Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please

Chapter 306.2 - From Now Onwards, You Are Him

Chapter 306.2: From Now Onwards, You Are Him

No effect at…..


That weak and frail body of a human….. How could it possibly block such a powerful and lethal strike…..

She wiped her eyes clear and when she looked again, she seemed to notice something else. Behind the man, there was another person standing there, similarly putting up a defensive stance where he stood, where she was only able to see the wide and resolute back of the person.

She could not see the expression on the person’s face, and was unable to tell if he was hurt. But, how could he possibly not be hurt in this situation?

With the two people shielding her, she did not even suffer a single scratch. The man standing in between had his heart shot right through behind the first person shielding them, taking in all the damage from the remaining power of the blocked strike, the force completely dissipated by the time it reached her.

That would mean….. that the person in front must have withstood a much larger portion of the damage alone, maybe even more than that…..

However, the man still stood in his spot with his back straight and unyielding, not moving a single inch.

She was suddenly a little afraid, to the extent that her heart skipped a beat. Her voice came out incredibly hoarse, not caring if the man was going to show her the same expression of disdain at that moment, she called out his name.

“Lian Shi…..”

A name that people of the gods race were most bothered by. To think that the leader of the demon race whose cultivation was so powerful and unfathomable would possess such a pleasing and melodious sounding name, like one that would belong to a proud and revered celestial being from beyond the Nine Heavens, or to a pious holy disciple that received Buddha’s teachings of the Sanskrit right before Buddha himself.

But that name should not….. in all circumstances, belong to an evil being from the vile demon race.

The man with the well built figure seemed to have heard someone call out to him as he slowly came to turn around. But the moment his body turned, it immediately caused crystalline tears to flow down the woman’s face.

There was the slightest shade of colour on the man’s handsome countenance. As people from the demon race were born to live in dark and sunless places, their complexion was fairer than others, but it wasn’t the same frightful paleness she saw on the man at that moment.

However, that was not what pained the woman’s heart the most, but it was the pair of usually deeply mesmerizing violet eyes of his, which at that moment had turned red like blood. Upon looking more closely, she then saw that his eyes had not merely turned red, but were actually bleeding inside, together with a trickle of blood that could be seen flowing down from the corner of his mouth.

The man just stood there, staring at her without saying a single word, watching the woman sob till she was unable to speak, her thin slender body shaking incessantly, so overcome with grief she just could not control herself, unable to stop.

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