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Chapter 918 - Who’s This Person Named Kong Xuan?!

Chapter 918: Who’s This Person Named Kong Xuan?!

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At this moment, the Daoist with a white face and a long beard walked toward Yin Hong and bowed. Yin Hong received him with the greeting for a senior and asking, “Senior Daoist, can I have your name please?”

The Daoist said, “Your master and I are from the same sect. We are both from the Jade Void Palace.”

Yin Hong asked, “Uncle-Master, what’s your name? What teachings do you have for me today?”

“I’m Shen Gongbao.” The Daoist didn’t give more information. Instead, he asked, “Where are you going?”

“He’s Yin Hong?!” The viewers looked at the heroic-looking young man. After Queen Jiang was killed, Yin Hong, the second prince, almost died as well. With great efforts, he escaped and would have died long ago if not for the help of an immortal.

By now, he had learned many techniques and even brought all the spiritual treasures from Chijing Zi’s cave abode, including the Yin-Yang Mirror and Purple Belted Immortal Garment with him. The viewers had seen the great powers of these treasures!

“Whoa! He can finally go and avenge the murder of his mother!” The viewers were excited when they saw that the desolate Second Prince had finally grown up. “I’ll see if Daji dares to walk all over him again!”

The viewers watched as Yin Hong answered, “At my master’s order, I’m going to West Qi to help them fight King Zhou.”

With a sincere expression, Shen Gongbao demanded, “Nonsense! Who is King Zhou to you?!”

Yin Hong said, “He’s my father.”

The Daoist yelled, “In the whole world, I’ve never heard of a case where a son helped others to fight his father. Besides, if King Wu succeeded in defeating King Zhou with your help, and your ancestors’ shrine was destroyed with your nation being taken by others, would you dare to face your ancestors the day of your you death?”

“Hiss… it seems like he have a point…?” At this moment, Su Tianji and others nodded. “Shen Gongbao has a point…”

Yin Hong thought so too, and he looked hesitant. Then, he shook his head and said, “But I swore to my master that if I went back on my word, my limbs would be turned to dust. Besides… my master saved my life and gave me all my abilities…”

Shen Gongbao interrupted him with a laugh, “In the whole world, I’ve never heard of anyone’s physical body had been turned into dust. How can this oath hold true? Listen to me and change your mind; go and fight Zhou instead, and you’ll surely create great accomplishment one day, which will be a comfort to the spirits of your ancestors and my sincere attitude.”

“…” With the Water-Fire Bell in hand and draped in Eight-Trigram Purple Belted Immortal Garment, Yin Hong turned around and went to fight Zhou in high spirits.


“This guy…!?”

Everyone stared at the scene dumbfoundedly. “What’s happening???”

“You forget about your mother’s murder?!”

Before long, the viewers saw Crown Prince Yin Jiao leaving the Nine-Immortal Mountain and going to West Qi by traveling through the earth. As he went, a light beam floated onto a high mountain.

A Daoist came over, riding one a tiger.

“Your Highness, please wait.”

Obviously, Yin Jiao had taken the oath that if he changed his mind, he would be killed by a shovel and a hoe.

Shen Gongbao just smiled and said, “With your great strength, how can you be killed by shovel and a hoe?”


– Three minutes later –

The viewers watched as Crown Prince Yin Jiao, equipped with twin swords, Desolate Bell, and Sky-Turning Stamp that Guangcheng Zi had given to him, went to fight Zhou with heroic spirits.

People like Su Tianji, Jiang Xiaoyue, and Gu Tingyun exchanged a look…


“How come this guy is also going to fight Zhou!?”


After a while, the viewers saw a dwarf playing on a cliff in front of the Flying Cloud Cave in Dragon Trapping Mountain. He was Tu Xingsun, the disciple of Ju Liusun, one of the 12 Golden Immortals.

He was about to leave when a Daoist rode out on a tiger. This time, the Daoist’s skill seemed to be even better. He said, “Daoist Friend, please wait.”

“…” People like Su Tianji, the elders, faction masters, and Gu Tingyun all stared at the scene intently as if they were afraid to miss any tiny details.

-Five minutes later –

They watched as Tu Xingsun stole the Immortal-Trapping Rope and a jade bottle of pills from his master and then went to Three-Mountain Fortress to fight Zhou…

“This… This… This…!?”

“This man…!?” Everyone stared at Shen Gongbao in puzzlement.

On the screen, Shen Gongbao stroked his short beard. “Hehehe…”

Then, they saw the following scenes:

Yin Hong was turned into dust inside the Tai Chi Scroll, realizing the oath.

Yin Jiao was trapped in the mountain, and then Guangcheng Zi pushed a shovel and a hoe up to the mountain with an expression of pain.

Tu Xingsun got the top half of his body cut off. Of course, this would happen much later.

“Whoa-!” Even Gu Tingyun yelled in surprise, “This man… This-?!”

What’s happened-!?

Everyone looked at each other as if they had discovered something extraordinary.

After they finished today’s episodes, they all went back to watch the scenes when the immortals made their entrances in the TV Series. For example, the part when the Three Sky Fairies left the island…

In Three Immortal Island, mist and clouds leisurely floated among the tall and green pine trees. The floating auspicious mist and clouds filled the gate with green pines standing on both sides. Logs were paved on the bridge as ivies grew all over the big boulders.

Then, sure enough, a Daoist riding on a tiger came…

He yelled at the gate of the cave abode, “Daoist Friends…”


Everyone exchanged a look of horror. As if they had discovered a huge secret, they exclaimed, “Sir! What powerful Daoist spell did this man use?!”

Standing up immediately, Su Tianji ran to Mr. Fang and dragged him over to her computer. While pointing at the screen, she yelled in astonishment, “Can we learn this-!?”

Hearing her words, everyone looked over and stared at Mr. Fang. “Sir! I want to learn it too!”

“Ah! I want to learn it as well!” Even Jiang Xiaoyue skipped over.

“Um… Um…” Mr. Fang said solemnly, “This is a primeval forbidden spell. It depends on your fortune if you can learn it or not.

“If one has the fortune, even a ten-year-old kid can learn it with ease.” Mr. Fang looked at Jiang Xiaoyue when he said these words.

“Ya! Do you mean I have the fortune?!” Jiang Xiaoyue beamed happily.

“I mean…” Mr. Fang said solemnly, “You, a little girl, would even help your enemy count the money that they earned from selling you. How can you learn that?!”

“Scummy shop owner!” Jiang Xiaoyue stomped her foot in fury. “You’re the one who would count money for your enemy after you were sold!”

Then, Mr. Fang continued, “If one doesn’t have the fortune, the can’t learn it even if they were a faction master or an elder.”

As he said the words, he glanced at Su Tianji.

Huh!? Su Tianji was secretly pleased. A moment ago, the scummy shop owner looked at Xiaoyue when he talked about the people who could learn this skill, but it turned out that Xiaoyue can’t learn it. Now, he is looking at me as he is talking about the people who can’t learn it… does he mean the opposite again…!?

Su Tianji said in delight, “Does it mean I can…!?”

“You can learn the opposite skill.”

“…” @ Damn it!

“Then, who can learn it?!”

Mr. Fang shrugged.

“But…” At this moment, Gu Tingyun said, “After the powerful Three Sky Fairies died and Grand Preceptor Wen died at Dragon-Ending Ridge, Shen Gongbao can only trick people away from the Chan Sect. I guess Yin Shang will soon come to its end. Right?”

At this moment, someone yelled, “The trailer for tomorrow’s episodes is out! Kong Xuan blocked the army at Golden Rooster Ridge!”

Everyone froze and then looked at Mr. Fang while asking, “Who’s this person named Kong Xuan?! Is he even more powerful than the Three Sky Fairies!?

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