Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please

Chapter 22

Chapter 22.1: Unlucky, Unlucky, Really Unlucky!

Would they really be that unlucky?

She still remembered back when she had opened her first restaurant, it was destroyed by the Duke of Vast Seas.

The losses she incurred back at that time had almost made her life not worth living at all. Because the restaurant had been rather large in scale, all the fixtures and fittings inside were all carefully and painfully created and put together by her. After she took so much effort to bring the business up to reach a peak, a war started between the Green Wave Kingdom and the Water Edge Kingdom.

That god of slaughter had been vicious, quickly causing her to lose her restaurant completely, and what did he then say?

A wasteful extravagance? !

Did she take his family’s money to waste! ? That scoundrel! !

Thinking about it now still pained her quite a bit.

Yan Ning Luo had not thought so much about it as she nodded her head. “I heard that they will come in another month’s time, which would coincide with the Green Wave Kingdom’s triennial All Saint’s Festival.”

Yu Xiao Ning nodded in agreement. Looks like she would have to fully prepare her protection mechanisms in advance this time, in case that god of slaughter comes to tear up her territories when he’s in a bad mood.

“Eh? Isn’t that the Crown Prince? Why is he out?” Through the half covered window, a tall and slender figure in dark green slowly walked past, his face gentle and elegant, exceptionally outstanding looking.

Hearing that, Yan Ning Luo lifted her eyes to look, and then retracted her gaze, seemingly indifferent.

Yu Xiao Ning did not hear any response and she turned her head back. “Little Ning, aren’t you going to go down and see the Crown Prince at all?”

“There no need for me to go see him. I see him often enough in the sect.”

“Tsk, don’t try to deceive me. Don’t I know you well enough? You must be trying to avoid him.” Yu Xiao Ning said, immediately exposing her.

Yan Ning Luo glared at her. “What do you mean I’m avoiding him? Do you think he wants to see me so much?”

These birthdate characters of these two must surely clash each other’s. It was not known why they always seemed to dislike the sight of each other from a very young age. How are they going to get along when they get married in future?

Yu Xiao Ning held her hand over her forehead. She was really very worried for her!

— Duke of Eternal Peace Manor —

Qing Yu returned back from outside, and she had just opened the door when she saw Qing Bei standing in the corner, his expression looking rather panicked.

“What’s wrong?” She asked as her eyebrow lifted.

“Sis.” Seeing that she had come back, the youth then blew out a breath in relief. “Father came here earlier, and he just stood outside the door for a very long time. It almost frightened me to death.”

“Is that so?” Qing Yu curled up her lips in a smile. “Why are you so afraid of? You’re afraid that he would see that you can actually stand on your feet?”

“Mm.” Qing Bei nodded, his voice soft. “I was afraid that if Father saw it, it might spoil your plans.”

“So foolish.” Qing Yu stretched her hand out, and rapped a knuckle on his head. “So what of he sees it? What can happen? At most you can just tell him that you encountered an expert who treated your crippled legs for you. That would at least make him take note and he might even pay a little attention to you!”

“I do not care for all that.” Qing Bei sneered. “Did you go to the Gathered Cloud Loft to treat that man’s condition?”

“Mm. I just gave him a body checkup and I did not find much problems. When he recovers, then I will have nothing to do with them anymore.” Qing Yu said with a smile. “I’m going to rest. You better go carry on with your cultivation and don’t be lazy. I’ve set up a barrier array outside and no one will disturb you.”

“Mm. I know.”

Qing Yu went back to her room and closed the door before she sat herself on the bed, to gather her mind in meditation. The moment she closed her eyes, everything surrounding her seemed to blur, her body feeling light as a feather, like she had come to another world.

This was her personal space dimension. She came to this place whenever she cultivates herself. The spirit energy in here was highly robust and dense, more than a hundred times stronger than outside.

When she had just returned here from outside, she noticed that something did not feel quite right in her body. There were faint signs of her about to achieve a breakthrough and she had immediately rushed her way in here.

Chapter 22.2: Unlucky, Unlucky, Really Unlucky!

Back in her past life, she had already cultivated the Buried Soul Arts to its pinnacle and now that she was starting all over again, because she already had experienced it once before, she found it easier to grasp it when cultivating, yielding faster results.

It was funny saying this. The Qing Family in her previous life was the greatest reclusive family clan, hidden from the world, the embodiment of righteousness who helped the dying and healed the wounded, their heart encompassing the world.

But the two secret treasures handed down from the ancestors, one of them being the <<Buried Soul Arts>> was clearly not any orthodox skill as it contained no lack of devilry techniques inside. The other <<Heavenly Insights of Medicine>> was also not a precious compilation of medical books as the legends claimed as half of its contents were about techniques with poisonous voodoo grubs.

It could be seen that the people had been deceived, as no one had ever seen those legendary secret treasures.

But one thing was true.

Within the Burial Soul Arts, there was a powerful Ancient Magical Artifact, where after undergoing many thousands and thousands of years of practice, it had developed a spirit consciousness.

And at that moment, it was quietly lying there in a corner within Qing Yu’s space dimension.

It was a gold and silver dual colored snake shaped circlet, and there were many complicated ancient looking designs on its surface. It remained there quietly, not moving at all.

Qing Yu rubbed a finger in between her brows and walked over to knock on the snake’s head.

The circlet quivered, and a blinding light emitted from it before it then slowly opened its eyes. Its pair of long and slender eyes were also dual coloured with gold and silver, that looked very nice.

“Mistress?” The little snake blinked its eyes, still a little groggy, before its mouth split into a smile. “Mistress, you’ve become stronger again!”

Qing Yu snorted a breath through her nose and asked: “How long has it been for you already? And you’re still not able to regain human shape. I am starting to have thoughts of abandoning you now.”

“Wah! No! Don’t Mistress! I am really trying trying my very hardest to restore my spirit body!” The little snake wailed pitifully, its gold and silver eyes almost glistening with tears, a sight that tugged at one’s heart.

“How are you feeling now.” Qing Yu suddenly asked out of the blue, and the little snake was not able to react for a moment. “What?”

“You are my weapon spirit. Do you not feel anything at all after I undergo a breakthrough?”

It then dawned upon the little snake as it swiveled it head a little and its body swelled from just about the thickness of an adult’s thumb up a few times.

“Huh? I grew bigger? !” The little snake’s face filled up with surprise, twisting its body and shaking its tail. It then slithered up onto Qing Yu’s hand, to rub its head against the back of Qing Yu’s hand. “Mistress, look! I’ve grown bigger. Hahaha…..”

“Imbecile.” Qing Yu said with a roll of her eyes. “Having turned back into your original form must have brought your intelligence down to that of a retard as well.”

“Hmph! I am obviously very clever! In what way am I a retard! ?” The little snake harrumphed, as it turned its head away in indignation.

Qing Yu stroked it cold body. “I don’t know what could possibly be holding you down. I think I’ll refine a batch of elixirs that restores spirits for you in awhile or you would still be just a snake even when my hair has turned all white!”

“Really? Thank you Mistress!”

The little snake had regressed a lot as she had thought. Upon hearing that there would be elixirs to eat, it immediately became so happy and it was rubbing itself against her hand like a little child.

Qing Yu’s eyes suddenly looked a little sad. That golden haired youth who saw himself as unparalleled in the world had been so spirited and full of mettle. If not for her, he would surely still be living leisurely, enjoying a life free of worries.

But now, it could not even maintain its most basic human form…..

“Mistress, are you unhappy again?” Although the little snake’s mental intelligence was not entirely complete, but its emotional senses had become very sensitive. It had its tiny head lifted up as it stared at her earnestly with its long slender eyes.

“No, I’m not.” Qing Yu could not help but smile as she shook her head. “You get yourself some good rest. I’ll come see you again after some time, to give you the elixirs.”

“Mm, mm. I will Mistress.” The little snake licked her finger, and then obediently leapt off her hand, to coil itself up into a circlet again, shrunk back in a corner quietly.

Chapter 22.3: Unlucky, Unlucky, Really Unlucky!

Qing Yu had just broken through and her aura was still a little unstable. She stayed inside there for a little while more, before she retreated from there.

She had only been in the spatial dimension for a while but it had already become dark outside and Qing Bei was already not in the room anymore. The youth had always had a mind of his own from a very young age and towards Qing Bei’s affairs, Qing Yu seldom interfered.

The moon hung high up in the night sky, spilling down a cover of silvery white, unimaginably beautiful.

The ends of Qing Yu’s mouth were slightly lifted, her mood unconsciously great. She was about to go out for a stroll when a figure flitted speedily right across the night sky, that then suddenly plummeted downwards in a straight fall.

And of all the many places there to fall into, the figure fell into the herbs beds that she had carefully tended, squashing a large portion of the plants flat.

The smile froze on her lips and the corners of her eyes sharpened as her footsteps halted.

That figure had fallen without even letting out a grunt, but to continue lying there like a stiffened corpse.

Qing Yu could finally no longer hold it in and with a frozen mirthless smile on her face, she said: “I’ll say fellow brother, get up already. How long do you intend to lie there?”

There was no reaction.

She lifted a foot and went walking over there, before kicking the figure a few times. She then saw that there was still no reaction and that it did not look like the downed figure was pretending.

“Fainted?” Qing Yu parted the person’s messy hair and discovered that the face was filled with bruises blue and black, highly swollen, an unbearable sight.

She stood there in silence for quite a while. [Heck, just wait till someone discovers him tomorrow and takes him away. She didn’t want to attract any trouble.]

She looked on in pain at the squashed bed of herbs. How unlucky…..

“Ah ha! So there’s an accomplice here!” A eccentric sounding voice then reached her.

Qing Yu turned around and saw two people walking towards her, the bright weapons in their hands shining so bright they could blind someone.

“Heh heh heh, isn’t she such a little beauty? Let the great lord here…..” When that person came closer, he then realized that it was not mere little beauty, but a little petite goddess. She was just….. too beautiful!

The corner of Qing Yu’s mouth stiffened. [Great mothers, what kind of a bloody bad luck is she in tonight?]

“Is this person here the one you are pursuing? I’ll have to trouble you to quickly bring him away and not dirty my place.” Qing Yu opened her mouth to say smilingly.

The two men were not exactly all that bad looking, but it was just that the expression on their faces were too vulgar, that added a certain amount of evil treachery onto them.

“The beauty is right. That brat has tainted the beauty’s eyes, and is truly deserving of death.” One of the men chuckled evilly. “Wait till I have dealt with that brat and I’ll then come comfort the beauty.”

“Help….. me….” A weakened male voice came out from the man whose face had been beaten beyond recognition. He struggled hard to open his eyes and a pair of eyes dark as night showed that he was valiantly enduring it. He had been poisoned, but he was still able to maintain consciousness at that moment, where his incredibly strong willpower could be seen.

Qing Yu arched up an eyebrow and crouched down to take a look at him. “But you’ve destroyed my herb bed and I am very angry.”

[What I mean with these words is that I can actually save you, but since you have committed such an unpardonable and cruel crime, I’m not in the mood to do it at all.]

“I….. can compensate you…..”


“One million….. Is that enough?”

“Do I look like I am short of money?”


“”Alright. Deal.”

Qing Yu nodded her head helplessly, and then raised a hand to strike a major acupoint on his body, to temporarily stop the poison in his body from spreading.

The two men who had been smiling slyly then realized at that moment that this young lady before them was not just an ordinary beauty.

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