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Chapter 920 - One wrong step, all losses

Chapter 920 – One wrong step, all losses

Huan Chuyou looked at Baili Hongzhuang appreciatively. He didn’t expect that despite her young age, Baili Hongzhuang could understand the intricacies so clearly. It was truly rare.

“The vice principal is not worried at all. Once Lingyin Academy and Beihai Academy become vassals of the royal family, Canglan Academy will be the sacred land in the eyes of the ordinary cultivators of the Shengxuan Continent. It will never been wrong to stick to the original intention of establishing the school.”

Di Beichen’s eyes were serious. As the young master of the Tiangang Sect, his vision was naturally not narrow.

Perhaps in a short period of time, Canglan Academy’s situation would decline, but it wouldn’t take long for this situation to completely change.

By then, it was highly likely that Canglan Academy would leapfrog the other two academies, and its reputation would far exceed that of other academies.

Huan Chuyou nodded slightly, “That’s right, that’s exactly what I think.”

His thoughts were the same as Di Beichen’s. As long as they endured this period of time, Canglan Academy would surely bloom with a brilliance that it had never had before.

After hearing the exchange between Di Beichen and Huan Chuyou, everyone realized that the vice principal had already thought about all this before making this decision.

Their previous worries were really unnecessary.

Looking at Di Beichen again, everyone felt a touch of emotion.

The young master of the sect was indeed extraordinary, with a far-sightedness beyond ordinary people.

However, they were more curious about Baili Hongzhuang. Di Beichen’s identity explained his exceptional vision, but why was Baili Hongzhuang able to see through all of this so easily?

They never thought about these issues before, and they had never cared about the interests between Lingyin Academy and the Qingxiao Kingdom’s royal family.

Baili Hongzhuang and Di Beichen smiled at each other. Canglan Academy was the academy they both attended, so naturally, they hoped for a better future for Canglan Academy.

“I believe that Principal Jian must be regretting it now. He may not have felt the gradual encroachment of the royal family on Lingyin Academy before, but this time the royal family’s actions were decided without consulting him. He should have realized it.”

Baili Hongzhuang’s eyes were cold. They had reached this point entirely because of Jian Qingqiu’s own actions. Even if problems arose, he couldn’t blame anyone else.

“Now, Lingyin Academy can no longer change its fate. When it was moved from Lingyin Academy to the Qingxiao Kingdom’s Imperial City, this outcome was already predetermined. Even if Jian Qingqiu wants to change all this, he is already powerless.”

Huan Chuyou shook his head slightly. There was a time when he and Jian Qingqiu had the same principles.

And now, all that was gone.

If Jian Qingqiu wanted to leave, the royal family would not allow it, and the entire Lingyin Academy was situated there; he couldn’t take it away.

One wrong step, and the whole game is lost.

“Vice Principal Cang may still have a chance to change.” Di Beichen said slowly.

Lingyin Academy was now too close to the royal family and couldn’t change its outcome, but although Beihai Academy had the idea of ​​seeking refuge with the royal family, it hadn’t fully integrated yet.

If they wanted to leave now, there might still be a chance to successfully withdraw.

“That’s right.”

Huan Chuyou smiled faintly. Di Beichen and Baili Hongzhuang were truly a perfect match. They would undoubtedly soar to great heights in the future. With such insight, they wouldn’t easily be deceived when they traveled around the world in the future.

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