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Chapter 934 - Break the Array?!

Chapter 934: Break the Array?!

Shocked and furious, Profound Spell High Holiness pointed at the sky and cursed, “Old Farts! You’re despicable! I’ve cultivated for countless years at the Saint Emperor Mountain and obtained countless merits. But you b*stards treat me like this?! You are sending me to die for that treasure?!”

“Fortune and disaster are closely related,” Shen Gongbao said, “Whenever a treasure is about to come out, everyone in the world are faced with tribulations. There are people who obtain the treasure, and there are naturally people who are killed by the tribulations.”

Profound Spell High Holiness remembered that each time when a treasure came out, it had always caused a bloody catastrophe and the deaths of countless immortals.

Considering the words that the Daoist named Shen Gongbao had said, he instantly felt that this immortal was intelligent and mysterious.

“Then, do you mean that I’m the one being killed by the tribulation?”

“Not necessarily,” Shen Gongbao said, “Only some people want you to be the one who needs to go through the tribulation.”

“Daoist friend, don’t worry. I’m here to help you handle this tribulation!”

Hearing his words, Profound Spell High Holiness was elated. “What’s your plan?”

“I have two plans; one is so-so while the other is better. Hear me out,” Shen Gongbao said, “Daoist friend, if you follow the so-so plan, you can stay out of all this by hiding in a place, letting the gods, immortals, mortals, and ghosts turn the world upside-down with wars.”

“But… if you do this, you can’t come out ever again. Otherwise, you’ll get killed.”

“Then, what’s the better plan?!” Profound Spell High Holiness asked again.

“Working with the mortal world,” Shen Gongbao said.

“What?!” Profound Spell High Holiness was instantly displeased and said, “How can these mortals defeat the Innumerable-immortal Sea? If I work with them, won’t I also get killed one day?!”

Shen Gongbao said with a smile, “Daoist friend, didn’t you say that you couldn’t get to the bottom of the issue of the mortal world? Why don’t you take this opportunity to enter their camp and find out the real power that they have?”

“If they really can’t defeat the Innumerable-Immortal Sea, with your power, isn’t it a piece of cake to run? With these spiritual treasures in your hand, won’t you live a great life anywhere you want?”

“You’re right, Daoist friend!” Extremely delighted, Profound Spell High Holiness said, “Now that the ultimate treasures I took from the Saint Emperor Palace are mine to use, the least that I can do is finding an immortal abode to understand the mysteries contained in them and cultivate diligently. Regardless of how fierce they are, no one can mess with me after my cultivation strength grows to a higher level!”

“If that place has powers that I don’t know right now and defeats the Innumerable-Immortal Sea, you can take the position of the biggest hero with these ultimate treasures!” Shen Gongbao said, “Isn’t it a better life than being a chess piece under others’ manipulation?”

Understanding dawned on Profound Spell High Holiness. “Thanks for your advice, my deadly situation is now totally reversed!”

Then, he said farewell to Shen Gongbao and went to help the Origins Internet Club with all the ultimate treasures that he had taken from the Saint Emperor Palace.

Shortly, another Daoist dressed in green clothes was flying toward the Demon-Slaying Platform with his sleeves flapping in the winds.

He was Vast Spell High Holiness.

With a glowing face, he was feeling very good after taking some spiritual treasures from Innumerable-Tribulation Immortal Palace. “I’m impatient to see the faces of those ignorant and arrogant mortals when the time comes.”

“Hahahaha…” He burst out laughing. With these spiritual treasures, who in the mortal world could block him?

Suddenly, he saw an immortal mountain before him. With steep cliffs, the mountain had all kinds of immortal beasts wandering through the deep forests.

“Huh…?” As he was enjoying the scenery in fascination, a voice came from behind him. “Daoist friend, please wait.”

“Who is it?!” He looked back abruptly.

Looking around, he saw a Daoist flying over from the distant sky while riding on a tiger.

He looked at the Daoist curiously. “Where are you from, Daoist friend.”

-Three minutes later-

With the spiritual treasures from Innumerable-Tribulation Immortal Palace, the old man who was wearing a wide green robe descended to the Lower Region to help the Origins Internet Club, looking arrogant and aggressive.

At the Demon-Slaying Platform, a Daoist dressed in a yellow robe was about to descend.

He was Vital Spell High Holiness.

With ultimate treasures from Avidya Immortal Palace, he was about to descend to deal with the ordinary and powerless mortals. He said with a chuckle, “The immortal masters are too cautious. I can accomplish this mission with my own power. I’m afraid that I’ll have no chance to use these spiritual treasures.”

He had taken two steps forward when a voice came from behind him, “Daoist friend, please wait.”


With a shiver, he put his hand on the spiritual treasures hanging at his belt subconsciously! He would attack without hesitation if any danger appeared!

He looked back immediately, “Who is it?!”

“I’m Shen Gongbao from the Kunlun Faction.” A Daoist came out riding on a tiger.

Vital Spell High Holiness chuckled. It is just a mountainous Daoist; I’m being paranoid.

I’m still in the Immortal Realm; what’s there to be afraid of?! He chuckled in his mind. Even if he’s an enemy, with his low cultivation strength, he’s no match for my spiritual treasures.

He walked over and asked, “Daoist friend, what’s going on?”

Less than five minutes later, a ferocious Daoist dressed in a yellow robe aggressively descended to the Lower Region to help the Origins Internet Club with the ultimate treasures that he had gotten from Avidya Immortal Palace in his pockets.

At this moment, the three immortal masters, Dragon Pool, Innumerable Tribulations, and Avidya, and the immortal troops were stationed dozens of kilometers away from the new shop at the East Continent

In the campsite, Avidya Immortal Daoist moved his fingers and did some calculations. “It has been days since Profound Spell, Vast Spell, and Vital Spell went to do the mission. They should be back any moment now.”

“They should,” Dragon Pool Immortal Master said, “We’ve done enough stalling with that kid. If we continue doing it, I’m afraid that he will see our true intentions.”

Innumerable Tribulations Immortal Master laughed and said with a nod, “I can feel the presences of Profound, Vast, and Vital. Let’s go! I’ll teach this evil being a good lesson for making me stay in the Lower Region for so long!”

He slammed his hand on the handle of his chair and stood up with an aggressive expression. With murderous spirit in his eyes, he gazed at the distance.

“It seems like we have a good show to watch today!” Avidya Immortal Master walked out of the tent while laughing, “Hear my command, troops! Follow me and destroy the demons in the mortal world!”

“Yes!” The thunderous yells shook the Heavens and Earth!

The sky above Mr. Fang’s shop had gradually calmed down, but now dark clouds gathered and swept across the sky. Shouts and yells rose from the ocean of clouds and shook the sky.

Mr. Fang walked out of the shop, looked up at the sky and saying, “What? You’ve come up with a way to break the array today?”

“Yes!” Dragon Pool Immortal Master sneered, “Today, I’ll show you how this array is broken without us doing anything!”

Before them, the 600 cultivators and warriors instantly built the array outside the shop. Yellow winds swept across the space and blocked the sun and sky. It was the Nine-Turn Yellow River Array.

Sitting in the array, the Three Sky Fairies waited for them to try and break the array.

The three immortal masters sat in their carriages while other immortals flanked them on both sides, showcasing the formers’ extremely noble positions. With a wave of his arm, one of the immortal masters yelled, “Vast Spell, Vital Spell, and Profound Spell, where are you!? Why don’t you hurry up and help us break this array!?”

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