Birth of the Demonic Sword

Chapter 1587 1587. Swarm

Chapter 1587 1587. Swarm

Noah's group entered the tunnels slowly. They didn't dare to seize the few Soul Stones at their entrance for fear that it could trigger a reaction in the whole mountain.

'It seems alive,' Noah thought while inspecting the rocky surface of the tunnels.

The rocks and ground seemed able to breathe the chaotic laws flowing in their insides. It felt as if those materials were actively attracting the gales to feed on their energy.

Second Prince tried to use inscribed items to learn more about the whole structure, but his inspections didn't lead to significant results. The group could only rely on their instincts and mental waves to search for dangers.

Noah felt that something was off, but he couldn't pinpoint the source of that sensation. The mountain appeared dangerous, but for reasons that he couldn't explain.

A red halo illuminated the tunnels and prevented the group from flying through complete darkness. Many branches spread through the mountain's insides, but most of them seemed to lead toward its core.

A bright fissure eventually appeared in their vision. The tunnels had led to an underground hall that featured a large scarlet crack that tore space itself.

'This does look like an inheritance,' Noah thought while studying the crack.

The fissure seemed to lead to a separate dimension. That portal never closed since the mountain took care of absorbing energy from the storms, but Second Prince quickly understood that there was more to it.

The mountain used most of the chaotic laws to keep the portal open. The space in the Immortal Lands was incredibly resilient, so that crack consumed a lot of energy.

Yet, Second Prince calculated that part of that energy ended up inside the separate dimension. Something on the other side of the crack consumed that power, but the expert couldn't understand much from his position.

"It's probably something for rank 8 experts or above," Noah commented while glancing at his rank 7 companions.

His words didn't manage to scare them away. June and the others wanted to see the other side of the crack. Their existence badly needed those adventures.

"We respected our side of the deal," Luke announced. "I don't see a reason to linger any further. I wish you good luck and a series of meaningful reward-."

"You first," Noah said, interrupting the expert's line.

"I think I prefer this spot," Luke replied.

"I don't think you do," Noah contradicted him, and his companions supported him by shooting glares toward the expert.

Luke suddenly found Divine Demon, Jordan, and Noah glaring at him while wearing severe expressions. It was clear that they wouldn't let the expert back off now that they were so close.

"Off you go," Noah said, and Luke sighed before jumping inside the crack.

The other to rank 8 cultivators from the secret organization did the same, and Noah studied the reaction of the portal before feeling confident about its functioning.

The passage of the three experts didn't seem to affect the crack at all. Noah could even sense their existence disappearing as they traveled through that area of unique space.

Noah didn't manage to suppress his curiosity any longer. He nodded at his companions and jumped inside the dimensional tunnel before his vision became a mess.

The familiar sensation of a teleport filled Noah's mind before a bright scarlet light appeared in his vision. Noah suddenly found himself inside a barren red world that rarely featured different shades.

Luke and his companions were there. They were inspecting the separate dimension, but they couldn't find anything interesting.

The separate dimension was nothing more than a charred red ground and a scarlet sky that radiated a bright red light. It was a simple world that seemed to lack any trace of life.

Noah glanced above his head. The crack was still there. The separate dimension had a clear exit that made the disappearance of the other experts somewhat worrying.

The separate dimension didn't force them to remain inside that world. There had to be something else, but Noah couldn't understand it from his position.

The other experts soon arrived and landed next to Noah. The density of laws in the area was relatively lacking, but they all managed to become used to that new environment.

"What now?" Luke asked as a tinge of annoyance entered his voice.

"Thorough exploration," Noah limited himself to answer before starting to walk forward.

The separate dimension featured a few mountains in the distance. They were the only logical target during that exploration, so Noah quickly moved toward them.

The rest of his group could only follow him. Luke and the others from the secret organization had lost any meaning now, so Noah had instantly become the new guide.

The separate dimension seemed empty, but Noah couldn't shake away the constant dangerous sensation that tried to take control of his mind. The scenery rarely changed, but the mountains drew closer.

It took the group a while to reach the mountains, and a few peculiar features appeared on their surface when the group arrived at their base. Those structures had the same cavities seen outside, only smaller and without the absorbing properties.

Noah and the others quickly climbed the mountains, but they didn't see anything meaningful after reaching their peaks. The separate dimension seemed to end there, but a buzzing noise soon spread through the area.

The noise came from underground. Cracks suddenly opened on the terrain and the surface of the mountains, and large creatures came out of them.

An army of giant bees quickly filled the sky and began to point their stings toward Noah and the others. The experts activated defenses at that point, but Noah's loud cry made them almost forget where they were.

Noah roared as the unstable substance spread through his black veins. The swarm of bees featured multiple rank 8 specimens in the lower tier, but Noah didn't care.

He had already tested that he could handle that danger. It didn't matter that the bees were nimble and had three meters long stings. Noah had transformed into the best lower tier weapon in the world.

Noah leapt forward without relying on movement techniques. The sheer strength generated through the unstable substance made him arrive among the specimens in an instant.

A wave of black flames soon spread among the bees. The rank 7 specimens among the swarm died as soon as they touched Noah's innate ability. Meanwhile, he launched singularities toward the rank 8 creatures.

Noah's decision to attack made his companions far more confident about the whole situation. The bees were big and hideous, but they were relatively easy to kill as long as attacks went past their tough exoskeleton.

Divine Demon and the others began to assault the swarm, even if Noah seemed able to handle the situation by himself. Snore and Duanlong appeared among the bees while Night severed countless heads in seconds.

The rank 7 cultivators tried to help, but their spells appeared lacking compared to Noah's offensive. His flames, slashes, companions, and sheer physical strength inflicted massive damage to the swarm. Noah was unstoppable among that army of powerless magical beasts.

The bees tried to hit Noah with their stings, but their body parts would always stop before piercing his skin. He ended up taking care of the whole army almost by himself.

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