Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please

Chapter 45

Chapter 45.1: Duel Between Prodigies

Now, she had just opened her mouth and she was already challenging the Green Wave Kingdom’s greatest lady prodigy, which shocked quite a number of people while getting them excited.

The corners of Xuanyuan Che’s mouth curled up and the expression on his face showed a moment of rarely seen mirth. The young lady’s daring confession just now was actually hiding her real motive, which was to challenge Yan Ning Luo!

That’s very interesting. He was also very curious what kind of a scene it would be to have the two women face off.

The Green Wave Emperor was a little taken aback, never having thought that her request would be this. He then immediately turned to look questioningly at the Duke of Eternal Peace Yan Su sitting still and upright directly below him, who then returned his gaze with a calm and composed smile.

The young pretty lady in blue then turned her eyes around to look towards the tables of the womenfolk, her gaze resting upon Yan Ning Luo who possessed a countenance that could ruin cities whose expression was calmly indifferent, and she asked with a smile: “I wonder if I may have the honour to be able to pit my skills against Princess Ning Feng?”

Yan Ning Luo’s expression did not change as she stood up from her seat, her eyes unconsciously drifting into the middle of the group of the Water Edge Kingdom’s emissaries, to look at the man in a deep red robe and silver hair that was like snow, and her gaze deepened as she slowly said: “I’ll be glad to oblige.”

“Sis, who do you think will win! ?” Qing Bei was getting excited watching. Although the Water Edge Kingdom’s Ninth Princess looked rather petite and weak, but the fact that her fame was able to match Yan Ning Luo’s meant that her cultivation level would not be all that low. With these two prodigies facing each other, it was not known how big a sensation it was going to cause.

The corners of Qing Yu’s mouth tugged slightly, but she did not reply.

For some unknown reason, her heart was feeling rather ill at ease.

The palace hall was vast and enormous, the large space in the middle originally meant for performances, but now, it would be just right for the contest.

The moment Yan Ning Luo stepped onto the stage, the air of indifference on her suddenly turned menacing, as a faint greenish glow shone out around her body. The light upon Yue Xin Yan was blue, and within that, there was also a slight vicious hint of glowing purplish lightning.

The light upon a pugilist’s body represented their elemental attributes. Like the green light on Yan Ning Luo body showed that she was of the wood element, and Yue Xin Yan was a rare dual elemental attribute pugilist, possessing both the water and lightning elements.

A pugilist’s cultivation element were classified into: metal, wood, water, fire, earth, ice, lightning, light, and darkness, nine elemental attributes, with light and darkness being the rarest among the elemental attributes. It was said that one would not find even a single person possessing these two attributes, and the next two most rare attributes would be ice and lightning which were most dominating and aggressive, attributes that belonged to the powerful attack category.

And Yue Xin Yan possessed the lightning element among the more aggressive attributes, and she was a dual element pugilist, which was highly powerful.

It was already considered hard for a pugilist to be able to cultivate a single element to its peak but not only had she cultivated two elemental attributes, she was able to immersed lightning within water, melding the two elements as one! This clearly showed that both elements had already been cultivated to extremely great heights.

Yan Ning Luo’s wood element was not that weak as well, belonging to the attack and healing category. So even if she got injured, her body would quickly begin to heal automatically, and it could be said that that was as good as possessing a second life. But encountering a dual element pugilist, it would still be rather hard on her.

The people down below could not help but break out in cold sweat, worrying for her.

“The person we saw that day is indeed the Ninth Princess. This little princess is definitely not simple. To think that she possess such strong powers at such a young age. I am guessing that Princess Ning Feng will have a hard time here.” Yu Jing Zhuo was seated a few tables away from Xuanyuan Che and his voice clearly reached the Crown Prince at that moment. He had clearly used covert voice transmission and only the two of them can hear it.

Xuanyuan Che then sneered. “This shows you still do not understand Yan Ning Luo well. That woman is not as simple as you think she is either, the water runs very deep.”

“Oh? You understand her so well! And you say you do not have any interest in her.”

“I am merely stating facts, and it has nothing to do with whether I have any interest in her.”

“Mm mm. You do not need to explain. I know everything.”

“…..” [You know bull.]

Chapter 45.2: Duel Between Prodigies

Up on the stage, because when two pugilists duel, fearing any tricks or interference from others, and to prevent the fight from coming to harm anyone, an isolation barrier would automatically be formed around the duelists. Hence, no matter how shocking or terrifying it got in there, the people outside the barrier would not be affected.

Yue Xin Yan looked every inch just like an adorable and obedient little lass, but when she started to fight with people, she became an entirely different person, her eyes turning to look dominating and incisive, filled with excitement and fervour. The moment she struck, it was always with incredibly terrifying and powerful moves. Yan Ning Luo did not face her head on and just dodged all of those ferocious moves one after another, seemingly on the retreat the entire way.

“What’s going on? Why doesn’t Princess Ning Feng fight back? She is just being pummeled the entire way!”

“The Ninth Princess is really very strong, and it feels like she is more powerful than Princess Ning Feng.”

“I think Princess Ning Feng might be losing this time. She isn’t even able to retaliate at all! The Ninth Princess is just too strong, her strikes quick and vicious, which is almost completely indefensible.”

“Sigh, looks like our Green Wave Kingdom will be losing face this time.”

“Yan Ning Luo, why are you not fighting back? Are you looking down on me! ?” Yue Xin Yan was getting a little angry. She had come to the Green Wave Kingdom in order to have the winner determined between her and this woman claimed to be the Green Wave’s greatest prodigy. She hadn’t expected that the woman would not even hit back which infuriated her greatly.

Yan Ning Luo dodged the punch that had lightning wrapped around it and said: “A martial arts contest is always determined by merely landing the first hit, is there a need to fight like only one of us can live?”

Yue Xin Yan sneered. “But I insist on determining who is stronger between us. Or could it be that your fame as the greatest woman prodigy of the Green Wave Kingdom is just a farce? Isn’t there anyone else in this Green Wave Kingdom? That they even need a woman like you to keep up appearances!”

Yan Ning Luo’s expression turned cold. “The Ninth Princess must remember the saying that trouble stems from the mouth.”

“Ha! It’s little wonder why Big Brother Ye Li very nearly destroyed the Green Wave Kingdom seven years ago. What kind of a strongest kingdom is this? If this is all there is to it!” Yue Xin Yan kept saying words that taunted and challenged Yan Ning Luo, seeking to anger her to use her real power in this duel, and not merely keep dodging.

After she said that, a clear change could be felt in the aura around Yan Ning Luo’s body. The Ninth Princess was delighted, thinking that she had finally riled the woman enough for her to get serious. But what she did not know was that it wasn’t her words of challenge that angered Yan Ning Luo at all.

But the way she had called Qing Ye Li “Big Brother”…..

Yan Ning Luo’s clear and pretty eyes suddenly became incredibly chilly.

[They had already become so close and are on such intimate terms?]

[Big Brother Ye Li, tsk.]

[She would never allow the man that she had loved for so many years to be involved with any other woman.]

[Even if she was a princess of an entire kingdom, it was still completely unforgivable!]

People who knew Yan Ning Luo well all knew the young lady was always mature and steady, her personality indifferent and cold, never easy to rage.

But at that moment, the boundless rage that was suddenly rising out from her shocked many of them, thinking that the Ninth Princess must have said something unpardonable to enrage Yan Ning Luo to such an extent.

And just as everyone were overcome with shock and surprise, they then saw the green glow around Yan Ning Luo’s body suddenly change, to actually rise with another brilliant and fiery red, scorchingly hot.

That was the fire element!

With that, everyone froze, absolutely stunned in place. Yan Ning Luo was also a dual element wielder! And the elements she wielded were of two completely opposing attributes!

The fire element was flashy and dominating, while the wood element was more gentle and reserved. And, Yan Ning Luo had miraculously come to possess the ability to wield these two elements!

“A prodigious young lady indeed! There’s so much more in her than she lets on!”

“As I’ve said, Princess Ning Feng could not possibly be so weak.”

Chapter 45.3: Duel Between Prodigies

“So she had not been serious about it all this time? Is the duel only just starting for real now?”

“With such gifted talent, it’s no wonder that the Faint Mist Sect favours her so much. It is said that Princess Ning Feng’s birth characters shows she is born to live like a phoenix, highly noble and to be revered.”

“She has really hidden her abilities so deeply, as it turns out, she’s a dual element wielder. Did you know about this before?”  Yu Jing Zhuo continued to transmit his voice to Xuanyuan Che.

The latter’s face was completely calm, seemingly not surprised in the slightest. “I didn’t know.”

“You’re the Crown Prince indeed. You don’t know anything but was still able to act as if nothing escapes you. I really have to take my hat off to you.” Yu Jing Zhuo teased with a laugh.

The eyes of the Green Wave Emperor up in the high seat also flashed with a glint, and he said to Yan Su. “To think that that lass Little Ning is actually a dual element wielder of the fire and wood elements. Did my favoured vassal know of this?”

Yan Su’s face was one of stunned surprise, and it was clear that he did not know about the matter at all.

The Green Wave Emperor smiled in satisfaction. “With a daughter like this, my favoured vassal is really fortunate. Little Ning is truly blessed to live her life like a phoenix. It seems like she would definitely be of great help to our Green Wave Kingdom in future.”

“Your Majesty is too generous with his praise.” Yan Su said humbly, though he was smiling as well.

“Are you finally willing to duel with me seriously now?” Yue Xin Yan asked with an eyebrow raised as she looked at the woman whose body was exuding a chilling battlelust and the smile at the corners of her mouth deepened. “Then let me the one to crush your title as the greatest prodigy!”

Upon finishing those words, the light blue figure turned into a blur in an instant, delivering a strike straight towards Yan Ning Luo with blazing speed. Yan Ning Luo’s demeanor remained indifferent but at that moment, she felt that she needed to defeat her young opponent, to let that man know that only her, Yan Ning Luo, was qualified to stand at his side.

The limpid pair of clear and incisive eyes immediately almost felt as if flames had flickered to life within, the scorching fervour felt by the crowd of people outside the arena.

“Looks like the Ninth Princess might just lose this time.” Ah Jin stood on one side, and lamented regretfully.

Her fire elemental attributes were evidently more powerful than the wood element she had revealed before. Since the beginning of time, water overcomes fire. But fire joined with the wood element with its unmatchable defense, it would not fear water at all, but would instead be able to completely suppress the water element.

Qing Ye Li had not paid too much attention to the duel on the platform but had merely occasionally taken a glance at it through half narrowed eyes. The only reason he had come here this time was because of Yue Xin Yan persistent soft pleading and hard wheedling, and together with the fact that he wanted to investigate for any information about Little Yu. Hence, he wasn’t all that keen in their contest.

“There’s just too many people. It will not be easy to take action.” The male voice was as sinister, and just as lifeless as before.

“I must sniff definitely that person out or I will never give up!” The voice of the person under the hood was filled with hatred.

“Committing the sin of killing too many people in these low level lands will incur the wrath of Heaven. And limitation laws exist here that limits our cultivation, where we are unable to fully use our powers.”

“Hmph. Then find a way to lure him out! I must have him killed!”

The man’s deathly pale face was expressionless as his vacant eyes suddenly turned. “There will be a huge festival here the day after tomorrow. It will surely be messy with the bustle then. It will be the best time to strike at that time.”

“Alright, we’ll do as you say.”

Qing Yu did not understand why she was feeling so much in a daze tonight, so sleepy with everything in a haze. In the end, another sinister feeling gust of wind blew past behind her and her body shook with a quiver, immediately feeling a lot more awake.

That was the second time. She had definitely not been mistaken. Her alluring eyes then darkened. It was feared that someone or something had their eyes fixed on her.

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