Black Tech Internet Cafe System

Chapter 6 - Do not Compromise your Integrity for Small Profits

Chapter 6: Do not Compromise your Integrity for Small Profits

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“What?!” Song Qingfeng was dumbfounded; he was just focused on playing and was cooking up a big plan in his head, but his playtime was up?

How long had he been playing? He felt like he had just started!

“Hey, there’s a playtime limit?”

“It’s all written on the blackboard by the door. Each person can play for six hours a day at most.”

“Six hours?” He looked to his left and right and said, “How has it been six hours already? I didn’t even kill that many monsters…”

He spent a lot of time fighting off the zombies and zombie dogs since he didn’t want them to touch him. Therefore, time passed by really quickly without much progress.

“Noooooooooooooooooooo!” Song Qingfeng immediately shouted, “What kind of rule is that? I have money, why can’t I play?”

“Rules are rules.”

“…” What kind of business is the owner running? Why would any owner kick out a paying customer? 

He was enjoying the game so much just now. It was like he was a woman who was about to go to heaven when the man suddenly pulled up his pants and jumped out the window; that was how frustrated he felt.

He clenched his teeth and pointed out two fingers before saying, “I’ll double the money, what do you think?”

However, Fang Qi didn’t even look up.

“I’ll give you five times the money!” Song Qingfeng pointed out all five of his fingers on his hand.

“Five…” Fang Qi’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets. Before he got the system, he had less than one crystal’s worth of wealth combined! He had never even seen that much money before!

Therefore, he immediately asked the system, “Can we bend the rules a little? He’s willing to pay ten crystals an hour!”

“No!” The system immediately turned down Fang Qi’s suggestion. “As the host of this system, you cannot compromise your integrity for small profits!”

“F*ck!” Fang Qi was so depressed that he felt like spitting out blood; he was just the owner of an internet café! Did he have to have so much integrity?

Reluctant to refuse, he looked at the ten crystals in Song Qingfeng’s hand and asked again, “I really can’t?”

The system didn’t even respond this time.

“F*ck!” Fang Qi gritted his teeth and rejected Song Qingfeng’s offer.

At this point, Wang Tai had been playing for a long time as well. He looked at the young man nervously and said to Fang Qi, “Qi, it seems like this person is from a prestigious family. Can’t you bend the rules for him?”

Fang Qi immediately shook his head.

“Young Master!” The gray-clothed man sneered and said, “This person obviously wants to do things the hard way. Do you want me to…”

“Who do you think you are! Back off!” Song Qingfeng glared at this man before turning his attention back to Fang Qi.

Fang Qi couldn’t do anything, so his eyes wavered towards the little blackboard by the door.

On it wrote: [Don’t cause trouble and don’t curse at the owner. Those who do not abide by these rules will be kicked out forever.]

Song Qingfeng followed Fang Qi’s gaze and saw these sentences, and his somewhat-handsome face immediately became grim.

He really had nothing to say about the way this owner managed the internet café…

“Man, let’s go and come back tomorrow!”

“Young Master, are we leaving… just like that?” Before the man in grey even finished his sentence, Song Qingfeng had opened the door and left.

After exiting, the young man lowered his voice and said, “Find out who the owner is and where he came from.”

“I will!”

Upon seeing them leave, Wang Tai grinned and said, “Qi… I’m taking my exam tomorrow, but I have no idea whether I’ll pass. Do you think I can…”

Wow, this dude even knows how to play the victim to get others’ sympathy , Fang Qi thought.

“You’ve played for so long! If you can’t even pass tomorrow, will you still have the face to become a warrior in the future?”

Wang Tai was at a loss for words; he really couldn’t negotiate with Fang Qi!

Depressed, he had no choice but to leave and prepare for his exam the next day.

Soon, only Fang Qi was left in the shop. No one was there to bother him, so he went back to playing.

The mansion was filled with all sorts of traps and monsters. Although the zombies in Resident Evil One seemed weak, they really weren’t.

If one didn’t headshot the zombies, they would all go berserk. Moreover, after playing for a while, players would encounter hunters and chimeras. In such life-like circumstances, it wasn’t easy to clear levels in the system’s remake of the game!

In the system’s remake, killing monsters would grant players experience points. Therefore, most zombies had to be killed before the players could advance. Because of that, the players would be short on bullets if they used the gun!

If players wanted to clear a level, not only would they have to have the ability to headshot all the zombies, they also must have the ability to kill zombies using a dagger without getting hurt! Moreover, players also had to engage in head-on melee combat with hunters!

Something worth mentioning was that a headshot in this version of the game wasn’t as simple as hitting a zombie in the head; the players had to literally obliterate the zombie’s head to kill it!

If the players used handguns, they would have to shoot a regular zombie in the head multiple times to kill it!

However, if the players used daggers…

Fang Qi bent down as if he was a jaguar, ready to pounce. Then, he quietly advanced towards the zombie in front of him.

When he was only a meter-or-so away from the zombie, Fang Qi suddenly shot up and pierced his dagger right into the zombie’s temple before the zombie turned around.

Fang Qi wasn’t satisfied with this strike since he saw that the zombie was still struggling!

It wasn’t dead yet!

Then, Fang Qi held the dagger in his hand and pushed it into the zombie’s head again with all his might.

After twitching for a few seconds, the zombie finally fell to the ground.

A warm gust of energy left the zombie’s body and entered Fang Qi’s; he opened his character interface and saw that he was Lv 9.

The higher the level, the harder it was to advance. Right now, Fang Qi’s level was more than double of Wang Tai’s and Song Qingfeng’s levels!

All these increases in level were reflected in real-life, so Fang Qi’s speed and power were probably even slightly higher than Song Qingfeng’s even though the latter was born into a prestigious family, grew up drinking all kinds of elixirs, and practiced martial arts since he was young!

Fang Qi shook off the blood on his dagger and continued searching the mansion. Just then, a horrifying monster covered in scales appeared; its big claws were sharp and ready to kill!

A hunter!

Fang Qi’s heart skipped a beat; this was the hardest monster to defeat in Resident Evil One!

He remembered when he first started playing this game, whenever his HP dropped to the ‘yellow’ status, he was often executed by the hunter’s claws in the blink of an eye! After all, hunters were incredibly horrific monsters!

He swallowed his saliva and clenched the dagger in his hands!

Instead of using a gun, he decided to fight it with a dagger.

Not everyone was as arrogant, curious, and rich as Song Qingfeng. After he and Wang Tai left Fang Qi’s shop, another young man in black walked into Fang Qi’s internet café in the evening.

“Sir!” The young man in black opened the door curiously and asked, “What does your shop offer?”

“You can play a game called Resident Evil here,” Fang Qi said as he pointed at his computer. “Would you like to try?”

“Game?” The young man looked at Fang Qi with a weird expression and asked, “How can I play? How much does it cost?”

Fang Qi then pointed at the blackboard by the door.

“Crystals?” The young man’s expression dimmed, and he immediately turned around to leave. As he stormed out, he cursed, “What a rip off!”

“…” Fang Qi’s face twitched in anger.

Afterward, a few more people came into his shop, but none of them were as rich and curious as Song Qingfeng. Therefore, he didn’t earn any money that evening.

Fang Qi sighed and went back to playing his game.

He played until 3 AM or so.

On his screen, Chris lied on the floor with wounds of various sizes all over his body!

A couple of those cuts were lethal!

Yet, a hunter, that was bleeding with its flesh exposed, was still standing tall!

“What the f*ck…”

It was already late, and Fang Qi, who had been playing for half the day, felt his stamina falling. Unlike Song Qingfeng, he didn’t exit the game whenever it got difficult.

In order to experience the thrill of killing a hunter, he never exited the game unless he died.

However, he probably couldn’t win even if he kept on playing at this point.

After exiting the game, Fang Qi felt his exhaustion overcoming him. Although he didn’t move in front of the computer during this time, killing monsters for an extended period of time took a toll on him, both physically and mentally.

He wasn’t someone who would play games for 24 hours a day. Therefore, he decided to lock up the doors and go to bed.

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