special IQ Potion.

However, not every family could afford it.

Despite that, many people bought the potion and took it back home. They used a form to record the changes in their bodies.

This potion was too expensive.

After buying it, everyone wanted to see if it had any effect.

If there was no effect, it would be a waste of money.

On the other side, Wu Mo and his team had been paying close attention to the progress of the Special EQ Potion.

However, it was very difficult to make the effects of this potion obvious.

After all, EQ was too abstract.

In other words, even if a test subject’s EQ really improved, his boss might not promote him.

Promotion involved many key factors, such as timing, location, and people.

It was not necessarily something that could be changed by potions.

The Special EQ Potion’s effects could only be seen through big data and large-scale changes.

It proved that the test range of the Special EQ Potion had to be very wide. They needed at least a thousand volunteers.

The fearless Wu Mo once again threw out a large sum of money and bought a large number of top-notch EQ potions for testing.

“Are you crazy, Chief Engineer Wu? We haven’t even sold a single bottle, yet you’re using so many of them for experiments. Aren’t you afraid of losing money?”

One of his employees was incredulous.

He felt that it was not worth spending so much money to buy potions for experiments.

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