Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please

Chapter 314.2 - Secret Not To Be Told

Chapter 314.2: Secret Not To Be Told

The mirror demon reacted like she was going to go mad for a moment as she clutched her arms over her head that she was shaking in agony, her mouth muttering to herself: “How is that possible? How could someone possibly be like this…..”

“Why then….. Why did he never….. Never once believed me….. He told me that he loved me…… but he killed me with his own hands…..”

“Liar. You’re all liars….. All of you are just great big liars!”

She looked like she was in great distress as a maniacal power burst forth, causing the scrying mirrors surrounding them to crack one after another. If all the scrying mirrors were to be destroyed and the one that sealed her came to be broken, it would then be impossible to reverse it.

Lou Jun Yao’s brows knitted up tightly and he was just about to stop the woman when a man’s deep clear voice suddenly sounded from behind, causing him to startle slightly.

“Actually, you were not the only person to die in that fire.”

That short and simple statement was however enough to make the mirror demon immediately pause in her maniacal actions.

On that hideous and horrible face, was a stunned and shocked expression, as she stared wide eyed at the man who had suddenly appeared.

The man was dressed in a spotless white suit, cutting a tall and lean figure with an exquisitely handsome countenance. He stood quietly a short distance away, aloof and detached, like a deity who had accidentally stumbled into the mortal realm, his bright red eyes calm without a single ripple, completely emotionless.

It was Little Monster.

Lou Jun Yao raised an eyebrow in surprise. This fella had actually been faster than him, to have gotten out within such a short period of time. There are some extraordinary secrets surrounding this guy he thought.

The man’s expressionless scarlet eyes gazed upon the woman, like he was looking at an unreasonable child throwing a tantrum.

With the gaze from those eyes upon her, for some unknown reason, a sliver of fear rose up in her heart. But she drummed up her courage and proceeded on to ask: “What….. did you just say?”

Little Monster did not not answer her question directly but opened his mouth and went on to say: “Sometimes, what the eyes see might not be the truth. I don’t think that you are aware that the person you hated for so many years has been dead for a long time!”

The mirror demon’s eyes flared wide in surprise, her body rigid and stiff as she stood frozen in place, acting as if she was hearing things.

What is this man talking about?

He’s dead…..

You’ve gotta be kidding!

Why would that person be dead! ? He had clearly gone on to marry another woman after he murdered her, and living in bliss at a ripe old age. How could she ever forget that?

“You are lying…..”

Looking at the look of utter disbelief on the woman, Little Monster lowered his eyes and did not say anything, but merely waved an outstretched hand right before her face. Immediately, a scene seemed to flash quickly through her mind one after another, so fleetingly fast she was almost unable to capture them.

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