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Chapter 931 - If Strength Is Not Enough, Use Brains

Chapter 931: If Strength Is Not Enough, Use Brains

“Immortal Masters,” Profound Spell High Holiness said uneasily, “What… should we do now? The three fairies have that spiritual treasure… I’m afraid we can’t defeat them…”

The immortal masters exchanged a look and said while laughing, “If any unknown and insignificant immortals can suppress us just because they have one or two powerful spiritual treasures, then anyone in the world can overthrow our families after taking a tour in the Primeval Relic!”

“Immortal master, you’re right…” Profound Spell High Holiness suddenly understood the situation. If the eight immortal families that had existed countless years was rendered powerless by one treasure from nowhere, wouldn’t they have been destroyed countless times long ago?!

“But…” Profound Spell High Holiness asked again, “Do you have any immortal spells to teach us, three Immortal masters?”

The three immortal masters exchanged a look and then glanced at Profound Spell High Holiness before laughing.

Then, Avidya Immortal Master said, “But some problems in this world don’t need strength to solve them.”

He smiled and said, “We don’t need to confront them head-on.”

“Do you mean…?” Profound Spell High Holiness’s eyes lit up as a chilly smile appeared on his face.

“Everyone has weaknesses. If we can find their weaknesses, then isn’t it a piece of cake to defeat them?” If not necessary, they wouldn’t let these elders take risks since the families had spent lots of energy to raise them, and they were human resources that the families couldn’t afford to lose. “The ignorant beings who know nothing but using the power of spiritual treasures look powerful, but without a solid foundation, they are just rootless trees.”

He smiled in contempt. “When the wind blows, they will fall.”

Innumerable Tribulation Immortal Master looked as if he was no stranger to this idea. After all, over many years of history, the eight major immortal families had collected countless treasures, and not all of them were obtained by their own merits.

“Then…” Hearing his words, Profound Spell High Holiness was delighted and said, “With that ultimate treasure, this being has possessed the power of a true immortal, and even we can’t defeat him. But he must open the shop to teach cultivation methods to people and has formed a close relationship with these mortals. The other day, they even used the so-called resurrection spells when the legion under the evil god from the Nine-Fold Darkness invaded. I think that they must have used a lot of their vital essence and can’t use such skills again for a long while.”

“In other words, even though that being has some power due to that treasure, he still has a mortal mindset which indulges in all kinds of feelings and desires such as kinship and friendship, which could become his weak points.”

“Then, it’s easy,” Innumerable Tribulation Immortal Master said.

Avidya Immortal Master said calmly as well, “I heard that this figure wanted to battle the godly army and demonic army at the same time with his own power. Despite his abilities, he is a bit too arrogant.”

“Fighting on three battlegrounds, he must be under tremendous pressure and will surely show weaknesses. We only need to bypass the primary battleground and catch him off guard,” Avidya Immortal Master added.

Hearing his words, Profound Spell High Holiness looked grim and said, “Wondrous Spell High Holiness had people investigate him. This figure has some secret tricks up his sleeves, and the shop must have something to do with that ultimate treasure. I heard that someone tried to launch sneak attacks in the shop and was instantly suppressed by lightning bolts the moment he walked through the door. I’m afraid that this being knows his weaknesses, so he is well protected.”

“The shops are protected, but what about outside the shops?” Avidya Immortal Master said, “He has friends, and his friends have relatives who have their own friends, so on and so forth, involving almost all the people in the world. The mortals are so stupid with their connections,” Avidya Immortal Master said with a smile, “I heard that a little girl from the demon clan is very close to him, and the girl’s relatives all live in the Demon Nation, far from the humans. Am I right?”

Profound Spell High Holiness replied in surprise, “Right.”

Then, he said in a low voice, “There are more. The Nalan Family, Liuyun Daoist Palace, Heavenly Academy, and the other races living in the Elf Forest on the West Continent are all close to him…”

“One who aims big must disregard the trivial things and know when to forgo things. But unfortunately, this being’s way of doing things is ridiculously naïve. I’m afraid that he is still living in his idealized world. He can protect the people in his shops, but can he protect these weak mortals related to them?!” Dragon Pool Immortal Master said with a snicker, “He’s doomed to fail and work for others.”

“So, this treasure is a gift to us from the Heavens. If we don’t take it, isn’t it disrespecting the great treasure?!” Innumerable Tribulation Immortal Master said with a laugh.

“Indeed!” Dragon Pool Immortal Master clapped his hands in appreciation and said to Profound Spell High Holiness and others, “We’ll stay here to stall the three fairies. For now, we can’t loan you other treasures, but…”

The immortal masters exchanged a look and said gravely, “Your mission is very important, so…”

Dragon Pool Immortal Master took a token from his belt and said, “You guys take my token and return to Saint Emperor Palace. I’ll loan you an ultimate great treasure, which was born in the time before the heavens formed, for seven days. Take this treasure to the Lower Region and quickly capture all his friends and their relatives.”

“Perhaps it’s not enough.” Innumerable Tribulation Immortal Master said, “Avidya Daoist Friend and I will also give you our tokens. Vast Spell, Vital Spell, you two go and take the three spirit treasures I left in Innumerable Tribulation Palace, just in case that he has some secret trump cards. Be quick!”

“Yes!” they immediately answered.

“By that time, I’ll see what he’ll do!”

“When the mission is accomplished, you will all be well-rewarded!”

They were immensely delighted at the promise. “Thank you, Immortal Masters!”

At this moment in the battlegrounds in the mortal world, swords were drawn, and murderous spirit filled every corner. In contrast, the Saint Emperor Mountain was full of delightful atmosphere.

Yao Ji was holding a square-shaped strange communication jade.

It was the back garden of the Gui Family. Some young men sat at a stone table in a circle, each holding an identical strange communication jade in hand.

“Brother Yao, look at my auspicious beast. It has techniques such as Advanced Countershock, Suppression of Mount Tai, and…”

Before he could finish, they heard noises outside. The disciple with surname Gui stood up immediately and looked outward.

At this moment, a middle-aged man who looked quite like the young man walked in. “What are you guys doing here? Come with me and welcome the return of high holiness elders!”

“Elders?” The young man of Gui Family asked in bafflement, “Dad, didn’t the elders go to the Lower Region to kill the demons? How come they have time to come back?”

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