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Chapter 50 - If You Want to Play, Come Back Tomorrow

Chapter 50: If You Want to Play, Come Back Tomorrow

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What was the point of practicing martial arts and cultivating?

Warriors could live up to several hundred years, and cultivators could live for thousands of years. If given the choice, who would want to see themselves senile and powerless?

At his old age, being able to become a strong young man in his prime was something that even ancient sages failed to achieve, let alone Nalan Hongwu.

No wonder he couldn’t control his emotions.

After almost an hour.

Those playing in the internet café were all youngsters or middle-aged people; no one had ever seen elders here.

This made An Cheng and the others curious, so they glanced over in Nalan Hongwu’s direction.

“Elder, you’ve been playing for so long, but why haven’t you used your attribute points?”

“Elder, your skill points aren’t used. Didn’t you use any skills while playing?”

“What’s a skill point? What’s an attribute point?” Nalan Hongwu was enjoying his battle when he was interrupted, so he replied angrily, “Don’t bother me, or else I’m going to kick you out!”

An Cheng and his friends’ expressions immediately darkened. “We were just trying to remind you that you need to learn skills. Why would you threaten to kick us out?”

“Learn skills?” Nalan Hongwu who hadn’t used any skills throughout the game glared at the young men beside him and said, “I’ve learned so many skills and techniques over the years; what else do I need to learn?”

“Go away! I don’t know where you kids came from, but stop bothering us!” Elder Fu scolded, leaving An Cheng, Ouyang Cheng, and Bu Che completely speechless.

After a while…

“Fu, did you notice that the monsters in here are becoming more and more powerful?” Nalan Hongwu’s character looked like he was in rough shape.

“Gulp… gulp…” Elder Fu who was drinking potions like crazy only had a little bit of HP left…

In Nalan Hongwu’s screen was a blue carver that emitted lightning. It led a group of carvers, who shouted ‘Rakanishu’, as they chased them!

“Am I going to die here today?” Nalan Hongwu shouted, “Fu, let’s retreat. Our internal essence isn’t strong enough. Let’s train for ten years first and come back to teach these monsters a lesson!”

After playing for a while, Fang Qi was just about to leave to buy some food when he saw the two elders’ characters sitting inside a hostel. They were sitting cross-legged and were deep in meditation.

“Huh?” Confused, Fang Qi walked up to them and said, “Elder, your stamina bar is full. Why are you meditating?”

“Go away! I just encountered a powerful monster called Rakanishu.” Nalan Hongwu was annoyed by Fang Qi’s sudden disturbance, so he snorted, “I need to cultivate for at least ten more years to defeat it! Let me meditate for ten years first!”

Elder Fu sneered, “The monster emits a giant ray of lightning when we tried to kill it, so we have to use our essence to fight it. If that wasn’t the case, we would’ve killed it a long time ago!”

WTF? Fang Qi was dumbfounded. Are they really going to cultivate ten years to defeat a Rakanishu? Who told you to do that?

“Kid, why aren’t you speaking anymore?”

“He’s probably never encountered a monster as powerful as a Rakanishu.”

“…” Fang Qi looked at them again and said, “Others can kill this monster with their eyes closed. Are you serious about cultivating for ten years first?”

The two elders both froze; they also felt like something seemed off. We need to spend a decade to cultivate before playing a game?

However, when they were fighting the monster, they calculated and were sure that if this monster existed in real life, they needed to train for at least ten years before they could defeat it.

How could this kid say that other players can kill the monster with their eyes closed?

After all, they were almost smashed to death by that monster!

Nalan Hongwu’s face fell as he turned around icily. “Fine, you show us how you can kill this monster with your eyes closed. What if you can’t?”

Fang Qi’s face twitched. I’m level 18 already, so I can definitely kill a tiny boss that is level 3 or 4 easily.

“Want to bet on it?”

Nalan Hongwu smiled; he hadn’t seen a young man as brave as Fang Qi in a while.

“I was just going to suggest a bet! I won’t bully you. If you lose, tell the cultivator behind you to come out and talk to me! You, on the other hand, should go back to minding your own business!”

Fang Qi’s expression darkened. This old man sure talks arrogantly.

“What if you lose the bet?” He asked a little unhappily.

“Do you really think that I would lose?” Nalan Hongwu squinted his eyes. He had seen the powers of the Rakanishu.

In the game, his powers were restricted. Even if the game didn’t restrict people’s power, a man as young as Fang Qi wouldn’t even be able to run away from the carvers no matter how much warrior qi he possessed!

“Anything’s possible.” Fang Qi rolled his eyes and said, “If the two of you lose, stop making a fuss in this shop. You have to behave just like the rest of the customers here!”

Nalan Hongwu froze; he didn’t expect this young man to make a request like this.

He thought Fang Qi would at least ask him for a reward or noble ranking since the Nalan Family was of such high status.

Even if this kid doesn’t know my status, he could at least ask for a couple thousand crystals.

However, to Nalan Hongwu’s surprise, the request was so simple!

Therefore, he answered without thinking, “I accept your challenge!”

“Come take a look for yourself.” Fang Qi sat back down in his spot, teleporting himself to the Stoney Field.

“You’re a paladin as well?” Upon seeing Fang Qi’s character, they looked at him in disdain.

They were both paladins, so they were well aware of this character’s capabilities.

They watched as Fang Qi ran straight into the hurdle of monsters.

“Is he looking to die?” They thought Fang Qi was going to die immediately upon seeing what he just did. However, before they could say anything else, what happened next left them dumbstruck!

Fang Qi closed his eyes. Then, countless light hammers appeared, spinning around him!

One, two, three…

In a short while, the light hammers transformed into hammer storm that circled Fang Qi!


Countless carvers howled in pain.

With a loud rumble, the Rakanishu’s body exploded!

By the time Fang Qi reopened his eyes, countless corpses lied before him, leaving Nalan Hongwu and Elder Fu completely speechless.

If this is the power of a paladin, what were we playing just now?

“What are the light hammers? Why haven’t I seen anything like that?” Nalan Hongwu blushed as he realized that he had just lost to someone significantly younger than he was.

The good thing was that his real identity wasn’t exposed yet. If others found out that the family leader of the Nalan Family lost to a kid, they would definitely roll on the floor laughing.

Thinking back at what he just said, Nalan Hongwu’s face became redder than ever! He felt extremely embarrassed!

He glanced over at Fang Qi who didn’t seem to think it was a big deal.

“This kid is kind; he didn’t make fun of me.” Nalan Hongwu sighed in relief upon realizing that Fang Qi wasn’t going to obsess over what just happened.

At the same time, Fang Qi opened his skill tree and pointed at the blessed hammer. “It’s this skill. Once you get to level 18, click on it, and you’ll immediately know how to use it.”

Then, the two of them listened to Fang Qi and distributed their skills points and attribute points. They even equipped themselves with some blue magic items.

“… You can practice martial arts like that?”

“All I need to do is increase my level and get skill points and attribute points?”

“Who came up with this…” At that moment, Nalan Hongwu felt like he had jumped from ancient times to a modern world where everything was cutting edge!

How could he ever suspect that an advanced spiritual artifact like this couldn’t satisfy him?

“Fu! Let’s go kill that monster! I need it to pay for chasing us!”

Just when they had finally familiarized themselves with the game and was about to go back in and kill the monster, Fang Qi said casually, “You’ve reached the playtime limit for the day. If you want to keep playing, come back tomorrow.”

“?” Nalan Hongwu was speechless; didn’t he just think that this kid was kind?

He was so immersed in the game and was just about to go on a killing spree when he was told that his time was up!

Nalan Hongwu felt like spitting out blood. Is he kidding me?

He really wanted to pull out his sword and strike Fang Qi.

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