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Chapter 9 - New Task

Chapter 9: New Task

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Liang Shi quickly began to play the game, and he noticed that he could experience life-like combat within it. The mansion in the game, filled with countless traps, made him feel like he had been given a special mission during a war. Everything felt as real as it could be!

I can’t believe that a real battleground is being simulated here! The more he walked around in the mansion, the more shocked he became!

This grand, luxurious mansion was not as simple as it looked!

There were countless traps and a ton of undying monsters!

He was a warrior who wasn’t a part of any force.

In Dajin, many warriors were like him. After all, most warriors didn’t want to be tied down by the rules of big forces, and they didn’t want to live a life where they were constantly being ordered around by their superiors.

However, often when warriors needed to make a living, they would take on missions and complete dangerous tasks that others were unwilling to do.

He was once dealt a dangerous mission, and he had to save a hostage from a group of mountain bandits. The game he was playing right now felt exactly like that mission.

Therefore, he quickly immersed himself in the virtual world.

The more he played, the more he was surprised by the life-like combat, undying monsters, and sinister traps!

Most importantly, he could come back to life after he died! This allowed him to learn from his mistakes and start all over again!

Without a doubt, all of these elements showed the power of this game called Resident Evil!

He remembered that during the hostage-saving mission, he fell into the mountain bandits’ trap, and if he wasn’t lucky, he would have died in the mountains.

It was all because of his lack of experience and caution that something like that happened!

Usually, one’s important experiences were obtained during life-and-death situations.

Could money buy brink-of-death experiences?

Of course not!

However, after killing a few zombies, he detected the slight increase in his qi!

This game is beneficial to one’s qi? He couldn’t help but recall the Martial Arts Tower at Lingyun Academy, a sanctuary for cultivation. But this is just a game, and I didn’t even cultivate in here!

He was dumbstruck. Did a cultivator create this game? If this is a game, it is incomparable to any of the games out there right now!

Before he came, he was thinking of ways to teach this evil and greedy shop owner a lesson.

Now, he felt like his head had been kicked by a donkey, which was why he believed the rumors and thought this shop was a scam.

Since he had similar battle experiences, he quickly became one with his character. He declared, “No matter how expensive this place is, I will still come and play every day!”

“Sure, that’s great… but you took my spot!” Fang Qi said, looking dejected.

The good news was that he completed the system’s ‘full capacity’ task.

Song Qingfeng, who died again, exited the game and glanced over at Fang Qi feeling depressed.

However, he couldn’t help but burst into laughter when he saw Fang Qi sitting on a chair, looking bored. “Sir, I think you need to buy some more equipment for your shop.”

Fang Qi glanced at the system’s task list.

[Fill up the Internet Café in three days: complete.]

[Reward: Seven computers and accompanying accessories. The rewards will arrive after business hours.]

[New task: Reach a total revenue of 800 crystals.]

[Task Reward: Resident Evil One: Movie Version]

The internet café costs two crystals an hour, who would come here to watch movies?Fang Qi thought.

“What’s the use of this movie?” Although he had to admit that Resident Evil One: Movie Version was amazing and added to the plot of the first game, who would waste that kind of money on watching movies at an internet café?

“Are you sure you’re not playing me?” Fang Qi asked helplessly, to which the system replied, “You’ll see when you try it, Host.”

“…” Fang Qi didn’t know how to respond. However, the good news was that there would be a total of 11 computers at his internet café the next day.

“Don’t worry; we’ll have more computers tomorrow.” Fang Qi touched his nose and glanced at Song Qingfeng before chuckling. “Your time is almost up, right?”

Song Qingfeng’s proud expression immediately darkened upon hearing this. Before he looked at how much time he still had left, Lin Shao and Xu Luo both pointed at their computer screens and shouted, “Sir, what does ‘playtime limit’ mean?”

Fang Qi leaned back on his chair and replied nonchalantly, “Each person can play for six hours maximum every day. It’s one of the rules at my internet café.”

“What kind of rule is that? I can’t play even if I have money?” Lin Shao was immediately angered, “I’ll pay you double!”

Upon seeing his friends’ furious demeanors, Song Qingfeng snickered in his head, I acted the exact same way yesterday.

Fang Qi, on the other hand, shrugged. “Rules are rules.”

“What do you mean!” Xu Luo bellowed, “You don’t think it’s enough? What about five times the money!”

If both of them paid five times the amount, he would earn 20 crystals in an hour!

Fang Qi couldn’t resist the enticement of money.

“System?” he asked in his mind.

“I’m here,” the system’s voice sounded in Fang Qi’s head.

“Can you please reconsider? You can split only 10% with me afterwards.”

“This system consumes energy every time it starts, so please stop asking questions like this because it’s a waste of energy. In the future, the system will not answer questions like this ever again.”

“Why are you so f*cking pretentious!” Fang Qi cursed his system countless times in his head, but it was too bad that he couldn’t do anything about it.

“Since there are rules, it’s only natural that you abide by them,” Fang Qi had no choice but to shake his head righteously.

“We can’t play even if we have money?” The two of them erupted in anger, “Do you know who we are? We have the ability to smash your shop into pieces!”

Fang Qi almost laughed, “Are the brains of all warriors filled with muscles? Why does everyone want to smash my shop apart?”

Every inch of the shop, from the bricks on the floor to the tiles on the walls, were given to him by his system. The corner of Fang Qi’s lips twitched, and he replied, “If you are courageous enough to do it, go ahead. Smash this place into kibble.”

Then, he pointed at the blackboard, “But, don’t say that I didn’t remind you. My shop will never take customers who cause trouble.”

Song Qingfeng frowned. Then, he stood up to stop his friends, “Guys, the owner is a man of principle. The rules are there, so we should follow them. Plus, it’s already afternoon. If we don’t attend Lingyun Academy’s examination, we’re going to miss it.”

Song Qingfeng looked into Fang Qi and found out that he was the descendant of a warrior.

However, Fang Qi’s father wasn’t a famous warrior, making him as ordinary as one could be!

Yet, because of how ordinary Fang Qi was, Song Qingfeng knew that he wasn’t capable of creating a game as incredible as Resident Evil.

So, where did these things come from? Who is the person standing behind him?Song Qingfeng thought, Either way, it could not have appeared out of nowhere !

He wanted to get to the bottom of this but felt like Fang Qi was shrouded in mystery!

The unknown was more terrifying!

Since the owner was a man of principle who treated everyone equally, customers really shouldn’t be unhappy and cause trouble. People would laugh if they found out that Song Qingfeng and his friends got into a fight because of a game! It really wasn’t necessary.

Upon hearing what Song Qingfeng said, his friends weren’t happy, but they had no choice and could only compromise. “Forget it, let’s listen to Young Master Song. We’ll come back tomorrow!”

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