Black Tech Internet Cafe System

Chapter 3 - Wang Tai’s Gaming Experience

Chapter 3: Wang Tai’s Gaming Experience

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Wang Tai had never heard of or seen a game like this!

Therefore, he put on the VR headset again and went back to playing. The prologue was still playing, and Alpha Team had already descended from the helicopter.

The leader of Alpha Team, Albert Wesker, led the group. The two main characters of the game, Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, walked at the back.

They looked exactly like the characters in the original Resident Evil game, but if one were to lean forward and examine them closely, they would realize that these two looked like real people!

Every detail on their bodies was immaculate, down to their skin, hair, and even pores!

Wang Tai reached out; he could even feel their body temperatures!

The expressions on their faces were so realistic that they looked like real people!

Wang Tai hovered over them like a ghost as he closely observed everyone in the game. “They look like the people from the Daling Empire.”

“Actually, not really. People there don’t dress like that… Plus, the women in Daling have wide shoulders and broad hips; none of them are as pretty as she is!”

The main female character in Resident Evil One, Jill Valentine, was also one of the female leads of the second Resident Evil movie.

Jill was beautiful to begin with. Unlike the Caucasian actress in the movie, Jill had both eastern and western features in the game. Her military uniform made her look valiant and heroic.

Fang Qi remembered that back when he first started playing Resident Evil One; she was a goddess in all the male players’ minds.

In the later official remakes, Jill became even prettier and more delicate. Now, her looks in the system’s black technology game were more mesmerizing than ever, so it was only normal for Wang Tai to drool all over her.

Wang Tai wasn’t a coward; after realizing that there were no immediate dangers around him, he became curious about his surroundings. This place felt like another world. He could wander around back and forth and watch others, but the others couldn’t see him. He felt like a god watching over the people!

This was a magical feeling that he had never experienced, and he couldn’t help but ask again, “Is this really a game?”

“Of course it is!” Fang Qi crossed his arms in front of his chest and leaned against a computer desk with a smile on his face. For a game worth seven crystals, being realistic was only a small part of its value.

To make the game easier to explain, he thought of an example. “You can think of this game as one where royal families and aristocrats go hunting for monsters.”

“Hunting monsters? Ha, nice!” Wang Tai became even more immersed in the game upon hearing this. In this world, hunting monsters was a high-end activity only aristocrats and cultivators got to go on!

Fang Qi didn’t want Wang Tai to play without background information, so he gave the latter a rundown on the basics of Resident Evil, such as how to use guns, what zombies were, and what the Umbrella Corporation did.

Wang Tai didn’t have a problem with the weird names in the game since people in Daling had weird names as well.

However, new and interesting information like M Country, research companies, and viruses were cooler and more imaginative than the novels he had read in the past!

Moreover, he could tell that these characters weren’t created randomly; there was a complete system behind this game! He felt like a world with these characters really existed! Everything felt so real!

Then, the plot advanced. Quickly, a team member who was left behind was ripped to pieces by four zombie dogs.


Wang Tai began studying martial arts at a young age, so he wasn’t a person who would become dizzy at the sight of blood. However, that man was standing there, alive and healthy a second ago, just to be torn apart by zombie dogs in the next. The scene was so gross that Wang Tai couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air.

“Someone… died!” Wang Tai shivered, engrossed by the scene and affected by the creepy ambiance around him.

Barry and the other team members wandered off while the main characters, led by Albert, barged into the mansion!

“Please choose your identity within one minute,” suddenly, an audio prompt rang out from the computer, and two options appeared before Wang Tai’s eyes.

[1. Chris Redfield.]

[2. I am a special agent who was sent here to investigate as well. I’m now meeting up with Alpha Team.]

This was different from the version that Fang Qi had played; instead of the second option being ‘Jill,’ the system invented another mode.

“This…” Wang Tai asked anxiously, “What should I choose?”

“You don’t even know how to use a gun yet, so you should choose Chris.” Wang Tai was the first player at Fang Qi’s internet café, so the latter quickly give him a hint, “The second option is like a ‘master mode,’ and you won’t receive any help from teammates. Your attributes will be adjusted as well.”

Suddenly, the angle changed, and Chris’s muscular body froze!

“What’s wrong?” The team was surprised to see Chris acting weird, so they all glanced over at him.

Wang Tai felt he was now inside Chris’s body and was seeing what Chris was seeing.

Then, the others pointed their guns at him, immediately sending goosebumps all over his body.

Just now, when the others were killing the zombie dogs, he saw what those guns were capable of!

He seemed to feel the threat of death! A chilliness crawled up his spine all the way to his brain!

How is this just a f*cking game?

He even suspected that he might die in the game if he were shot by these people!

“Fang Qi!” Wang Tai quickly called out Fang Qi’s name.

The latter replied slowly, “Here!”

Although Wang Tai was in virtual reality, he could communicate with the outside world while he was playing.

He asked, “Will anything happen to me… if I died in the game?”

“No, it’ll just force you to exit,” Fang Qi replied nonchalantly.

“…” Upon hearing what Fang Qi said, Wang Tai swallowed nervously. “This game is so f*cking real!”


He could go on adventures and fight monsters, but he didn’t have to die? This place was a warrior’s heaven!

“There’s more to this game; you’ll find out more as you play.” Fang Qi raised his arms and stretched his body. As his sleeves fell down, they exposed his muscular arms which seemed capable of explosive strength.

His system’s black technology wasn’t as simple as that; if it were, Fang Qi would’ve given up upon hearing its impossible tasks.

Wang Tai, on the other hand, was as nervous as he could be, feeling as if spiders were crawling all over his body.

However, now was not the time to blank out. He looked back at his teammates’ weird glances, calming himself down and saying, “No… Nothing.”

“Chris, search this area; Jill and I will secure the doors,” the team leader, Albert, quickly overlooked Chris’s abnormality and gave an order to him.

“So, am I someone else now?” Wang Tai exclaimed as he looked around at the realistic scene before him, “I’m really not going to die?”

“Even if you do, it’d be him who dies, not you.” Fang Qi pointed at the screen.

“Right, you have a point!” Wang Tai finally came back to his senses.

Upon seeing the fatty this immersed in the game, Fang Qi didn’t want to keep talking to him. Therefore, he turned on the computer beside Wang Tai to play a round himself.

To his surprise, as soon as his game loaded, a pig-slaughtering howl came from beside him!

Fang Qi turned around and saw Wang Tai falling out of his chair and crawling under the table.

The computer screen showed a hallway, where a zombie was chewing on Wang Tai’s, or Chris’s body. Blood and flesh splashed everywhere, along with bloody letters written on the screen that read: [Game Over!]

“Fatty, why are you under the table?” Fang Qi couldn’t help but laugh.

Wang Tai removed the VR headset and wiped the sweat off his forehead before confirming that it was Fang Qi who was standing before him. He sighed in relief and patted his fat chest, exclaiming, “I f*cking thought it was a human, f*ck! It scared me to death!”

Wang Tai was still scared as he thought back to the scene that just happened. That thing was incredibly strong! He stabbed it with a dagger multiple times, but it wasn’t affected at all!


Wasn’t he bitten to death just now?

He looked up and down his body but didn’t see any injuries!

“Nothing happened to me?” He saw himself being ripped apart, but his body was completely intact!

Did that mean he could go on as many adventures as he wanted to in this world without the fear of dying?

He could be able to do whatever he wanted to!

He had been practicing martial arts for so many years, and he was still well and sound; what was he afraid of in this video game?

Upon confirming that nothing bad would happen to him, Wang Tai felt a rush of exhilaration shooting up into his brain. If I’m not going to die, then I’m going to kill it this time!

Then, he eagerly placed his VR headset on again and went back to playing.

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