Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please

Chapter 27

Chapter 27.1: Are You Going To Offer Yourself In Marriage?

Once Mu Chi realized that she had forgotten who he was, he immediately said a little anxiously: “Miss, look carefully. Do you really not remember me?”

Qing Yu arched up an eyebrow. “Am I supposed to remember you?”

“You’ve forgotten that you saved me the other night and that I have even gotten people to deliver a million taels of gold right before your door?” Mu Chi’s face was serious as he tried to explain.

Qing Yu’s face did not show the slightest change in expression, but in her heart, she had already carefully looked over this fella from head to toe. The night he was poisoned, his face had been bruised and it was impossible to see how he looked clearly. But she could now see that he wasn’t all that bad looking at all!

[Still, how was he able to recognize her through her disguise?]

Not to mention that he was just a stranger whom she had only met once, even Little Bei had been stunned for a good while the first time he saw her looking like this.

“Look here lad, you have a good look as well.” Qing Yu smiled and stretched her hand out to tap him on the shoulder. “I, am male. Although I’m quite good looking, but for you to address a guy as Miss, that is an insult to me.”

The corner of Mu Chi’s mouth twitched. “Miss, let’s not parry with Tai Chi anymore alright? I saw you coming out of the Eternal Peace Duke’s Manor’s back door with my own eyes. Just admit it would you?”

Qing Yu did not say a word. “…..” [This kid really isn’t being cute at all.]

With all that’s been said, there was no meaning in continuing to play dumb. Qing Yu herself was not a person who played coy all that much and she immediately gave helpless shrug of his shoulders. “Alright. I’ll admit it. What do you want by following behind me like this?”

Mu Chi’s face then split into a smile, his eyes bright and sparkling with blinding brilliance. His eyes enchanting, he said: “I would like to know you. My name is Mu Chi.”

“Mm. Su Yan.” Qing Yu said with a nod of his head, making up a random name. “You know me now. That’s should be all right? I still have business to attend to and we’ll part here.” Upon saying that, she went right past him and continued her way forward.

Mu Chi froze a moment and then hastened to catch up. “Where are you going? Can I help?”

“No need. Thanks.”

“You don’t need to be so courteous with me. You are my saviour afterall and I still want to repay you!”

“You’ve paid me my remuneration and we do not owe each other anything.”

“A drop of water’s benevolence must be repaid as a gushing spring. Moreover, a debt of benevolence for having saved another person life is one great as the Heavens. That is not something that mere material things like money can possibly offset.”

Qing Yu suddenly halted her steps and turned herself around with an eyebrow raised to look at the lad with a serious face. “Then what do you want to do?”

“I…..” He had been so righteous sounding just one moment ago when he suddenly turned coy and squeamish, his eyes looking slightly evasive.

Qing Yu burst out laughing upon seeing him like this and said mockingly: “You can’t possibly be thinking to offer yourself up in marriage are you?”

Upon meeting those devilishly alluring eyes of hers, and that expression with that imperceptible smile, Mu Chi’s heart grew flustered.

He then thought of how all women all the way up to eighty years old and even children down to four years old were always so easily coaxed by that glib silver tongue of his.

But before the young lady here, he had suddenly become inarticulate and awkward, unable to even complete his sentences.

She was teasing him jokingly and with a such a wicked expression on her face, no different from that of a thug taking liberties with a good young lady, but alas, wrapped in such a great looking flesh exterior, not only was one unable to get angry, it would make people more than willing to suffer from it.

For the first time, Mu Chi felt that he had become a little strange, and he did not know what was happening to him.

He just kept his eyes lowered and squirmed coyly there for a good while. Waiting till he had finally summoned up his courage, he raised his head up. Only to discover that there was no one in front of him at all.

“I’m really such an idiot!” He howled in frustration, and then raised a hand up to hit himself viciously on the head.

Chapter 27.2: Are You Going To Offer Yourself In Marriage?

[What is there to be so shy about! ? He is a man!]

[The young lady had not even shown any bashfulness and here he was acting all shy. Really, even he was beginning to despise himself.]

Mu Chi was feeling rather depressed. He had lost the person just like that.

“But….. At least he got to know her name….. Su Yan. What a nice sounding name.”

He tried to comfort and reassure himself for awhile and then walked out from the alley. The sun was setting over the western horizon. Mm. Time to find a winehouse for a few drinks.

After Qing Yu shook off her tail, she did not go in through the front door but just sprung herself straight up to leap atop a wall, and stood high up there to watch the foolish lad walk a far distance away before she blew out a breath in relief.

[Fortunately he did not follow all the way up here.]

“Young Master Qing?”

The past few days had been rather good for Bai Zhi Yan. As the Lord was feeling much better, his mood had naturally become better.

It had been especially easy to talk to Lou Jun Yao these past few days. Like now, he had just suggested to the Lord to go out for a walk to familiarize themselves with the surroundings and the latter had agreed to it so readily.

The two of them had just come out from that sealed room not too long and they’ve spotted a figure crouched furtively atop the wall.

The Gathered Cloud Loft’s construction had a unique layout and even that wall was quite a bit higher than those in most manors.

And their walls were built with special materials, completely smooth and slippery. No need to mention crouching on top of the wall, most people would not even be able to scale that wall at all.

That’s right, and some time ago, Lian Ji had told him that this particular little Young Master had a strange habit of not using the front door, but liked to enter by leaping over the walls.

Hence, when Bai Zhi Yan saw the back of that figure, he had immediately been able to recognize it.

Once he spoke, Lou Jun Yao had naturally noticed it as well. The little figure on the wall, a tiny person curled up in a ball, crouched high up above, looking rather adorable and amusing.

But, Qing Yu’s attention had been focused on whether that persistent lad had left or not and in the end, someone had called out to her out of the blue, and her body had jumped from the sudden shock, her foot slipping out under her.

Lou Jun Yao’s eyes narrowed when he saw that the small figure was going to fall from above and he suddenly stretched his hand out. A gentle force suddenly held onto her, slowing her descent, till she landed safely on the ground.

Qing Yu was astounded for a moment, before she raised her head to nod her head at Lou Jun Yao with a smile. “Thank you.”

“It’s no trouble. As long as you’re fine.” Lou Jun Yao then raised an eyebrow, his pair of violet eyes deep. “You have come here for…..?”

“I had some matters to attend to in the past few days and I was so busy I forgot I was supposed to come over. In the end, I had just stepped out through my doors when I encountered a pesky fella.” Qing Yu’s face was one of helplessness as she opened her palms to say. “I really cannot be too kind. The next time I see anyone being pursued or poisoned by their enemies, I must not let myself save them without thinking.”

Lou Jun Yao’s gaze paused a moment, and his voice then let out a deep laugh. “Then I have been most fortunate that I was saved by you before that.”

Qing Yu blinked her eyes. “You’re different.”

Lou Jun Yao’s demeanour appeared slightly taken aback. “Different?”

“That’s right! You’re a creditor. I owed you a debt and I cannot refuse to save you!” Qing Yu said jokingly. “Do you have water? I’m dying of thirst. I had to really chatter on for quite a bit earlier.”

As she spoke, she walked past the two men, and just went straight inside.

Qing Yu’s had always been a candid character and having been here so many times, she had grown to become familiar with the people here.

Added to that was her excellent disguise as a male, possessing an extraordinary air, blessed with Heavenly allure. They were all mostly female inside, and everytime she came here, they all crowded around her like bees to honey, a kind of charm that even Bai Zhi Yan had to admit defeat to.

In the room, Bai Zhi Yan then took up guard by the door.

Chapter 27.3: Are You Going To Offer Yourself In Marriage?

Lou Jun Yao was propped up and leaning back on the bed, a hand stretched out to rest upon a low side table, as the young youth’s porcelain white slender fingers pressed against his wrist, a little cold to the touch.

The pair of alluring long upslanted phoenix like eyes’ focus was concentrated on him, as once she used her x-ray vision, her entire person would be fully focused upon it, unable to feel or sense anything on the outside at all, her body in a state highly vulnerable to attacks and other dangers. Hence, Bai Zhi Yan was standing guard outside to protect her.

It’s always said that when a person is fully focused on a particular task, that person will exude a particular kind of indescribable charm.

And that was exactly what was happening to Qing Yu at that moment.

Unconsciously, Lou Jun Yao’s gaze then paused upon that peerlessly exquisite face on the young youth.

Compared to most regular youths, this kid was slightly taller and more slender, almost looking a little thin, his small body seemingly light, not even two taels worth of flesh on him.

With skin slightly on the pale side, it gave people the feeling he was a weak pale faced little kid. Though he was blessed with devilish looks that could bring ruin onto the world, but an air of righteousness hovered between those brows. People like this held complete disregard for worldly norms and conventions, but were the most righteous and kindest of people.

Lou Jun Yao had lived for several hundred years, and he had never misjudged a person. This young youth, was a talent with great potential.

After a period of time it would take to have a cup of tea passed, Qing Yu then retracted her hand and blew out a breath of tainted air. “You’re finally alright. Your body is very healthy now. There were a few residual effects from your prior condition and I’ve eradicated all the problems for you at the same time.”

“After this, I will get rid of the blood curse for you. But, you’ll have to wait for awhile.”

“Why do we have to wait for awhile longer?” Bai Zhi Yan came walking in from outside the door, to ask in bewilderment.

Qing Yu rubbed her chin as she smiled. “That is because, unravelling a curse is best done right around midnight…..”

Hmm….. being bitten back in the middle of the night within their dreams….. that should be quite interesting.

“Ah….. That’s how it is.” Bai Zhi Yan did not understand all that much about curse seals and such but he did not probe deeper into it, but just believed the young youth.

Midnight came very soon.

Bai Zhi Yan retreated outside, with him and Lian Ji taking up guard on the left and right, prepared for anything unexpected.

No lights were lit inside the room, but for the countless Luminous Pearls on both sides giving out a soft glow that brightened and darkened intermittently.

A man lay on the bed, not covered by a single thread.

But Qing Yu was not in the mood to admire that impossibly beautiful body of the man, but was staring with great interest at the red dot on his chest that was sinisterly spreading out gradually in all directions, growing countless waving malevolent tentacles that crawled to cover the entire body, where even that most handsome looking face was not spared.

His entire person looked like a monster that was bathing in dark blood red lines.

Qing Yu’s eyes looked upon the man with curiosity, with interest, but there was no disgust nor fear.

“Aren’t you scared?” He said with his lips curled up, seemingly a little scornful.

This was the first time he was showing himself in this state before a stranger, and it was before such a young youth. But Lou Jun Yao did not let any complicated emotions into his heart to trouble him but remained at peace.

Even he himself did not know why there was a feeling of comfort in him that he had never felt before.

As if, this person before his eyes would really be able to save him.

Qing Yu laughed softly and tilted her head to look at him. “It’s nothing scary. You who are being helplessly trapped in terror should be the one being most afraid. And this curse seal is suppressing at least half of your power, you must be feeling rather defeated!”

This man must surely reign supreme over a certain place out there, one with unparalleled power at the peak of his power. But with his powers suppressed, he had to live in hiding. Such a kind of setback where one fell from such a high place, was something most people would not be able to accept.

But not this man. He’s acting like he’s perfectly fine, a person with a strong will and forbearance.

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