Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please

Chapter 333.3 - Finale (Part 2)

Chapter 333.3 : Finale (Part 2)

And he knew deep down inside, that even though it was only such a small and miniscule bit of hope, it would never ever happen.

As they were people from two very different worlds.

Even though it was so close, and it could even be said to be within hand’s reach, the gap between them was like an insurmountable chasm, where they could only forever remain being the closest strangers.

That kind of a feeling, was just too painful to bear.

It was really just too unbearable, and he could not endure it anymore.

So, he thought that if there was a far and unbridgeable distance between them where they would not ever come to meet, he would no longer feel so intolerably tormented!

Otherwise, he was worried that he might really be unable to suppress that caged beast in his heart one day.

Lou Jun Yao left the latter words unsaid, as he believed that Qing Yu would have understood and she must have guessed that the man would make this choice in the end.

After hearing what Lou Jun Yao said, Qing Yu did not speak for a good while. After a while, her voice then sounded softly.

“I have always felt I owe Little Ye so much. In both our past and present lives, he had always lived for my sake. He had clearly grown strong and powerful enough himself but always made himself look small and insignificant before me. Sigh…..”

She let out a self mocking laugh as she lowered her eyes: “What did I do to be worthy of that but have merely picked him up out the snow. He had then treated me like I was his everything, where he lives when I live, and will foolishly follow right behind me if I die. He could have lived a much better life…..”

“Affection for another person is not something that one can control as they wish. Maybe he found it a blessing and happiness that he was able to protect you silently from the back.” Lou Jun Yao embraced the young lady from behind, his voice low and deep as he said softly beside her ear.

“Is that so?” Qing Yu raised her head up slightly to look at the man. “If it was you in his shoes, will you do the same thing and protect me silently like that as well?”

Lou Jun Yao curved up the ends of his lips. “Of course not.”

Qing Yu immediately arched up an eyebrow, incomprehension filling her eyes.

“Once I’ve set my eyes on a person, I will naturally do everything within my capability to make her mine through any means. I will never do something like being an unknown silent protector of the damsel, and secretly watch her giggle and laugh in another man’s arms while hidden. I would rather die a quick death and be done with that.” Lou Jun Yao scoffed in a cold disdainful voice.

Hearing those thuggish words from the man, Qing Yu could not help but laughed softly. “You’re really quite frightening aren’t you? I think if I did not choose to be with you, I really wonder what kind of a cruel torment I will have to suffer! ?”

His voice had just trailed off when she felt a warmth spread through her ear, her earlobe held between the man’s warm lips as he bit on it, neither hard nor gentle but she felt a numbing tingle that caused her to shrink back instinctively. “What did you bite me for?”

“How could I ever bear to do that to you when I dote and cherish you so much?” Lou Jun Yao said with a smile as he leaned in to kiss her on her cheek.

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