Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please

Chapter 328.1 - Completely Unexpected

Chapter 328.1: Completely Unexpected

Unless a powerful spirit soul is sacrificed…..

Immediately, the look on several faces suddenly changed, seeming like they had never thought that he would ever do something so crazy.

Qing Yu gently pulled herself free from Lou Jun Yao’s arms and went walking over to stand before Qing Tian Lin, her exquisitely flawless countenance scathing as she stared straight at the man’s face.

“Have you….. completely lost your mind?” She opened her mouth to say, pausing in between every word.

“In my previous life, I already gave my life up to you, and I have not pursued all the pain and harm you inflicted on me in the past, in repayment for that sliver of care and concern for a kin, that you might have genuinely shown once before. Isn’t that enough?”

The young lady’s bright phoenix like eyes carried a cold contemptuous tinge. “I’ve always wondered about it so many countless times. Why must it be me? Just what is it that you see in me?”

“If it’s because of the Sacred Burial Arts and the Heavenly Insights into Medicine, you do not need to go around such a big circle, but just need to sever my spirit energy root. With my cultivation utterly destroyed, they will unilaterally break their spiritual contract with me, and you will then be able to get your hands on them…..”

Simply said, once she dies, these two sacred treasures will be freed from her body.

Qing Tian Lin had not expected that she would say such a thing.

It was as if she had given up on herself.

Throughout it all, she had never once compromised herself. This time, why is she…..

Seeing the many changes in the man’s expressions, Qing Yu’s eyes became icy as she asked: “Aren’t you going to make your move? Then let me do it.”

Upon saying that, she immediately raised a palm up to deliver a strike straight towards her forehead between her brows. That was the spot where the spirit root of people who practiced cultivation resided. If it came to sustain severe damage, no medicine in the world would be able to cure it, and no matter how highly skilled an elixir cultivator was, they would not be able to do anything about that.

Her actions, immediately caused the men there to fly into a panic. Qing Tian Lin was standing closest to her and he stretched his hand out to stop her without thinking.

However, when he caught her hand, the expression on his face froze, seemingly in disbelief. He turned his gaze down to look, and found that something warm and wet was sticking to his skin from the young lady’s hand he was holding tightly in his grasp. He then felt a rush flow through his meridians.

“It’s….. all a ruse?” Qing Tian Lin’s face was grave as he spat those words out through tightly clenched teeth.

A corner of Qing Yu’s lips lifted up slowly as she went on to say in a soft voice: “You had no intention of letting me off right from the beginning anyway, why would you suddenly become concerned about my wellbeing out of the blue? You could jolly well have turned me into a puppet right from the start and you would have achieved all that you wanted long ago. Don’t you think so?”

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