Birth of the Demonic Sword

Chapter 1221 1221. Broken

Chapter 1221 1221. Broken

The powerhouses couldn't even begin to express how amazing damaging the puppet as a united group felt.

They had fought and defeated three puppets already, but only Noah and Great Elder Diana had managed to inflict blows directly on the red metal in the previous fights.

However, the situation had entirely changed due to Noah's strategy. He had limited himself to reveal part of what the dark world could do when he used it together with his ambition, but the Titan had immediately lost the upper hand in the battle.

The puppet focused its efforts on catching Noah, but he was too fast, and he damaged the red metal whenever he dodged. Moreover, his actions gave his companions all the time in the world to establish a second offensive.

The Titan suffered immense damages during those long seconds. Noah had created a large hole on its chest and head, and the other powerhouses had opened cracks connected to the first spot.

It would typically take half a day for the group to reach the same results. Yet, they had only fought for less than a minute!

Of course, it would have been better to exploit Noah's strongest slash, but the Titan's defense was too tight for that. The cover to the fiendish armor worked better against that opponent.

Noah sprinted again to dodge the eight fiery swords trying to catch him. He returned inside the Titan from the hole in its head and threw a punch in an area filled with golden lines.

Most of those inscriptions went dark after the shockwave generated by Noah's attack spread on that area of the puppet.

Noah had aimed to destroy the inscriptions during that attack. His punch didn't manage to pierce the red metal, but he could gain far more benefits from that type of attack.

His eyes remained fixed on the dimming lines during his stay inside the Titan. Some functions and failsafe of the puppet stopped working after that blow, but something even more peculiar happened as those inscriptions crumbled.

The lower part of the Titan became unable to create golden flames. Its legs and low-waist became defenseless after Noah destroyed the inscriptions connected to that function.

'Found them,' Noah's eyes lit up before he sprinted outside of the Titan.

Noah only had one attack left. His power would return to its actual level after that, but he had already decided his target.

The Titan was an inscribed weapon. Its abilities came from formations and other types of lines. King Elbas had placed them inside its body since it was its safest spot, but they were the perfect target for anyone capable of reaching them.

The puppet could function only because of those lines. Destroying them would stop some of its abilities until the golden flames fixed the damaged inscriptions.

When it came to the Titan's inscriptions, Noah had made sure to understand which lines gave it the ability to produce flames.

His inspection didn't grant him a complete overview of that array of inscriptions, but he had figured half of it at least. That was enough to give his group an important advantage that could last even after the empowerment from his ambition ended.

Noah saw the swords reaching for him once again, but he sprinted toward the Titan's chest at that point. Great Elder Diana and the others had changed their target when they saw the flames on the puppet's legs disappear, so no attacks were flying in that spot.

The Demonic Sword had returned inside the special space-ring while Noah fought in that new form, but it flew back in his palm when he returned in front of the golden lines. Part of the armor of dark matter morphed to envelop the blade to protect it from the flames.

Noah pointed the tip of the Demonic Sword toward the center of those inscriptions, and the dark matter around him began to flow inside his blade as he prepared a powerful attack.

The real fiendish armor finally appeared in the open, but the corrosive smoke soon burned under the golden flames' power. Noah's defenses instantly crumbled when he redirected his dark world toward his weapon.

Pain reached Noah's head when his skin began to burn. His incredible body managed to fend off the flames for three whole seconds before its external tissues crumbled under the fire's might.

Noah's quasi-solid stage cultivation level was only a fake created with his ambition. His centers of power didn't become stronger during that empowerment. Only the energy that he exuded surpassed his current limits.

The Demonic Sword absorbed all the dark matter, and it didn't spare the higher energy protecting its shape. Cracks started to appear on the living weapon as the flames landed on its body, but Noah didn't interrupt the preparations for his attack.

He only had one last blow left. He would have to rejoin the group afterward, so he couldn't waste it.

The world of laws appeared in Noah's vision, and his hand trembled when he found his targets. The Demonic Sword's tip touched one of the lines, and countless black dots flowed inside that golden line.

The dots destroyed the inscription and spread on those nearby to continue their destruction. Noah had chosen a spot with many lines intertwined with each other so that his attack could affect more of them.

Also, he had targeted those that could generate the flames. If he managed to remove them, the Titan would almost become a punching bag for the group of powerhouses.

Noah couldn't admire the result of his efforts since his cultivation level began to fall as soon as he launched that attack. His condition was even awful since he had remained inside the flames without protection for a few seconds already.

A human-shaped crack replaced his body, and Noah reappeared next to the Matriarchs. The two leaders could only glance at his fuming figure for a second since a breathtaking view soon caught their attention.

Noah's attack continued to destroy the inscriptions inside the puppet. Cut began to open on the red metal whenever the sharpness couldn't find other lines to target.

All the inscriptions near the Titan's chest disappeared in less than a second, and massive changes happened to the puppet's battle prowess.

The golden flames disappeared, but light promptly came out of the mountain chain and started to rebuild the inscriptions lost during the assault.

The Titan's legs stopped functioning, and it fell on its knees. Three of its arms went on the mountains to support its massive body and prevent it from landing entirely on the ground.

Five fiery swords disappeared, but three of them remained intact. Noah didn't manage to destroy the inscriptions connected to them in his last assault, so the puppet didn't lose those abilities.

The Titan's movements became slower once it stabilized its new position. It tried to stand up again, but all his gestures appeared clunky, and it didn't seem able to perform certain actions anymore.

Noah's had destroyed its defenses and rendered it virtually harmless when he had crushed the golden lines. He had managed to inflict more structural damages against the other puppets, but his achievements in that battle were more than enough to open a path toward victory.

The group now only had to damage the Titan as much as possible before the golden light fixed its annoying abilities.

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