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Chapter 915 - Nine-Turn Yellow River Array!

Chapter 915: Nine-Turn Yellow River Array!

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In the episodes released in recent weeks, West Qi and Yin Shang were in fierce battles. Members from the Chan Sect and Jie Sect and hermit immortals from everywhere entered the fray one by one. With all kinds of spiritual treasures, arrays, and techniques, they showed their ultimate skills in the arena of Investiture of the Gods!

Almost everyone in the shops was thrilled. They wanted to watch each episode and each battle at least ten times!

They had never imagined that they could see such grand battles among immortals and gods in the mortal world. In addition, the techniques and spiritual treasures that the gods and immortals used were almost unheard of and unimaginable!

This TV Series was different from any previous legends that they had watched. Even in Journey to the West, they only remembered some of the figures, such as the Great Sage, Heaven’s Equal and Buddha Tathagata. But in Investiture of the Gods…

The viewers could easily remember names such as Grand Preceptor Wen, Jiang Ziya, the Ten Heavenly Masters, and Zhao Gongming. They could describe every detail of the spiritual treasures and techniques in discussions.

Perhaps this war in the mortal world was an ultimate terrifying catastrophe. But without this war, how could these hermits and talented figures reveal themselves to the world?! How could so many ultimate treasures show up and shock the world throughout history?!

How would people know the great immortal power of these cultivators who had lived as hermits and never cared about worldly affairs?!

Previously, the Ten Heavenly Masters built the Ten Ultimate Arrays which troubled the West Qi army for a long time and almost killed its head commander. It wasn’t broken until the 12 Golden Immortals descended to the mortal world and helped them. Then, the Three Sky Fairies from Three Immortal Island built the Nine-Turn Yellow River Array!

Zhao Gongming had extremely high cultivation strength and tempered his jade-like skin and immortal physique. He came down the mountain to avenge the Heavenly Masters of the Jie Sect and had obtained a great victory by defeating the 12 Golden Immortals. However, he later was shot by the Head-Nailing Seven Arrow Book. He could do nothing but wait for death and finally died with a shout of pain.

Due to his loyalty to his friends, Zhao Gongming’s death induced the Three Sky Fairies from Three Immortal Island to come out and avenge him. Cloud Sky Fairy handpicked 600 soldiers and drew patterns on the white earth. The beginning and the end of the patterns contained connate secrets concerning life and death. The outside was arranged according to the pattern of Nine Palaces and Eight Trigrams while the entrance and exit connected each other orderly.

The array had only 600 soldiers, but it contained the power of a million soldiers. Even immortals and gods would lose their hun and po in this array. After practicing for about half a month, the array was ready.

Seeing this scene, the viewers were speechless.

“The three sky fairies’ understanding of Dao is so powerful?!” At this moment, Gu Tingyun finally caught up with other viewers. Seeing this, he was as shocked as everyone else.

“After picking a group of ordinary soldiers and training them for half a month, they can build such a major array in haste…?!”

It was hard to imagine!

When the array was formed, it looked as followed: with the array reaching the Heaven and Earth, its presence rivaled that of the Yellow River. Yin wind whistled as black mist blocked the sun and the moon. Floating everywhere, the ghostly presence shot up into the sky, and the chilly and gloomy yin mist engulfed the ground.

“It will destroy all your hun and po even if you have cultivated for 1,000 years. It will damage your spirit and essence even if you have survived 10,000 tribulations. Even immortals and gods will have the three flowers on the top of their heads cut off. Even the buddhas will have their five essences removed from their chests. In this array, even immortals can’t escape from tribulations.”

[TL Note: Three flowers and five essences are concepts of Daoism. Only the grandmasters could have these things.]

This array looked simpler than the Ten Ultimate Arrays but had greater power than the latter!

“Look! The 12 Golden Immortals are here to break the array!” In the Jiuhua City Shop, the viewers exclaimed. Even the cool and calm people couldn’t stay level-headed today. It was the first time that these people lost their composure.

“The first one entering the array is Guangcheng Zi?! The first immortal in Jade Void Palace!? The second Golden Immortal Chijing Zi even came to help him?!” Nalan Hongwu was always calm, but at this moment, he couldn’t control his excitement as if watching such a battle was the proudest moment in his life!

Stepping on lotus flowers, Chijing Zi came forward with miraculous immortal spells. He was equipped with all the ultimate treasures that he had taken from the cave to break the previous Ten Ultimate Arrays such as Purple Belt Immortal Garment and Yin Yang Mirror. He still had them with him.

Guangcheng Zi stood in the air with sword in hand, engulfed in light and dust.

Cloud Sky Fairy circulated the Chaos Essence Golden Dipper and shot out a golden beam which looked as blinding as a lightning bolt. Then, for some reason, Chijing Zi fell into the array.

Once he was in the array, the Niwan Acupoint on the top of his head was sealed. Stumbling in the array, he couldn’t use any of his great Dao spells!

Guangcheng Zi didn’t fare any better. He was captured together with Chijing Zi after only one round of attacks!

Then, a scene that no one could believe happened. The three sisters unleashed the power of the major array and charged forward with spiritual treasures. They captured Manjushri Lord of Heaven, Samantabhadra Immortal, Cihang Daoist, Qingxu Dao Immortal Master, Daoxing Lord of Heaven, and Jade-top Immortal…

None of the 12 Golden Immortals escaped! They were all captured by the array!

The Chan Sect’s 12 Golden Immortals who had broken Ten Ultimate Arrays with great immortal power were captured within one round of attacks!

“So… so horrifying! The Nine-Turn Yellow River Array is the most horrifying major array that I’ve ever seen!” In the Canglan City Shop, a black dragon yelled, “It’s the No.1 Array in the world!”

“It’s so powerful and miraculous. Who can break it?!” In the new shop on the East Continent, even the ancestral masters were horrified by this scene.

The 12 Golden Immortals from the Chan Sect had the three flowers on their head chopped off in the array, which destroyed almost all their cultivation strength! They were reduced to mortals!?

The viewers were more than shocked. They yelled inside, “These are the 12 Golden Immortals!”

In the huge battleground with many golden immortals descending, only Lamp-Burning Daoist and Jiang Ziya were standing.

Seeing the danger, Lamp-Burning Daoist turned into a streak of wind and dashed into the ground to escape.

“This…!?” When they watched Journey to the West, Buddha Dipamkara gave them the impression that he was on the same level as Buddha Tathagata!

But in this show, the now Lamp-Burning Daoist was escaping from the battle in defeat!? He had no choice but to go to Jade Void Palace and ask for help from the Primeval Lord of Heaven!?

The battles became grander and more magnificent. The viewers were enthralled by the unimaginable battle. They had a clear view of the Nine-Turn Yellow River Array and could recreate it! After the 12 disciples of Chan Set were captured, they were eager to know what their master, the Primeval Lord of Heaven, would do!

“Aiya! How come Investiture of the Gods is so fascinating!” Jiang Xiaoyue begged, “Sir, can’t you release a few more episodes each day?!”


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