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Chapter 936 - One Essence Turns into Three Pure Ones; The Final Battle Is About to Begin!

Chapter 936: One Essence Turns into Three Pure Ones; The Final Battle Is About to Begin!

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“Afraid? Saint Patriarch?” After a long while, Fang Qi said with an indifferent smile, “Perhaps.”

Dragon Pool Immortal Master’s face darkened. “Have you been driven crazy by fear?”

“I’m afraid that with such immortals and gods like you, how can this world have peace?”

“As the Heavens has lost order, the land is destroyed, and the sky is shattered, the world is on the brink of collapse. Have you guys ever experienced the suffering in the mortal world?! Have you ever tried to stop the collapse of Heaven and restore the order of Heaven and Earth?!”

“You sealed the void and stop mortals from obtaining Dao. In the passage of time, tens of thousands of Dao pursuers had ended their lives with regret…” Fang Qi pointed at the mortal world below them and said, “Have you heard the sad weeping and furious roars of the heroes who couldn’t realize their great dreams in the past tens of thousands of years?!

“The mortals worship you by burning incense sticks and holding sacrificial ceremonies. Do you deserve their worship in the past tens of thousands of years!?

“No,” Fang Qi said with a snicker, “How could you call yourselves immortal or sages?! What did you do to deserve the title of immortals and sages?!

“Who gave you the right to call yourselves immortals and sages?!

“I live a lawful life in the mortal world, but you threaten my life again and again. Now you dare to accuse me of acting atrociously and behaving recklessly?!”

“Ridiculous!” The yellow-robed Daoist was so furious that he laughed and said, “We were born with the Heaven and Earth, bear the fortune that equal to Heaven and share the Dao essence of the Heaven and Earth. Born as the masters of Heaven and Earth, our words are heavenly laws. You mortals broke the heavenly laws and will be punished with the death penalty!”

“You even dare to break into the Wild Tribulation Summit and try to kill these immortal masters!” the Daoist said with a ferocious sneer, “Evil being! You even dare to lecture us!”

“Don’t waste your breath on him,” the other Daoist said.

Then, the yellow-robed Daoist waved his big sleeve, and the Heavens and Earth, as well as the sun and moon, seemed to change positions. An extremely horrifying force crashed toward Fang Qi and the Three Sky Fairies.

Even the Three Sky Fairies turned pale, let alone Fang Qi who felt as if all his bones and meridians would break under this huge force. It felt as if the entire Heaven and Earth had received some order and were pressing down on Fang Qi from all directions with a vicious force!

Dragon Pool Immortal Master and the other immortal masters sneered at this sight.

They seemed to have foreseen this ending long ago.

“It reminds me of something.” At this moment, Dragon Pool Immortal Master said with a snicker, “Among the mortals, there was once a figure in the primeval time who taught these ignorant creatures the art of language and essence cultivation. Some even achieved a cultivation strength that could rival that of an immoral. After the transformation of the Heaven and Earth, they ascended to the Immortal Realm and had the honor to temper immortal physiques.”

“Some members of other races even became gods as well, and they were worshipped by their clansmen for tens of thousands of years. But…” Dragon Pool Immortal Master said coldly, “Unfortunately, they only taught a group of wastrels. In our eyes, ants are just ants. The scum don’t even have the right to be cannon fodder. Those who didn’t die on the battleground are all respectful to our families!”

“You’re immortals who have just obtained your immortal physiques. If you think that you can now mess with our patriarch, that is ridiculous!”

“You’re just human immortals. Even after you cultivate for 1,000 years, 10,000 years, or even 10 million years, you are still no match for us. This is the Mandate of Heaven! Today, you evil creatures will get the chance to see our power and the gap between you and us. When your souls are scattered, you’ll die without regret!”

The yellow-robed Daoist waved his sleeve, and the force turned heavier and was about to shatter everyone into dust at any moment!

At this moment, Fang Qi must use his last trump card, which was the Godly Summon Rock that he had obtained. Although it had a restriction on the level of characters that it could summon, it was different from the Carrier Rocks since it didn’t need synchronization rate. There was only one such rock; these items were extremely precious as they were all created by the System energy!

Suddenly, clouds opened, and the mist disappeared in the sky. A wave of pure lights covered the sky while auspicious colorful clouds danced in it. Almost at the same time, the Heaven and Earth cleared up as the heavy pressure suppressing Fang Qi and the Three Sky Fairies instantly vanished!

“Who is blocking me!” The yellow-robed Daoist remained in his attack posture, but the force had vanished long ago. Looking up at the sky, he saw a Daoist coming over while riding on a black ox. Meanwhile, all of the glamorous light in the Heavens and Earth went away as a pure light shot up into the sky!

“Who are you?!” No one, including the immortal masters, had imagined that someone could block the attack from this saint patriarch!

“Breaking the chaos and revealing the Heaven and Earth, he established five elements in the mortal world. Guiding Xuanyuan to immortality, he showed power at Han Fortress with Dao that is eternal,” Laozi sang the poem. “I’m the Ren Sect Master, Laozi – Li Er.”

“I heard you say that all immortals who were once mortals are ants?” Laozi said with a smile, “Ever since Pan Gu separated the Heaven from the Earth, I’ve merged my body with the Heaven and created the Three Pure Ones with one streak of pure essence. After being the Master of Ren Sect for so long, I’ve never heard of the things that you just mentioned. Today, I’ll see if I, with my human origin, will look like an ant in your eyes too.”

“What Ren Sect?! Are you in charge of a group of evil monkeys?”

The Cloud Sky Fairy and her sisters said in a hurry, “Greetings, Uncle-Master!”

Laozi nodded and said with a snort, “These ignorant animals are audacious! Hurry up and attack!”

The saint patriarch of the eight major immortal families were not ordinary immortals!

At this moment, winds howled as the universe shook. Lightning bolts showered down like raindrops, shaking the mountains and rivers. As the yellow-robed Daoist circulated his spiritual energy, lightning snakes lit up the sky and the land while murderous spirit filled the Ninth Heaven!

On the other side, an exquisite pagoda rose from the top of Laozi’s head with clouds and settled the universe!

The yellow-robed Daoist’s face turned cold. Although he hadn’t used all his strength yet, he couldn’t afflict any damage on the immortal before him!

“Xuanhuang Saint Master, I’ll help you!” At this moment, the other saint master entered the fray, attacking Laozi from the other side!

“This evil being is powerful!” The Daoist yelled, “Let’s see if you can fight both of us?!”

“Why not!?” At this moment, Laozi split into three as colorful light beams rose high into the sky with dazzling radiance!

Laozi had spilt into three forms!

“Being old before Heaven was formed, yet I was born after Heaven, I obtained the form and my name through the Li Family. I learned and cultivated under Hongjun, so I can turn one essence into the Three Pure Ones!” Laozi sang the words and said with a smile, “Even if a pearl is as tiny as a grain, it will still be radiant. Even if two more come, I can fight four of you at the same time!”

At this moment, Xuanhuang Saint Master was almost dazed by the scene, and the three immortal masters shivered uncontrollably.

The two lofty saint masters are being suppressed by only one immortal right in front of us?

They exchanged a look of horror. “Who… who the heck is this being?!”

This scene almost turned every idea that they had formed in their heads in the past tens of thousands of years upside-down!

More horrifying was that an extremely giant Tai Chi Pattern rose in the sky, blocking the sky and the sun. It was coming down from the sky toward them!

There was no exit for them, either on the land or in the sky!

“Go!” At this moment, seeing the Tai Chi Pattern coming toward them, even the two saint masters of the immortal families were horrified and fled immediately!

In the next moment, the three immortal masters fell into the Tai Chi Pattern and were instantly turned into dust! Their souls went directly toward the Gods’ Investiture Platform.

On this day, three realms experienced huge quakes!

As the most powerful existences in the three realms, their lives, which had lasted for countless years, and their permanent reign were severely threatened now. None of them could sit back and wait to be butchered!

In a permanent godly palace above the Heaven, a pair of permanent eyes slowly opened.

It gazed at the place below the bottomless abyss.

Even such a lofty existence had a grim look in its eyes.

“How about…?” a voice came from the abyss.

“Let’s join hands!”

“Where’s the Ferocious Godly Army!?” A voice seemed to fall from the top of Heaven.

In the distant battleground of gods and demons, many withered corpses and remains crawled out from the deep underground of the desolate battleground.

They seemed to have been buried in the ground for countless years. Some were thin and dry and could only be recognized as elves from their long ears…

Some were big orcs with broken armor.

There were countless cultivators and warriors who raised their longswords high. They roared with defiance as their faces turned toward the sky, looking as vivid as when they were alive.

In the ruins, the broken walls and buildings seemed to be telling their glorious past and the stories that had been buried in dust long ago.

Now, they were only shells and corpses that were being controlled like the living dead

Wearing a set of shattered armor, the blank eyes of the slim and tall elf suddenly lit up with green gloomy glint.

In the Elf Forest, an exquisite figure wearing a long dress and a silver-haired senior were devotedly staring at the lake which was as bright as a mirror.

First Elder Hyru’s eyes looked sad. “It has been so many years… has our god abandoned us long ago?”

Suddenly, a streak of dark light suddenly lit up in the lake!

“The Elf God answered us!” It had been so many years! They jumped and cheered, looking as happy as kids who had just received candies.

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