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Chapter 61 - Jiang Xiaoyue’s Ambitions

Chapter 61: Jiang Xiaoyue’s Ambitions

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“We’re here, it’s right there!” A cultivator like Bai Lang had a lot of friends, including Zhan Yan and Zhou Hongying who were with him last time.

Today, the three of them came, and they brought four more people with them; three men and one woman.

“Daoist Bai.” A younger cultivator in white glanced towards the direction Bai Lang was pointing at and asked, “This is the civilian area, right? Plus, this shop doesn’t look so good. Why would you want to come here?”

Although Fang Qi’s shop had more than 50 computers, it was unlike the internet cafés he frequented before coming to this world. Those places had private rooms and booths. He current setup provided rows and rows of seats to save space, and it was nothing compared to those large-scale establishments.

“Daoist Yu is right.” Confused, a middle-aged cultivator who was wearing a dark blue robe and had a bun on his head chimed in, “You’ve been to so many places throughout the years, so I assumed that a place you recommended would be unique and novel. But this place…” He pointed at the small shop in front of him and asked suspiciously, “Why do you like this place so much?”

Standing next to Zhan Yan was a red-faced, middle-aged cultivator with a mustache. He was usually a calm person, but when the other two voiced their concerns, he also looked at the shop in front of him suspiciously.

He didn’t say anything, but he was certainly confused.

“Senior Sister Zhou!” A naïve-looking girl stood next to Zhou Hongying. “Why would you ask me to come to a place like this so early in the morning?”

Her cultivation strength wasn’t as high as the others, so she took the spiritual boat this morning all the way from Yanhai City to Jiuhua City because she thought something urgent had happened.

However, her senior sister brought her to…

Origins Internet Club? What is going on?

She opened her eyes wide and observed the small shop, but she didn’t spot anything special about it.

“Don’t you all trust me?” Bai Lang laughed, “I promise that the things inside this shop are ones that you guys can’t imagine. It’s definitely new and exciting!”

The others glanced at each other and thought, Really?

The middle-aged cultivator standing next to Zhan Yan said with a stern expression on his face, “Yesterday, Zhan Yan mentioned that there are spiritual artifacts called computers in this shop. They are extremely powerful, and once we use it, we will feel like we have been reborn into another world and can live with another identity. It sounds interesting, but if that’s all it does, why are you all so excited?”

“Of course that’s not all it does,” Zhan Yan responded as he stroked his beard. “If that’s all it did, I wouldn’t have recommended it to you.”

After they pushed open the doors, they sensed a feeling that they have never felt before. The shop wasn’t well-lit, but gentle rays of white light shone from the ceilings, intertwining with the lights that were emitted from the screens.

The shop incorporated in some basic elements of Jiuhua City such as hardwood, flowers, and grasses, but the desks, chairs and computers had a different vibe. When mixed together, they created a refreshing scene.

Upon seeing the new customers, Jiang Xiaoyue froze for a second and thought,Aren’t these people the cultivators from yesterday? They brought more people today?

“Little girl, activate four more Diablo for us,” Bai Lang greeted her cheerfully.

“Little… girl?” Jiang Xiaoyue blinked her eyes until she finally came back to her senses. She felt like crying, Stupid owner, people don’t even address me as Princess anymore.

“It’s 32 crystals for four people to activate the game, and two crystals each per person per hour to use the computers. How many hours would you like to play?”

It was obvious that Jiang Xiaoyue was slowly getting used to her new job.

“Six hours of course!” A cultivator like Bai Lang was rich. Since none of them had anything better to do today, he decided to pay for the full six hours.

The others took this opportunity to observe the internet café.

There were quite a lot of people playing here, and the shop was close to full capacity at the moment. There were players playing games no matter where they looked.

Some screens showed a man holding a weird spiritual artifact. When fire came out of this artifact, a monster would fall to the ground.

Other screens showed characters holding long swords or staffs, and their methods of combat were similar to this world

Although the newcomers hadn’t yet played the game, Bai Lang and the other two explained the game to them already, and they really did feel a sense of novelty.

Jiang Xiaoyue didn’t know what ‘activating the game’ meant.

However, as long as she took the correct amount of money and placed them into the registers, the customers would be able to play.

Humph! I’m fine as long as the amount is correct!

There was something else she didn’t understand, so she asked when she took Bai Lang’s money, “Don’t you think the fees in the shop are expensive?”

Why aren’t they mad at the high prices? They even brought more people here today…

She really didn’t understand.

Zhan Yan and Zhou Hongying were teaching the newcomers how to play the game.

As soon as they started, they were shocked by the life-like scenes and characters. Once they understood how to play the game and the plot, they exclaimed, “Hm… this really is interesting! Come on! Let’s go kill some monsters!”

“Is it expensive?” Bai Lang glanced at Jiang Xiaoyue curiously, wondering why she asked a question like that. After a while, he replied with a question of his own, “Haven’t you played Diablo?”

“No, why would I play something so expensive?” Jiang Xiaoyue sneered as she thought dejectedly, How can I play? I spent all my money on food!

Once I’m rich, I’m going to play for 12 hours a day and make the stupid owner sit here. Humph!

Jiang Xiaoyue was getting more and more curious about the game. Why are there so many customers here every day?

Wait, if the game really is good, then I will play! If it isn’t, I’m not going to give the stupid owner any money!

At this thought, Jiang Xiaoyue sensed an excitement.

However, fantasies were just fantasies…

Bai Lang laughed, “Try it, and you’ll understand.”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Xiaoyue’s face fell like a deflated balloon as she clenched her teeth.

I don’t have money… Do I really have to cook for this stupid owner?

Bai Lang and the others were all cultivators, so they chose sorcerers and sorceress.

The scene of seven people using magic spells was spectacular.

“Frost Bolt! Frost Bolt! Cast a Frost Bolt!”

“The monster’s heading your way, run away!”

“Brother Bai, help me slow the monster down!”

“The sorceress’s stamina is awful! I can’t run anymore! Help me kill that monster!”

“Give me a minute; I’m trying to fight off the carvers here!”

“Just fight it yourself!”

“How am I supposed to do that? Sorceresses can’t take too many strikes from monsters!”

“Damn it, I died!”

“Uh… don’t worry, you can start over. Let me open a portal for you…” Bai Lang took out his Town Portal Scroll.

After they slowly understood this game, the newcomers were quickly addicted. Therefore, the group embarked on a tumultuous adventure!

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