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Chapter 750 - Must Undoubtedly Win

Chapter 750 – Must Undoubtedly Win

When the strength exploded out of Nangong Yue’er, almost everyone was certain that it was going to be her winning.

To be able to break through to the second layer of the red realm at such a young age, her talent was outstanding.

What’s more, Baili Hongzhuang was slightly younger than Nangong Yue’er, so she was definitely not the opponent of the third princess.

Jian Qingqiu’s eyes were also showing a touch of joy. Nangong Yue’er was still a first layer cultivator of the Red Realm earlier, he had not expected her to break through, it was really a surprise.

As long as Nangong Yue’er defeated Baili Hongzhuang, then Canglan College was doomed to achieve bad results.

However compared to the excitement of the Lingyin College, the Canglan College were unnaturally calm.

“This is really a group of frogs in a well. The second layer of the Red Realm, and she is sure to win? Our Hongzhuang is a monster in disguise!”

Xia Zhiqing’s expression was lit with excitement. She knew that Baili Hongzhuang had also reached the second layer of the Red Realm.

So what if Nangong Yue’er was talented? Baili Hongzhuang was even more talented!

“Wait for it, Hongzhuang will definitely win.”

Zhan Yunfeng’s eyes were filled with trust. Even from the beginning they had never been worried about Baili Hongzhuang being defeated.

Nangong Xiujie and the others wanted to see the panic in the faces of Canglan College’s students, however there was no reaction at all. A bit of doubt appeared in their hearts.

“Could it be that they think that Baili Hongzhuang still has a chance of winning?”

Nangong Xiujie thought about the talent of Nangong Yue’er, which could basically dwarf all others of the same age, not to mention that Baili Hongzhuang was younger than Nangong Yue’er.

Listening to the words of Nangong Xiujie, Nanong Yujin immediately dismissed the thoughts, “Second brother, don’t joke, it is impossible.”

“I hear that Baili Hongzhuang should have inherited something in the ruins. Maybe….”

“Second brother, don’t worry, they are just shocked. They haven’t had a chance to react yet.”

Nangong Yujin’s face was filled with a smile. When the Principal had praised Yue’er and said she was a genius, he knew she wouldn’t be defeated.

It is impossible to create a cultivator who was more powerful than Nangong Yue’er in such a poor place as the Canglan College. He was certain that the Canglan College would fail here, in the second round of the competition.

Cang Hongxi could not help but look at Huan Chuyou, this Baili Hongzhuang was really stupid.

As long as Baili Hongzhuang had not agreed, it was impossible for the Lingyin College to force her into fighting.

As a result, there would have been a chance for her to advance in the next round.

But because of her willfulness, she could only stop here.

However, when Cang Hongxi saw that Huan Chuyou was still looking calm, as if he wasn’t too shocked by what he saw, he was surprised.

But he could not help but sneer, “Pretender.”

Even now, he can still pretend to be calm? When the results were out, he would see how Huan Chuyou would still pretend.

However, in the next moment, the power of Baili Hongzhuang was also released, and everyone present was shocked once more. Even Cang Hongxi was shocked.

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