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Chapter 110 - Scientific Way of Making Artifacts

Chapter 110: Scientific Way of Making Artifacts

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After Counter-Strike was launched, the first thing that Fang Qi had to handle wasn’t the things in games but the invitation of cooperation from An Huwei and the others.

When he finished dealing with these issues, he began looking into the third task that the System assigned to him.

[Task: Believing in science (Spreading the basic knowledge about guns)

Task description: Participate in the discussions about the basics for at least three kinds of guns

Task reward: The Gaming Cultivation Room will be opened, and you will have one-day access

Task details: This is truly scientific]

The task reward was the Gaming Cultivation Room. Although the System didn’t give detailed information about this room, it must be something quite useful since it was offered as a reward by the System.

Since the past rewards that the System offered, such as the T-Virus and the rocket launcher, were all very powerful, Fang Qi was quite expectant of the Gaming Cultivation Room which he guessed must be something that could improve others’ strengths.

After all, he could use some strength himself. He couldn’t rely on the System to deter people with bad intentions forever.

Besides, if he must travel to other places to choose locations for new shops, his weak strength would be a problem.

Fang Qi was now sitting in a research room in the Blue Flame Pavilion; it was set aside especially for their use.

In the room were Nalan Mingxue, Li Haoran, and several of the best artifact masters from the Blue Flame Pavilion.

Li Haoran looked at the documents in his hands and asked, “Mr. Fang, do we really need to do research on three pistols? Can we add a submachine gun onto the list?”

Fang Qi didn’t answer. Instead, he stared at Nalan Mingxue.

“Three pistols then.” Nalan Mingxue’s pretty face turned dark.

This wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for you! Tickle me? This is what you get for tickling me! Fang Qi snorted quietly.

“However, one of the three pistols must be a Magnum Revolver or a Desert Eagle.” Nalan Mingxue felt like Fang Qi wouldn’t give them all he had since it was their first-time cooperating.

After all, she had done that thing to Fang Qi.

However, as a smart woman, she continued to bargain with Fang Qi around his baseline.

Fang Qi shrugged. “It depends on if you can understand them.”

He wouldn’t force them into a corner. After all, they had sworn to the agreement with the essence blood of cultivators and warriors, which meant that they would abide by the terms of the agreement if nothing unusual happened.

As long as they were within the bounds of the agreement, he would provide them with more knowledge.

“Mr. Fang, you can teach us whatever you can,” a grey-haired middle-aged artifact master said, “We have been doing this for more than 100 years, and I’m sure that we have the ability to understand.”

A mature and plump woman in black who was sitting next to him said proudly, “Mr. Fang, don’t underestimate us. If we can’t understand it, then no one else can understand it in Jiuhua City. Is the information that you have this profound?”

The guy’s name was Wang Zongyu, and the woman’s name was Chen Rong. In the Blue Flame Faction, they were on the same level as Li Haoran. Li Haoran had been taken into the faction in an unusual process, which was why he enjoyed a high status at such a young age.

These two artifact masters had high levels of skills in terms of making spiritual artifacts.

Although they knew that Fang Qi had a mysterious and powerful cultivator behind him, they didn’t believe that they wouldn’t understand new knowledge around making spiritual artifacts.

“It would be good if you can understand.” There was a blackboard in the research room for drawing illustrations. Despite the fact that it was made differently, it had the same functions as those in Fang Qi’s previous life.

Fang Qi wrote five big words on the blackboard: [Enter the World of Science].

Then, he wrote, [The Periodic Table].

Soon, voices came from the research room, “Read after me: Lithium, beryllium, boron, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, fluorine, neon.”

“Lithium, beryllium, boron, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, fluorine, neon.”

“Sodium, magnesium, aluminum, silicon, phosphorus, sulfur, chlorine, argon.”

“Sodium, magnesium, aluminum, silicon, phosphorus, sulfur, chlorine, argon.” Wang Zongyu, Chen Rong, and the others recited after Fang Qi.

After reading it for a long time, they finally memorized these strange words.

“Well, why do we need this stuff?” Finally, Li Haoran asked in bafflement.

These words sounded like spiritual spells, but nothing happened after they recited them.

“Good question.” Fang Qi wrote five more words on the board, [Scientific Way of Making Artifacts].

“Do you know why the bullets that your Blue Flame Pavilion made are of such poor quality?”

Wang Zongyu and Chen Rong’s faces twitched but they couldn’t rebuff him. They had spent lots of time and energy on them, but the bullets that they made were still inferior to the worst bullets in the game.

“It is because you don’t have the basic knowledge supporting you,” Fang Qi pointed at the big blackboard and said, “Now, we’ll begin with middle-school-level chemistry. After that, we’ll move on to middle-school-level physics. After you’ve mastered all the basic knowledge, I’ll teach you how to make bullets.”


They looked at rows of lofty letters on the big blackboard, feeling awed.

When Fang Qi finished the class, it was already the morning of the second day.

The concepts such as nitroglycerine reaction equation and the ratio of propellant still resonated in their minds.

After only a short night, they felt like the door to a new world was opened!

After staying up all night, they were in high spirits, except for Fang Qi.

“Today, you’ve learned the basic knowledge. Later, I’ll teach you high-school-level math, chemistry, and physics, etc.” Fang Qi stretched and yawned. “If I cultivated all night like this, I might be able to pass the heavenly tribulation and ascend now.”

“Pass heavenly tribulation? Ascend?” Nalan Mingxue looked at Fang Qi curiously.

“Well, it is quite complicated to make pistols!” After Fang Qi left, the people in the research room burst into lively discussions.

“No wonder these weapons are so difficult to create!” Wang Zongyu said, “They need such deep knowledge, such as middle-school-level chemistry!”

“According to Mr. Fang, middle-school-level chemistry is just the basics,” Chen Rong said. “If we want to understand the process of propellant, we must learn the high-school-level chemistry and physics. We have a long way to go before we can understand it completely. By teaching us the gun-making process right after teaching us the basics, Mr. Fang is shortening our learning curve.”

“Science? Is it the artifact-making method created by that mysterious cultivator behind Mr. Fang?” Li Haoran murmured, “There exists such a figure in this world? Does it mean that he’s even more powerful than our master?”

“Master said that there’s always someone better. It’s so true…”

“Middle-school-level chemistry… middle-school-level physics… How come they sound so weird…” Nalan Mingxue was deep in thought. For some reason, she thought of the elementary school students that Fang Qi had once mentioned.

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