Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please

Chapter 47

Chapter 47.1: Mystifying Fog Spirit Bind

With just one look, it was clear that an array had been activated to be a test for them.

Luo Jun Yao arched up an eyebrow. “Looks like your father is playing for real this time. Even if we manage to barge through it, we will have to lose a few layers of our skin.”

It was a type of superior grade array from the Divine Healers, called the Mystifying Fog Spirit Bind.

Just like its name, the fog was thick and heavy, where one would lose all sense of direction upon entering, and there were also all kinds of strange and peculiar things that confused one’s mind. With all that said, as long as one had a weakness, they would not be able to pass through safely without being mystified. Having one’s spirit bound was really no joke as once a person got trapped in there and did not come out within a day, they would really not be able to come out again.

But at that moment, they still had not stepped inside. Bai Qiu’s meaning was clear, it was entirely their own choice whether they left or remained.

“If you are able to last a day inside and not get killed, I will then release you!” The deep and commanding voice of a man sounded from afar, reverberating around them.

Bai Zhi Yan was rather perplexed. “Father, there is just me as your one and only son. If I die, your bloodline would be severed!”

“For the Divine Healers Sect to have such a rebellious and traitorous descendant, it might be better with you dead!” The voice was harsh and callous, and it disappeared without a trace after saying that.

Bai Zhi Yan almost wanted to stamp his feet in rage. This father was his was really just too heartless.

Luo Jun Yao then curled up the ends of his lips in a smirk and went walking inside on his own. Seeing that, Bai Zhi Yan whose feathers were still highly ruffled quickly hurried to catch up and said worriedly like an old woman: “Jun Yao, you’ve really come in. If we really come to die in here, it wouldn’t matter much if it’s just me. But for the great Lord of the Dark Region, how shameful would it be if news of that spread…..”

Luo Jun Yao’s footsteps paused slightly and he glanced back at the man. “Who said we will die?”

Bai Zhi Yan was taken aback. “Could it be possible you have a plan?”


“Then why did you come in? !” Bai Zhi Yan was so infuriated his anger knotted up inside.

Luo Jun Yao then smiled mischievously and said in an indifferent voice: “Isn’t there a saying….. good guys finish last? Heaven wouldn’t dare to take me.”

Bai Zhi Yan could not find the words in him. “…..” [That is his style indeed.]

The two people were separated once they went inside. One couldn’t see that to be the case from outside, but once they stepped into the array, that Heaven shrouding great fog would engulf the person completely, unable to see the way forward at all, like one had walked into a maze. Bai Zhi Yan was immediately disorientated.

And on the other side, it was quite a bit easier for Luo Jun Yao. That pair of demonic eyes of his were able to penetrate through everything, where nothing in this world could hide from them, and illusions like these would not be able to stop him at all. He put his hands behind his back, and then slowly strolled his way forward, looking highly leisurely.

The path in front then suddenly became clearer, the misty fog dissipating away, seeming like he had come through the array so very easily. But Luo Jun Yao knew, that he was not done.

Gazing upon a boundless field of snow and glaciers, a flurry of human figures suddenly appeared. There were pitiful cries of help, and the sound of malevolent and sinister laughter, incessantly assaulting his ears as the highly contented expression on Luo Jun Yao’s face suddenly froze.

To him, that voice could not be anymore familiar.

He had not witnessed that scene with his own eyes, but that voice was etched so ever deeply into his memory.

“Don’t….. I beg for you to spare my child. I beg you…..”

The tall and brawny figure of that man held a upraised sword in his hand, and he was just about to slash it down upon the highly bulging tummy of the woman. The woman was already complete exhausted but she still used every single last ounce of her strength to dodge the strike. She was then stabbed deeply in her chest, and garish red blood sprayed over the face and body of the man.

Chapter 47.2: Mystifying Fog Spirit Bind

A wave of people then suddenly appeared that killed off all those evil people, saving that woman who was only barely breathing.

“Please….. I beg you….. Save….. my child…..” The woman’s breaths were gossamer thin, her blood covered hands clasped tightly around the man’s hand, her voice coming out in a weak stutter, her life seemingly reaching its very end. “I….. won’t live….. Save my child….. Save him…..”

The other party was thrown into a fluster by that scene, although he wanted to save her, he did not know how and what he was to do at all.

“Slice open….. my stomach…..” The woman’s already slightly glazed over eyes suddenly became incredibly clear and bright, the resolute and incisive gaze shocking to see.

In the end, the men followed her wishes and retrieved the child out of her. That woman was already severely wounded and with this, the woman breathed her very last.

The woman was left behind in that field of snow, to forever rest under those grounds, while the child was brought back and adopted by that man. Just before the woman died, she had told him that the child’s name was Lou Jun Yao.

His thoughts were then slowly pulled back to the present, that part of his memory filled with endless slaughter and aggrievement. The aura around Lou Jun Yao became unbelievably violent and brutal, his eyes turning a blood red colour in an instant.

But he recovered back to his senses very quickly, his lips curling up into a scornful smile, and continued walking forward seemingly unaffected.

All of this was seen by a pair of eyes hidden from sight.

[How is that possible? He’s woken up from it so quickly!]

[That part of his memory should be the biggest dread that plagued his dreams. How could he possibly pull himself out from that so easily?]

[Is it possible that the current him really has no weaknesses! ?]

That dreaded dream to Lou Jun Yao in the past was indeed deeply etched in his memories and utterly unforgettable. But to him now, it did not affect him that much anymore. For no other reason than the fact back when he had just established the Dark Legion, he had already fully eradicated every single one of those people who persecuted his parents, where not one throughout their generations was spared, all of them suffering all kinds of torment till their deaths, and even the young children were not let off as well.

He, Lou Jun Yao had never been a good person. In fact, if one was to anger him, that person could possibly not ever enjoy a single day of peaceful sleep again.

This secretive and mysterious man with a highly eccentric personality would never let his enemies die a quick and painless death, but would dangle them slowly, to leave their hearts hanging by a thread, unable to enjoy peace for any extended period of time. Just as the other party had just started to let down their guard, they would suddenly die under unfathomable circumstances, and the expression on their faces just before they died, would definitely be one of pure terror.

There’s a saying that went on like this. Vengeance is a dish best served cold.

And for a black bellied and devious man like Lou Jun Yao, his vengeance was determined by his mood at that time. All in all, anyone who offended him would come to regret that they had ever been born into this world.

When Lou Jun Yao reached further ahead, what met his eyes were many rare and beautiful sights of the world, peerless beauties whose looks could ruin entire cities and kingdoms, and he saw many miraculous elixirs and medicines that could greatly increase one’s cultivation. Thankfully, all of that did not tempt Lou Jun Yao in the slightest.

It was till the end when he suddenly found himself passing through a sea of stunningly beautiful flowers. All the red floral blooms swayed gently in the wind, a highly enchanting sight. Lou Jun Yao suddenly halted his footsteps and his face took on a slightly ugly shade.

[Darn it. Fallen for it.]

All the stunning scenery and ravishing beauties he saw when put together with the field of poppies before his eyes made him realize that they were all filled with an almost undetectable fragrance. At that moment, he felt as if all strength had been drained out of him, and even taking a single step was a little hard.

Bai Qiu that sly old fox had really been meticulous and astute, knowing that he would surely be careless.

Chapter 47.3: Mystifying Fog Spirit Bind

Lou Jun Yao’s face looked slightly suspicious and in his heart, he was already quickly thinking up a way to counter it.

The Mystifying Fog Spirit Bind Array was specifically designed to be used against powerful pugilists with high and profound cultivation and hence, if one were to forcefully resist it, not only would it not have any effect at all, their cultivation powers would slowly be weakened by the array. Even if they did manage to escape out of the array in the end, they would be in a state that was no different from useless trash.

The man tall and slender frame stood ramrod straight in his spot, not as weak as what the man hidden from sight was thinking, but was instead looking like he was handling the situation with ease. It seemed that over so many years, his character had changed more than just a bit, to become a lot calmer and much more composed.

People who initially step into the array would not know the secret behind it and the harder they fought in resistance, the stronger the opposite effect would be.

And although the man was already affected by the effects of the drug where his movements had become a little sluggish, he did look like he was feeling unwell in any other way. Hence it could be seen that he was not about to put up any resistance, showing that his powers of perception were rather astounding.

On the other side, Bai Zhi Yan’s fortune was not that great.

As the heir of the Divine Healers, he was born with a body immune to poison. Although possessing outstanding skills in Medicine and holding quite a significant level of cultivation, he failed to realize in the slightest of the fact that the harder he resisted, the stronger he was being suppressed.

What he faced were a bunch of mindless puppets who knew no exhaustion. The only thing they knew were to carry out their orders, to attack Bai Zhi Yan relentlessly.

He had initially been able to deal with them easily, till thereafter, he discovered that the more viciously he struck, the retaliation from the puppets would attack him with twice the force. As a result, there were quite a few injuries on his body at that moment, looking rather wrecked and wretched.

The Sect Leader of the Divine Healers Bai Qiu who was fuming at Bai Zhi Yan’s disappointing performance suddenly had his attention pulled back by a surprised cry beside his ear.

“What did he just eat! ? How is that possible!? He is actually able to move! !”

Although the Divine Healers Sect’s Third Elder Bai Li was already a few hundred years old, his personality was still loud and boisterous. Whenever he saw something unbelievable, he would always exclaim loudly like this, his eyes wide as he stared.

Bai Qiu had his attention focused on his own worthless son and he did not see what Lou Jun Yao did. He turned to look quizzically at Bai Li and asked: “What happened?”

Bai Li’s face was still highly agitated. “That kid, just ate an elixir and I saw it very clearly. Not only is he able to move after taking the elixir, but look at him now! He is not affected by any hallucinations from the miasma of poison in the air! Once he finds the eye of the array, he will then come right out from it!”

Bai Li was fanatical about elixirs and medicines, always locking himself inside the elixir cultivation room to fiddle around with all kind of strange and peculiar prescriptions.

The poison in the array were set up by him personally and it could be said when it came to poison techniques, none in the Divine Healers Sect were able to compare to him. And he had not devised an antidote for the poisons he concocted as they were meant to be used upon enemies.

But now, just one single elixir pill and it had completely dispelled his poison. It was just too unbelievable!

“Is that even possible?” Bai Qiu was equally surprised.

When he turned his gaze over there, he saw the regally dressed man with his flawless countenance, the corners of his lips curled up with a indifferent smile as he stretched his long and slender fingers out to pluck off a exceptionally adorable and pretty little beauty that was weeping among the flowers. It turned out to be a red lotus whose shape resembled a young girl weeping with her hands over her face.

That’s right. That was exactly where Bai Li, who had a highly wicked sense of humour had set the eye of the array at.

With the eye of the array destroyed, the illusory world then seemed to undergo an apocalypse, crumbling away inch by inch, to then fall away and disappear till there was not a single trace left.

Bai Qiu’s gaze then turned to look beside him. The stick of incense was just burning out its very last bit, and the ashes then fell.

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