Birth of the Demonic Sword

Chapter 1547 1547. War

Chapter 1547 1547. War

Noah's flames had the same power as his body. They turned an entire chunk of the ground into ashes while sending its nutrients toward him. However, that wasn't enough to fix his shattered chest.

'I can't continue fighting like this,' Noah thought while storing the cursed sword and straightening his position.

Madame Canson felt confused. The previous technique was one of her strongest attacks, but Noah had managed to destroy it in one blow.

A series of deep cracks covered her giant body. The attack had hurt her even while she had hundreds of meters of crystals defending her. Noah had simply overwhelmed her.

Madame Canson glanced at Noah, and anger filled her mind. She joined her palms, and a straight wave of crystals rose from the ground. The attack moved toward Noah, and he closed his eyes to focus on the insides of his dark world.

His energies fused among the currents of dark matter. His primary energy, darkness, mental energy, and higher energy merged to create an unstable substance that the black hole sent toward his black vessels.

The spears of crystals were about to reach Noah, but a roar escaped his mouth and created a soundwave that shattered the attack. Flames also flew together with his cry, and the countless shards floating in front of him couldn't resist his innate ability.

His chest slowly began to heal, but Noah didn't wait for that process to end. His dark matter was containing his injuries. He could unleash his full power even if his organs didn't have skin and muscles covering them.

Noah stomped the ground before shooting forward. The charred ground under him shattered due to the massive physical strength released by his legs. He didn't teleport, but Madame Canson couldn't follow his movements anyway.

The giant's purple eyes darted among the environment, but an unstoppable force landed on her chest before she could notice that threat.

Noah stabbed his Demonic Sword and sword-shaped roots into Madame Canson's body. The might carried by his momentum made her massive chest cave in and filled her crystalized skin with cracks.

A rain of purple shards fell from her torso, but the corrosive aura covering the Demonic Form destroyed them before Noah could even launch his flames.

Noah's whole existence was aflame. The unstable product was bringing his physical prowess at levels that Madame Canson couldn't comprehend. He had turned his body into the best lower tier weapon in the entire Immortal Lands!

"Crumble already!" Noah roared.

His bloodlust exploded and enhanced his attack further. Night also joined the offensive and seeped inside the cracks, destabilizing Madame Canson's massive body and destroying every weak spot in its range.

Madame Canson tried to slam her hands on Noah, but he pointed his feet on a crack under him before forcing his way upward. A storm of purple shards engulfed him as he cut his opponent's chest, but nothing managed to reach him.

The expert's right palm managed to slam on Noah's back. He didn't manage to escape its range while cutting her body. Yet, the attack didn't even force him to crouch. Noah endured the blow with his bare body and kept stomping on her chest to move upward.

"Where is your physical strength now?!" Noah shouted as his bloodlust clouded his thoughts.

Noah didn't know if he were using human words or roars, but he didn't care. He wanted to vent his bloodlust and hatred, and his desire to destroy his opponent took control of his mental functions.

Madame Canson shouted and threw a barrage of punches toward Noah. The attacks always managed to hit him, but they couldn't slow down his advance.

Desperation filled the expert when she saw that nothing in her arsenal seemed able to stop her opponent. Noah continued to move toward her head, and his blades never stopped digging through her crystalized body.

Night and the sword-shaped roots also filled her insides with injuries. The Pterodactyl launched a relentless offensive that enlarged any crack, and the corrosive aura turned everything it touched into pure nothingness.

"Enough!" Madame Canson shouted while opening her giant mouth.

Purple light gathered in her mouth, but a draconic figure appeared in front of her before she could release her attack. Duanlong deployed its pulling force and endured the full power of that technique.

The dragon's innate ability didn't seem able to contain Madame Canson's beam of light. Yet, the creature was a Blood Companion, so it shattered and reformed without ever forsaking its position.

Nothing but a few flashes landed on Noah's body, and his skin easily fended them off. He had transformed into an unstoppable monster that lived to bring destruction.

"Stop!" Madame Canson shouted again, but a hint of fear had seeped into her voice at that time.

Her fingers transformed into massive pointy crystals that she didn't hesitate to use to attack Noah. Her arms resembled two small mountains ready to crush the ant moving on her chest.

Raging currents suddenly came out of Noah's chest. The liquid dark matter transformed into scales that took Snore's shape. The snake entangled its massive body on Madame Canson's arms and did its best to slow down her attack.

Noah managed to dodge that attack. Walls of crystals, sharp purple spears, and flashes of intense light continued to land on his body, but they were nothing more than frail hindrances in his current state.

The "embodiment of power" had reached its highest peak while Noah was in the eighth rank. Even the creator of that technique couldn't predict that someone would bring its power to such heights.

"I said crumble already!" Noah roared once he reached the giant's neck.

His blades left Madame Canson's body, but they launched a singularity toward her face in the process. A chunk of her chin disappeared, and Noah promptly leapt to stomp his feet on that destroyed spot.

Madame Canson's massive body rose in the air after the impact. Noah's kick had managed to make her figure leave the ground, and countless purple shards rained on him due to the cracks that spread on her face.

Noah wielded the Demonic Sword with both hands. Roots spread over the blade while he swung his weapon, backing it with his entire physical strength.

Madame Canson only saw a flash of dark light before a diagonal slash cut her head in half. Her whole figure crumbled at that point, and a few crystals slowly converged to recreate her original body.

Noah instantly teleported in front of Madame Canson. His free hand grabbed her throat, and corrosive energy seeped into her exhausted body. He could sense that his opponent was at her limit, but he didn't dare to underestimate her anyway.

"You win," Madame Canson exhaled while giving voice to a short laugh. "Good job. The Crystal City officially recognizes you as an organization-level threat. We are ready to negotiate the conditions of our surrender."

"Negotiate?" Noah asked while tightening his grasp.

His consciousness seeped inside Madame Canson's centers of power and confirmed that she almost had no energy left. She could barely keep herself awake in that condition.

"Oh, my naïve demon," Madame Canson said. "The Crystal City is one of the strongest organizations in the entire higher plane. We have thrived for eras under the support of the human domain. Killing me won't solve anything. You will have to face entire armies led by cultivators far stronger than me if you don't put an end to this hostility now."

Noah could sense that Madame Canson wasn't lying. She truly believed what she was saying.

'Right,' Noah thought as some clarity returned in his mind. 'This is the moment when I can announce my political position toward the human domain.'

Madame Canson relaxed when she saw that her opponent hesitated, but fear took control of her mind as soon as Noah's expression broke into a cold smile.

Flames flowed out of Noah's mouth and covered Madame Canson. Her body began to burn, and she couldn't do anything to stop that process since Noah never moved his attention away from her.

"Why?!" Madame Canson asked as panic filled her eyes. "Do you really want to declare war on the entire human domain?"

"No," Noah replied honestly. "My opponent is the whole higher plane. You are simply in the way."

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