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Chapter 925 - Declare war against the three realms; retreat or die!

Chapter 925: Declare war against the three realms; retreat or die!

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Ten gates stood between the Heaven and Earth. At a closer look, they saw the chilly-looking ancient words on the arrays. The words ‘Heavenly Ultimate Array’ were displayed above the first array, ‘Earthly Fierce Array’ was above the second array, ‘Wind Howling Array’ was above the third array, ‘Chilly Ice Array’ was above the fourth array, ‘Golden Light Array’ was above the fifth array, ‘Blood-Melting Array’ was above the sixth array, ‘Blazing Fire Array’ was above the seventh array, ‘Desolate Array’ was above the eighth array, ‘Red Water Array’ was above the ninth array, and ‘Red Sand Array’ was above the tenth array.

Looking down from the high clouds, the immortals saw the middle-aged green-faced spirit general lead the others into the Heavenly Ultimate Array while standing on a pair of black dragons.

“I’m the Eastern Spirit General, Fierce Dragon Immortal! Hurry up and summon the demon monkey, or I’ll break the damn Heavenly Ultimate Array and destroy all the mortals in the shop!”

With a furious shout, he entered the array. Suddenly, the space before them changed, and they were horrified by what they saw!

The world before them was so chaotic that it looked like they had returned to the moment right after the universe was born without the sun or the moon. The vast land was dim and desolate!

Thunder boomed in the sky.

An endless line of steps hovered in the air and extended up high into the endless sky!

The primeval land beneath their feet was covered in blazing flames, bottomless abysses, and deep valleys!

In the distant sky, a cloud platform hovered high in the air. A Daoist sat on the platform with his legs crossed and his hands forming a seal. It looked like the scene at the beginning of the world!

The Daoist suddenly opened his eyes, and heavenly thunder boomed!

The immortal soldiers behind Fierce Dragon Immortal were instantly turned into dust!

It was just as the poem said, “With Three Elements of Heaven, Earth, and Mortal working together, the mysteries are too hard to solve! Trapped in the Heavenly Ultimate Array, even immortals will be turned into dust.”

The Fierce Dragon Immortal and the other heavenly spirit generals all looked horrified. They tried their best to block, but when a thunderbolt flashed, two of the immortal spirit generals behind the Fierce Dragon Immortal screamed as they were struck. Half of their bodies were shattered instantly. Horrified, the remaining half of their bodies looked over.

The other spirit generals’ blood ran cold in fear!!

Even Chijing Zi, one of the 12 Golden Immortals, had been scared witless by the Ten Ultimate Arrays. He even dropped the Tai Chi Scroll that he borrowed from Laozi in the array when he made a narrow escape from it in a panic!

In less than half an hour, several people scrambled to run out of the array. The Four Direction Spirit Generals lost all their arrogance!

One of them had his immortal body shattered by a thunderbolt that struck him from behind!

Another was covered in red water. When he ran out of the array, his whole body turned into a puddle of pus the moment he stepped outside!

One of them caught by a streak of godly flames. The moment that he got out of the array, the flame leaped up and burned him up instantly. It was the Samadhi True Flame containing Samadhi flame, air flame, and stone flame. Even the Great Sage, Heaven’s Equal’s body couldn’t resist this fire, let alone ordinary immortals!

Instantly, he was turned into ashes!


“B*stards! How dare you!?”

Furious curses came from the sky, but it was too late to save them!

The spirit generals entered the array and encountered killing tribulations. Except the three people who died right after escaping the array, the others had all been killed in the array!

At this moment, all the immortals from the eight major families were stunned, and their faces changed color.

“What’s this… evil array!? Who are you?!” Wondrous Spell High Holiness demanded in a trembling voice.

Heavenly Master Qin came out the array and sneered, “I told you that I’m an essence cultivator from Gold Turtle Island.”

“Does anyone else want to try our arrays?!”

“Don’t be so cocky!” Standing beside Wondrous Spell High Holiness, the middle-aged man dressed in a pale-grey robe sneered, “Do you think that you can kill our spirit generals so easily?”

“The spirit generals each has a soul lamp in their respective families,” He said in a cold voice, “As long as the soul lamps are not extinguished, they won’t be destroyed by even 10,000 tribulations!”

He took out a green jade flag and waved it while yelling, “Come back, immortal souls!”

Gusts howled between the Heaven and Earth as several souls floated out from the array and toward the jade flag.

But at this moment, the Gods’ Investiture List lit up again in the eastern sky.

The souls instantly went out of control and floated toward the Gods’ Investiture List!

That green jade flag was rendered useless on the spot!

“The Gods’ Investiture List!?”

“It’s the Gods’ Investiture List!” the people in the shop exclaimed in elation.

Looking at the sky, Fang Qi said, “Use whatever skills you have now!”

“Evil beings!” The Wondrous Spell High Holiness shook in fury. “Regardless of how powerful you are, you’ll be defeated!”

“Immortal friends, do you have ways to break these arrays?” Wondrous Spell High Holiness looked at the crowd and saw only horror on the immortals’ faces.

None of them had imagined that the eight immortal families with many fierce spirit generals and a large group of grandmasters would be blocked by this array, which stood before them like a natural barrier! They couldn’t move forward at all!

“Take your time and see if you can break the array!”

At this moment, Fang Qi suddenly heard the familiar beeping noise from the System Interface.

[New Task: Unlock the Highest-level Privilege

Task Description: The internet café needs a peaceful environment. Host, please severely punish the immortals, gods, and demons who have invaded the internet café repeatedly!

Task Instruction: After years of test, Host has barely met all the requirements for a qualified shop owner. After this task is completed, you will get the highest-level privilege of the shop.

Task Reward: the highest-level privilege.]

Fang Qi returned to the shop with murderous spirits on his face. “All the cultivators and warriors who are proficient with the Nine-Turn Yellow River Array, come with me!”

– Meanwhile, in the Yellow Spring Sea outside the sea area of Half City –

Demonic waves surged up as extremely horrifying giant beasts revealed their vicious looks from the darkness.

Countless chilly eyes appeared in the demonic mist.

It could be vaguely seen that countless pitch-black tentacles entered the depths of the ocean as a horrifying shadow slowly came out from the bottomless abyss-like black ocean!

No one could imagine how huge and horrifying the monsters from the abyssal ocean were. In the endless gloomy and killing presence, huge waves crashed onto the shore, and the huge spiritual essence shield around Half City was instantly shattered!

However, at this moment, a figure dressed in silver armor stood upon the surging huge waves with the Three-Pointed Spear in his hand, facing the pouring water and blocking the herds of demons that were swarming up and covering the horizon!


The godly eye between his brows shot out a golden beam!

Circulating the Eight-Nine Profound Technique, he extended his head and limbs. Instantly, with his head touching the sky and feet on the land, a giant god stood proudly in the world, blocking millions of demons all by himself!

“That’s…!?” On the shore, countless cultivators and warriors let out thunderous exclamations.

“Erlang Immortal Master! It’s Erlang Immortal Master!”

Meanwhile, countless light beams shone on the border between the Godly Realm and the mortal world. As winds howled, and thunder boomed as a huge golden cloud flew toward Canglan City.

-At this moment-

Teal, yellow, red, white, and black. The five-colored light shot up into the sky and shook the Heaven!

“Who dares to block the gods’ way?!”

“An important treasure is coming out. Anyone who dares to block us will die!”

A voice laughed, “Born at the beginning of the world as the initial chaos was divided, I’ve freely searched through Yin and Yang of Tai Chi. After understanding the great way, I’ve surpassed the Three-Vehicle Great Technique.”

“I’m Kong Xuan!”

Today, the three armies were all blocked!

A thunderous voice sounded in the sky, “Today, my shop declares war against three realms – Immortal Realm, Godly Realm, and Demonic Realm! Anyone who dares to disturb the shop’s business must retreat or – die!”

“Declare war against three realms at the same time? Ignorant mortal, how dare you!?”

“You will die!”

At this moment, the immortals standing above Wondrous Spell High Holiness were also furious, and they shouted, “Ignorant Ant! You dare to be so arrogant just because you have a rare treasure. After we take that treasure, we’ll turn you to dust!”

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