Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please

Chapter 50

Chapter 50.1: The All Saints Day Begins

Zang Mai felt a shiver run through him. [He really has the smartest Mistress under these Heavens!]

The pair of gold and silver eyes looked around and he was thinking to just brush aside the entire matter quickly when he met the young lady’s pair of eyes that were looking at him with a mirthless smile, who made him then spill everything out.

Including the fact that that strange pair of eyes had helped him to capture a powerful human spirit.

In their previous life, Zang Mai had never devoured any other spirit before.

Because he was a living spirit born from the Burial Soul Arts itself and he was already powerful enough by himself, where he had not needed to devour any of those little low leveled and weak spirits at all. But when Qing Yu died unexpectedly when she was caught in a crisis, Zang Mai sustained great injury to his vital energy together with his Mistress, and was assaulted by an unknown danger. In order to protect Qing Yu’s spirit from dispersing, he used up his last remaining sliver of spirit essence, and became so weak he turned back into his original form.

And after he devoured that human spirit, Zang Mai had felt a cohesion so comforting like he had never felt before, like he had been born like that. He was originally not human, and now he seemed to have gained a sliver of human compassion, possessing complicated emotions that many weapon spirits had never possessed before.

It had felt like he had been born to devour spirits and just like now, he felt that must become more powerful that he had been in his past life.

“Looks like the Qing Family from my previous life holds many more secrets that I do not know about.” Qing Yu let out a laugh, the gaze of her phoenix like eyes deepening, her exquisite and peerlessly beautiful countenance taking on a menacing tinge.

There were many things that would have to wait till the day she becomes strong enough, before she would come to understand fully. Now that her weapon spirit had come awake, the speed of her cultivation’s progress would increase by half, and she would be able to fight her way back there one day!

Zang Mai was startled by the murder that had risen so suddenly in the young lady but that intense emotion quelled down very quickly and it was only when he did not notice anything peculiar anymore that he was able to set his mind at ease.

It seemed like the hotblooded recklessness from the past could no longer be seen in Qing Yu who was now reliving another live, and hidden deep in her bones were just devious farsightedness and calm.

To an outsider, seeing the young lady with a countenance of such peerless beauty sitting in a quiet corner, the corners of her mouth curled up with a faint and imperceptible smile as she sat beside a youth who had his back facing everyone, they would think that they must be discussing something interesting.

But only Qing Bei knew that the young lady had been like this for a good while. Having been with her for six years, although it could not be said that he understood her completely, but he would at least know that she was currently not aware and conscious of her surroundings, and if he were to leave her side at that moment, something might just happen to her!

Fortunately Qing Yu recovered after a while. She then blinked her eyes at him to indicate that she was alright.

If it was not because she had been so astounded that Little Burrow had suddenly awoken, she would not have done something so dangerous as to immediately make her consciousness leave her body. If any wild and wandering spirit were to spot her vacant and uninhabited shell, it would really cause her a whole lot of trouble.

“Announcing the arrival of the Water Edge Kingdom’s Duke of Vast Seas and the Ninth Princess!”

“Announcing the arrival of the Martial Land Kingdom’s Seven Prince!”

After the shrill and high pitched voice rang out, a rustle of commotion suddenly rose up outside the hall.

Although the Duke of Vast Seas’ fame as the god of slaughter was well known to everyone, but his extraordinary silver hair and deep green eyes were just as exceptional and mysterious as well.

People had said that he was incredibly hideous looking and that was why he did not dare to show his face to people, and there were also people who had claimed that his looks were like those of a god in the Heavens, unmatchedly handsome. Although they were all just rumours, but the people just could not hold back their curiosity towards that man. This was a man that even the people of the Water Edge Kingdom seldom saw, not to mention such a faraway kingdom like the Green Wave.

The Ninth Princess Yue Xin Yan was also a rare beauty throughout the lands, her hair falling down to her hips, mixed with several locks of wispy blue that were weaved into two thin braids on the sides, her large bright pair of azure eyes the sparkling with the colours of the sea, incredibly attractive. Although she was only fourteen years old, the figure of her body was incomparably great, curvy and slender, a blue chiffon dress worn over that petite frame, her delicate beauty making her look like a sprite descended into the mortal realm.

Chapter 50.2: The All Saints Day Begins

And there were the twins from the Martial Land Kingdom’s Imperial Family, birthed by the Martial Land Kingdom’s Imperial Consort.

The two of them were supposed to be born at the same time but one came out at the very break of dawn while the other rolled about in the mother’s tummy till night fell before deciding to come out, causing the two of them to have two completely different personalities. One was sunny and handsome, like a son of the sun, the other dark and eccentric, like a Hellish demon spawn.

The pair of unusual twins were famous throughout the Martial Land Kingdom as the younger brother who was born at night always made use of his face which looked exactly the same as his elder brother’s to commit all kinds of evil, but as he knew and imitated his elder brother’s demeanor and actions so well, no one could tell them apart properly.

Moreover, the two of them were the Martial Land Kingdom Imperial Family’s most preeminent and outstanding princes, who possessed strong powers, belonging to one among the Three Great Sects, the Carefree Valley, highly elevating their status.

The twins who came in together with Qing Ye Li and his people had one wearing a sapphire blue brocade robe, a handsome countenance, his facial features carrying a warm smile that put people at ease.

The other prince was dressed in full dark green, and though it could be seen that he carried a similar looking countenance, but his demeanor and the air around him seemed somewhat different. Very few people were able to carry off such a challenging shade of green and look good in it, but that prim and proper attire when worn upon his body seemed to lend to it a sense of restrained ascetic beauty.

With one look, people were able to see that he must be the Seventh Prince who was born at night, the air around him feeling quite a bit colder.

It was also the first time that Qing Yu was seeing the twins and she had felt that it was rather interesting. She looked at them a little while longer and then said with a laugh: “They really look exactly the same! But….. but the Seventh Prince seems to look like there is more in him than he shows.”

Had he been born with that body constitution or was he cultivating some secret dark arts? That sinister air that was emanating out from him was impossible to hide!

“Mistress, that person is a highly rarely seen prodigy who holds both light and darkness in one body. Don’t just see him as being sinister and terrifying to look at, but it is only because he still has not learnt to fuse those two opposing types of techniques cohesively. Wait till he comes to comprehend the secrets in what he holds and it will be hard to find one who can match him throughout this low level lands.”

The golden haired boy inside her seemed to have discovered a peculiar existence through Qing Yu’s eyes and he could not help but open his mouth to explain.

It could be because his attention had been drawn by that highly peculiar prince as he then came to notice that man with a full head of silver hair standing right at the forefront of the group. His long narrow eyes then immediately blinked in surprise, and then blinked again and again. “Eh? Mistress, why do I feel….. that that man over there is just so familiar? It seems like I have met him somewhere before!”

“It’s that one…..”

“Why are you sitting all the way over here?” Yan Xi Cheng had come walking over out of the blue. “I’ve made arrangements for your seats. This area is where all the smaller family clans and disciples from off branches sit.”

Having her conversation interrupted, Qing Yu then gave up on it to turn to Yan Xi Cheng with a smile. “Thank you Big Brother. I was thinking that this area was more quiet but since you’ve made arrangements for our seats, then let’s go there!”

“Xi Cheng, these two are?” Yu Jing Zhuo had been chatting with Yan Xi Cheng earlier before this but when Yan Xi Cheng had suddenly come walking here, he had just followed behind.

“I have not introduced them. This are my younger siblings, Yan Qing Yu and Yan Qing Bei. This person here is the Left Prime Minister’s Third Young Master, Yu Jing Zhuo.” Yan Xi Cheng went on to say.

Because Qing Bei was sitting down, Yu Jing Zhuo’s eyes had immediately just turned his gaze to look at Qing Yu. And it was only when he came close that he discovered that the young lady had looks as outstanding as a celestial being. If it was said that Yan Ning Luo was an untainted and coldly aloof mystical lady of the Nine Heavens, then this young girl here would be the most enchanting and alluring beauty that hooked a person’s very soul, but under that peerlessly beautiful countenance, was a smile that was so pure and flawless, without being lofty.

Chapter 50.3: The All Saints Day Begins

Self proclaimed to have completely studied three thousand beauties, the playboy Yu Jing Zhuo was completely mesmerized for the first time in his life as he stood there staring.

It was only after Yan Xi Cheng beside him called him a few times that he came back to his senses. Yu Jing Zhuo coughed awkwardly a couple of times and then turned his eyes away from her.

Yan Xi Cheng held his fist pressed against his lips to stifle a laugh. [Compared to the time when he first saw Qing Yu, isn’t this fella a little too weak willed? How could he embarrass himself like this?]

“Cough, I had not thought there would be such a beauty in the Eternal Peace Duke’s Manor.” Yu Jing Zhuo cleared his throat, before he then gave a handsome and suave smile.

As for Qing Bei at the side who had been completely disregarded, “…..”

[So his presence before people is always so insignificant.]

Qing Yu cast a languid and indifferent glance towards Yu Jing Zhuo before she then said perfunctorily: “Thanks for the praise.”

The atmosphere grew awkward, and Yan Xi Cheng then quickly led Qing Yu and Qing Bei to their allocated seats, where he did not interact with them much after that.

After that whole incident, Yu Jing Zhuo was a little depressed as he opened his mouth to ask. “Why do I feel that this younger sister of yours….. is even colder and more aloof than Yan Ning Luo?”

“Is that so? Qing Yu is usually very well behaved, and isn’t all that cold to people.” Yan Xi Cheng said with a smile, and his gaze then turned a little mocking. “It is most probably because you were staring at her like an ignorant fool when seeing her for the first time, which caused her to dislike you!”

Yu Jing Zhuo did not have a response to that. “…..” [Damn! Did he really make such a big fool of himself just now?]

[That was just too much! How could he have left such a bad first impression in front of a beauty! ?] He was suddenly feeling highly frustrated.

For this year’s All Saints Day, not only people from the other two kingdoms had come, even the Three Great Sects had each sent one heavyweight representative, to be judges that would select the male saint and female saint for this All Saints Day festival.

This year’s All Saints Day was expected to be the most exciting one ever. Not only had the always heard but never seen god of slaughter, the Duke of Vast Seas come, the great beauty famous throughout the lands, Yue Xin Yan, the highly eccentric but highly powerful twin princes, and many other capable pugilists from the Three Great Sects were also here, so it was guaranteed that it would be a grand and magnificent sight.

In the middle of the Imperial Palace’s grand hall, an enormously wide round arena has been built, a strong and tough spirit energy isolation barrier set up around the platform. Once a duel began, no one will be able to interfere.

Compared to the Martial Land Kingdom which was a highly warlike kingdom, the Green Wave Kingdom also had quite a number of scholars and men of literature and the arts. Although one’s level of cultivation granted them freedom of passage through these lands, but without a little knowledge and a splotch of ink in their tummies, if they did not possess any literary or artistic talent to show to people, they would still be mocked and ridiculed. Hence, for this year’s All Saints Day festival, they had added a literary segment to the competition.

Before the duels, they had already carried out one round of filtering and they were very strict. Many members of noble families who came all prepared were swept right out of the competition right from the beginning and there was no room for negotiation at all, not even when they tried to bribe with money.

It was no joke. People from the other kingdoms and the Three Great Sects were here this time. If anyone of them were to mess up and cause any mishap to occur during such a momentous occasion that embarrassed the Green Wave Emperor, they would definitely not be able to live peacefully henceforth.

“Big Brother Ye Li, isn’t that the person we saw at the Afterlife Loft back then? To think that he has come here as well.” Yue Xin Yan’s gaze suddenly caught sight of a familiar figure, and she could not help but whisper to the man beside her to tell him about it.

Hearing that, Qing Ye Li raised his eyes up to look. The man on the opposite side seemed to feel someone’s gaze upon him and he then stretched his hand up to wave at them, his eyes just as charming as before, tugging at people’s heartstrings.

The surprising thing was, he was seated among the panel of judges.

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