Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please

Chapter 332.4 - Finale (Part 1)

Chapter 332.4: Finale (Part 1)

Mo Jing Yu in full white stood right beside her, his handsome facial features perfect and flawless.

The two of them still looked as compatible as before even though they were now parents to their two children, the passage of time not leaving the slightest trace on their faces, both as good looking as ever.

Qing Yu looked at the woman whose eyes were slightly reddened at the corners and she lifted the corners of her lips slightly as she opened her mouth to say: “Has Mother recovered fully already?”

“What can happen to me? I was already feeling much better once I got out of that god forsaken place and with your timely treatment, I’ve never felt better.”

Qing Lan Fei smiled as she lifted a finger to wipe at the corner of her eye and then held the young lady’s hands as she said in a soft tender voice: “You were unconscious for so many days and it gave all of us such a big scare. Especially Jun Er who did not even shut his eyes at all, and that child has not fully recovered from his wounds…..”

“Are you alright?”

Before Qing Lan Fei could finish, the shade on Qing Yu’s face immediately changed, becoming highly anxious as she looked at the man sitting by the bed.

She suddenly recalled that he had held her very tightly back then even though the searing heat on her body would burn him, and he had not loosened his hold on her in the slightest.

Lou Jun Yao shook his head with a smile. “I’m alright. It will heal very quickly now that you’ve woken up.”

“Let me see.”

Qing Yu knitted her brows up deeply, not believing his words. She stretched her hand out to grab his arm and was just about to pull back his sleeve to check his wounds when something on her hand suddenly struck the man’s finger which let out a clear crisp clink.

Qing Yu was surprised for a moment as her gaze instinctively lowered to look down at her own hand.

Her fair and slender hand, her skin soft and flawlessly smooth, looking like fine exquisite jade. Besides that fact that she was an elixir cultivator and that she had always looked after her hands with great care, her body constitution also played a part in her flawless skin.

She did not really like wearing accessories and her hands had always been bare.

But at that moment, she saw that there was a crystal clear red ruby ring on her ring finger. Upon a closer look, it seemed as if blood was swirling inside the stone, a beautiful and exquisite piece.


Qing Yu was a little dazed. She remembered that the ring had been tossed away by Lian Shi when she was taken away from the Divine Temple. She had thought that she would never see it again, never thinking that it would be found, and worn on her finger.

“It was found in the Divine Temple’s lotus pond and I’ve carried it on me ever since.” Lou Jun Yao held her hand as he said in a soft voice.

Qing Yu beamed at him. “Luckily you managed to find it. Having carried it on my body for so long, it was a little hard to get used to it after it was lost.”

“Qing Yu.” He suddenly called out to her in a stern and serious tone.


He had always called her little fox all the time but has suddenly called her by her name. She could not help feeling rather surprised.

“You told me before that giving a man a ring means wanting to bind and tie down that man. I have been tied down and bound to you.” Lou Jun Yao then touched the point of his finger on the ring upon his ring finger.

His deep mesmerizing violet eyes then turned to gaze deeply at her. “So, when do you intend to give me an official status?”

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