Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife: Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort

Chapter 43

Xuanyuan Huan’s face was infatuated. The words he spoke was enough to move even Xuanyuan Huan himself.

Baili Hongzhuang raised her eyebrow, looking at Xuanyuan Huan as if she was looking at someone dead, her lips slowly curving to reveal a playful smile.

“But Xuanyuan Huan, I’ve heard that the one you loved most was Baili Yuyan, the General Household’s eldest miss.”

She still deeply remembered the first day she came here, how Xuanyuan Huan had shown off his love with Baili Yuyan right in front of her.

Really an eye for an eye, she had never thought that this would happen again.

Only this time, she was in Baili Yuyan’s position. The irony!

“Hongzhuang, how could Baili Yuyan compare to you in my heart? I was only a little interested in her, you are my true love!”

Xuanyuan Huan didn’t hesitate to answer, his voice utterly sincere and natural as if he was pouring his heart out, easily making people believe in him.

“Your Highness, Crown Prince, you……”

A delicate, trembling voice echoed with distress suddenly rang out, as Baili Yuyan looked at the present scene painfully.

“How could you do this to me?”

She had never thought that the prince in her heart would say that to other women, not even sparing one cent for her feelings!

So all along, was she only a little puppet he was interested in?

Xuanyuan Huan never thought that Baili Yuyan would be present, but when he saw her appearance that was simply too ugly to be called ugly, his eyes were filled with hate and disgust.

“Do this to you? You and I were never anything from the start!” Xuanyuan Huan was completely merciless.

The distance between Baili Yuyan and Hongzhuang was like heaven and earth. Of course he wouldn’t let Baili Yuyan make Hongzhuang unhappy.

Baili Hongzhuang sneered as she watched the play in front of her. They were better than she’d imagined them to be!

“Crown Prince, didn’t you say the one you loved most was me?”

Baili Yuyan accused tearfully as she hastily walked to Xuanyuan Huan, reaching to grab his hand.

Xuanyuan Huan instantly retreated back 2 steps, his eyes filled with repulsion as he looked at her, “What nonsense are you speaking? With your hideous looks and monster like body, do you really think that I’d love you?”

With a single motion, Xuanyuan Huan’s right hand ripped open Baili Yuyan’s veil, revealing her face strewn with scars to the crowd!


Everybody fell into an uproar, and many even started to curse.

After examining her carefully, the people finally concluded that this woman, whose ugliness simply couldn’t be described enough in the word ‘ugly’, was actually Baili Yuyan!

“Look, how did Baili Yuyan’s appearance turn out like this?”

“I don’t know, but with such a disgusting face, it’s no wonder the Crown Prince doesn’t want her!”

“Growing up to be so ugly doesn’t only scare men, it’s even scary enough to quiet a crying baby!”


Baili Yuyan quickly picked up the veil, but looking at the faces full of disgust and repugnance, her heart couldn’t help but quiver.

Not so long ago, she was the beauty praised by all. But now, people were associating her with words like ‘hideous’, ‘ugly’, ‘disgusting’, and ‘monster’!

“This is Baili Yuyan?”

Baili Hongzhuang’s eyes displayed suprise, but deep within her ink-black pupils, it flickered with an icy light. The pain Baili Yuyan is experiencing currently, was only 1/100th of the pain Baili Hongzhuang had felt.

Now, she’ll let Baili Yuyan have a taste of humiliation. After all, it truly was just a taste compared to the scorn Baili Hongzhuang had to suffer through for 15 whole years!

Xuanyuan Huan nodded, “Hongzhuang, now you believe me, right? With her looks, why would I love her?”

Anger rose on Baili Yuyan’s face, and she charged at Baili Hongzhuang in front of her, “You vixen! I’ll kill you!

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