Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife: Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort

Chapter 46

Xuanyuan Huan only had a single concubine, and still didn’t have a main wife. The Crown Prince’s previous engagement had already been abolished, so naturally, it needed to choose a new one.

At once, all the ministers and officials rolled up their sleeves for battle and began to prepare.

As long as their own daughter or blood-relative was chosen to become the Crown Prince’s main wife, their own positions would definitely rise up like a phoenix flying to a branch. Perhaps in the future, they might even become the nation’s mother!

The Emperor released an edict: All court ministers and officials must come with any unmarried daughters to attend the evening banquet, and Baili Hongzhuang was naturally included.

When Baili Hongzhuang heard the news, her eyes couldn’t help but flash with interest.

The Crown Prince was choosing a main wife, and if she, the abandoned waste goes, then wouldn’t she be ridiculed by everybody?

She really didn’t know what this Emperor was thinking. It’s not like it would matter if she saw the Crown Prince selecting a new wife.

“Master, will you be attending the evening banquet?”

Even as Little Black’s mouth excitedly munched on the snack, he didn’t forget to ask Baili Hongzhuang.

Baili Hongzhaung sipped the tea, her exquisite and elegant face revealing a faint, graceful smile.

“Since it’s been ordered everybody must go, then naturally I am too.”

“Won’t you be laughed at?”

Little Black’s face was bitter. He really didn’t want to see his master ridiculed. The status of the Crown Prince’s abandoned wife was just too embarrassing.

Hearing that, Baili Hongzhuang smile widened, her face proud but playful.

“If I’m going to be laughed at, then wouldn’t Baili Yuyan’s situation be much more interesting?”

Everybody already knew in their hearts that she would be abandoned by the Crown Prince.

From the second she was declared trash, she was destined to never become the Crown Prince’s main wife.

But Baili Yuyan actually seduced him deliberately, but was still tossed away and abandoned by the Crown Prince. This was far more embarrassing than her own situation.

“Besides, I don’t plan to go with the identity of Baili Hongzhuang.”

Her pupils, black like ink, glittered with brilliance. It’ time for her to reveal her true appearance!

Little Black and Little White were both startled, their limpid-water like eyes rippling with pleasent surprise.

After waiting for so long, it was finally time for master to show her true colors!

“Very good!”

Baili Hongzhuang’s smiling face was bright and beauitiful as she folded her hands.

Former Baili Hongzhuang, all the humiliation and regrets you’ve had to bear, I’ll help you give back, one by one!

I will make everybody learn, that you are not trash!

Compared to Baili Hongzhuang’s indiffference, Baili Yuyan wanted to die right then and there.

Right now, she didn’t even want to go outside to see another person, let alone attend the evening banquet just to watch the Crown Prince pick out a main wife!

Since the trouble that day in Godly Doctor Square, she had become the gossip everybody discussed. Even her own father’s attitude wasn’t as good to her as before.

Not only that, but the same mother that told her to go there seemed to have completely vanished, not a single trace left behind.

This life, she was finished!

If the Crown Prince didn’t want her, then she’s afraid that nobody would dare to marry her again!

Those magnificent days as a proud woman, yet now she had fallen into this state?

She hadn’t wanted to go outside to see another until after she had faded from everybody’s memory.

She never thought that a drafting feast would destroy her plans! She must go, yet she cannot go. Her heart was just simply too tired.

3 days time flashed away.

The moon glimmered at the willow tree’s tip, cool winds like water.

The daughters of officials and ministers were all carefully dressing up and preparing themselves to attend the evening banquet.

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